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[ti]Blue ribbon[/ti]Who Am I? (Version 2.0)
Topic Started: Mar 10 2018, 01:00 AM (43 Views)
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Last year, HeroineDark ran a contest called "Who Am I?". It was good fun - and, now, I think it's ripe for a revival!

I'm thinking of a person (could be alive or dead, real or fictional). What you need to do is ask Yes/No questions about that person, until you're able to identify who the person is. The first person to guess correctly wins the round!

Rules are as follows:
  • Anyone who makes three incorrect guesses (that is, asks three questions of the form "Are you [Name]?" which are all answered with 'No'), then they are out of the round and cannot ask any further questions until the beginning of the next round.

  • If 30 questions are asked without the person being identified correctly, then the round ends without a winner, and I start a new round.

  • Prizes for the winner are as follows:

    • 20 Coffee Credits for each remaining question (for example, if 16 questions were asked, there would be 14 questions left - so, the prize would be 14 * 20 = 280 Coffee Credits;

    • A bonus 100 Coffee Credits if the winner gets it on their first guess, or 50 Coffee Credits if they get it on their second guess;

    • A :blue-ribbon: Blue Ribbon, if they win at least 400 Coffee Credits (including the bonus);

    • The winner also wins the right to host the next round if they wish. Here, the Standard Rules for Hosting Rounds apply.

I've thought of my person. Time to figure out who they are!

Questions Remaining: 30
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Are you male
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Are you young or old?
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@Mozzie: I guess I'll interpret that as asking "Are you under 40?"

1) Are you male? Yes
2) Are you under 40? No

Questions remaining: 28
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