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Who will end the current era of Mercedes dominance in Formula One?
Ferrari 3 (100%)
Red Bull 0 (0%)
One of the other current teams 0 (0%)
A new team not currently involved in F1 0 (0%)
Total Votes: 3
Who will end the Mercedes F1 dominance?
Topic Started: Mar 6 2018, 03:21 PM (226 Views)
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A very minor case of serious brain damage

Back in 2014, sweeping new regulations were introduced in Formula One. These affected practically every aspect of the cars - but, the most significant change was the shift from normally-aspirated V8 engines to turbo-charged hybrid V6 power units. The engines that have been used since 2014 were hideously complicated - but, Mercedes have done the best job with them, and they've dominated the sport, winning both the World Drivers' Championship and World Constructors' Championship for four years running. In 2018, there's a good chance that they'll make it five years in a row - on both counts.

The thing is, all periods of dominance eventually come to an end. The McLaren-Honda dominance of the late 1980s ended; the Williams-Renault dominance of the early 1990s ended; the Ferrari dominance of the early 2000s ended; and the Red Bull-Renault dominance of the early 2010s ended. The Mercedes dominance is sure to be no exception, as some other team takes over the mantle - but, which one?

The two main candidates, really, are Ferrari and Red Bull. Ferrari are the only works team capable of rivalling Mercedes (Renault are also a works team, but they have a significantly smaller budget). Red Bull aren't a works team (they buy their engines from Renault) - but they do have an enormous budget, an army of aerodynamic gurus, and a star of the future (well, a star of today really) in Max Verstappen. Or maybe it'll be someone else: perhaps McLaren will stage a comeback against the odds, or perhaps another major manufacturer will join and storm the field.

Who do you think it'll be?
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A very minor case of serious brain damage

Here are a couple of my thoughts on this:

  • If it happens in 2018-2020, then it'll probably be Ferrari. If it's in 2021 or later, it's more likely to be Red Bull. This is mainly because Ferrari are ahead of Red Bull at the moment, and therefore in a better position to perfect the current formula. On the other hand, a new set of regulations is due to be implemented in 2021, which I expect will completely re-write the form book. Since Red Bull are great innovators, it should be a prime opportunity for them to leap back to the front of the pack.

  • I'd give Mercedes a better-than-even chance of losing a championship in 2018-2020. Ferrari posed a credible threat to Mercedes in 2017, until it all fell apart in Singapore. There's no reason why it can't all fall apart in a similar manner for Mercedes in one of the next three seasons - and, if it does, Ferrari will be poised to take advantage. (Besides, if Mercedes win all of the championships from 2014-2020, then that'll be the longest dominant streak in the sport's history. I don't want to see that :( !)

So, on that basis, I voted for Ferrari.
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Just as Planned

I voted Ferrari because Vettel and Hamilton are probably the two best drivers on the grid, so if anyone's going to beat him I expect it will be Seb.
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A very minor case of serious brain damage

Well, I'd add Alonso to those two - but, he's probably past his peak, and he's not in a Championship-capable car anyway :P .

Then there's Max Verstappen, of course :P . He's just as fast and just as talented as the top drivers, so I certainly wouldn't count him out if he gets the best car. His only real problem now is that his decision-making is still at rookie level - he goes on the attack immediately, when it might be better to hang back and play the long game - but, give him a couple of years, and he'll solve that issue :) .

(Of course, Ferrari are very much in the running to end the Mercedes streaks this season!)
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NASCAR Fanatic

I picked Ferrari since they seem to win when a Mercedes doesn't when I watch.
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