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E3 2018 Megathread; Including links to E3 2018 livestreams
Topic Started: May 2 2018, 11:21 PM (29 Views)
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NASCAR Fanatic

E3 is upon us and I figured I'd do a big thread for it.
Like I did in years past on a forum I used to run, I'll have this thread which will link off to each big E3 2018 livestream and include dates and times to them if available.
I may, if I have time, also post here with news round ups per day though I'll save you from the live commentary posts I did in the past. ( :P )

As a reminder, you can check out the TCH Contests section and participate in various gaming themed contests.

Since many have gone early compared to the official start date, this will be a bit late.
With that out of the way, here's our schedule for Nintendo's stuff.

Tuesday, 6/12/18
Spoiler: click to toggle

Wednesday, 6/13/18
Spoiler: click to toggle

Thursday, 6/14/18
Spoiler: click to toggle
Edited by Gaomon274, Jun 12 2018, 01:09 PM.
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The first day of E3 was eventful for Nintendo.
A Nintendo Direct started the day showing off recently released games, as well as several upcoming ones with Fortnite being announced as a free download being a part of the news before shifting into Smash Bros Ultimate ending the Direct in a long segment.
Various things were discussed in the Smash Bros segment, like adding three characters to the roster (one previously announced) and all old fighters coming back alongside new items/stages/Pokemon/assist-trophies.
We received a release date of December 2018 as well before we shifted to Nintendo Treehouse Live.

I wasn't able to watch Treehouse Live unfortunately so I can't say much about it. I do know Smash Bros Ultimate had its tournament that I saw a few minutes of, and Splatoon 2's tournament wrapped up just prior to it.
The Direct, as tradition, wasn't the sole place for announcements, as Splatoon 2's expansion DLC was surprise-announced to come out June 13th and three new Amiibo for it will release as well. I'm going to assume these were either announced during the tournament or was included in a Splatoon 2 segment during Treehouse Live.

For today it's just going to be a long livestream of Treehouse Live which I think kicks off at 12 PM Eastern (so 9 AM Pacific and 5 PM BST).
If you wanna see upcoming Nintendo system games (both from Nintendo and those from third-party devs), Treehouse Live is the place to be. As in years past, you can sometimes get announcements during it like E3 2014's announcement of Star Fox Zero (then unnamed), Project Guard (changed into Star Fox Guard), and Project Giant Robot (canceled) on the first day of Treehouse Live.
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Do want to mention that Sony has Playstation Live livestreams apparently this year like they did the last year or two.

They'll likely do one more on Thursday.
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