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Fiorentina captain dies suddenly at age 31
Topic Started: Mar 5 2018, 06:00 AM (103 Views)
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Christian. Exterminator of Spammers.


Wow. Just... wow. The captain of my favourite Italian football club, ACF Fiorentina, died suddenly of what is suspected to be a cardiac arrest in his sleep, at age 31. RIP Davide Astori. :'(

I'll be honest - my attention to Italian football hasn't been great of late, but Fiorentina's been my favourite team there since Juventus soured me on them thanks to Calciopoli. So to hear of something like this is pretty sad.

Good show by the Serie A postponing matches out of respect, btw.
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A very minor case of serious brain damage

Wow :'( . I don't follow Italian football at all, but it's always shocking to hear of a premature death like this.

My condolences to his friends and family - and, indeed, to his Serie A teammates.
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Just as Planned

Yeah, I heard about this. Really sad business. :(
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