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[ti]Pink ribbon[/ti]2018 Animal Costume Contest #1
Topic Started: Apr 16 2018, 01:54 AM (42 Views)
Member Avatar
NASCAR Fanatic

So I heard ya like costume contests, so time for another costume contest!

Missed Easter so this time our topic won't be holiday related and will instead be the first one targeting a more broad theme.
This time our theme will be animals.

For this contest, simply decorate your profile to be like an animal you like, whether its a real one in nature or an anthropomorphic one like Sly Cooper.and Rocket Raccoon.

You can name change to that as well, thanks to the nifty Name Shop CJ runs which will allow you a free name change for the contest provided that you switch back to your old name once the poll concludes.

1st Place - 500 Coffee Credits (If we get 5 or more entries, a :pink-ribbon: as well!)
2nd Place - 250 Coffee Credits
3rd Place - 100 Coffee Credits

Entries will be accepted through 4/30/18 with a poll running for one week after that.

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Lady Queen

Do Pokemon count?
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Dark Field Theorist

Also, since Kohta already did Rocket Raccoon for one of the previous ones, I'm guessing he can't just re-use the same costume?

(He could do a different Rocket Raccoon one, of course, but not just the exact same avatar/sig as before)
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NASCAR Fanatic

Hmmm, good question.
I think I'm going to permit stuff that is based on or similar to an animal like Vulpix (foxes) and Pikachu (mice), but more obscure stuff like Regirock and Deoxys wouldn't be.

I haven't decided fully yet.
I think I'll go with your suggestion and tweak it and say any repeated costumes should feature at least one change from your past entries with it.
(Like adding to it or swapping the avatar.)
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Does my current profile picture fit?
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NASCAR Fanatic

It looks like an animal to me so I'd think so.
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