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Eva "Harbinger" Raven
Topic Started: Dec 3 2010, 01:08 AM (544 Views)

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` Eva "Harbinger" Raven


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Name: "Harbinger" Raven, Eva
Age // Apparent Age: She appears to be around her late teens.
Gender: Female
Division // Rank:

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Height: 5'4"
Weight: In the vicinity of 60kg... somewhere.
Eye Colour: Saturated blue.
Hair Colour // Style: Jet-black.
Skin Tone: Pale.
Body Type: Athletic.
Distinguishing marks/features: Sclera of right eye is mostly colored near black tints of red with old blood.
Appearance Description: Rather on the pale pink side, she has the pristinity of an old-times noble who seems to not have seen the sun in her life, but the muscularity of an athletic who hardly does anything but. Further accenting the latter however, she keeps her jet black hair practical and short, raggedly tossed into a ruffled hairstyle by but a breeze. While she's distinctly a woman, her traits are very moderated in this regard. However, she has a disastruous mark left by her passing into afterlife. Her sclera -- the white of the eye -- has been colored black by the old blood, presumably caused by physical trauma to the eye. In afterlife, she almost seems to have put her bodily condition into a stasis.
Clothing: It is not common for her to abide by others' rules, but so she does in Soul Society as she walks in the granted shinigami uniform at mostly any given time.

Exception exists however. If and when she wears a gigai, she typically wears a simple outfit consisting of a red hoodie over brown t-shirt, with faded jeans and heavy combat boots. It's not uncommon to hear the jingle of the chain from the artistic wallet inspired by Soul Society's skull art, at least while she is in this form.

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Personality: as indepth as you can possibly make it, what they love, what they hate, what drives them how they view themselves and others etc. No lists, please.
History: a couple of paragraphs about their life, it's not too difficult. Just break it down to make it easier.
Other: anything else about them we should know, or anything you want to include e.g. habits/quirks etc.

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Kidou: all applicants may begin with seven kidou total, three of which can be original.
Techniques/Abilities: A total of four, no custom.
Strengths: At least a paragraph detailing the strengths of your character. Note; this is pertaining to combat not their personality.
Weaknesses: At least a paragraph detailing the shortcomings of your character. Note; this is pertaining to combat not their personality. REAL WEAKNESSES PLEASE
Combat Style: At least a paragraph explaining the fighting style of your character. Is it one based in speed and powerful kicks? Crafty zanjutsu with not a lot of kidou? Your choice.

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Zanpakuto name: the name of your zanpakuto, often the same as the name of your zanpakuto spirit. However, it can be different.
Zanpakuto Spirit: their name
Spirit Appearance: a picture or written description or both, detailing the spirit's apppearance and the landscape of the inner world.
Spirit Personality: a brief run down of how they are.
Dormant Appearance: how it looks when it‘s sealed, keep in mind that it doesn‘t always have to be a sword.

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Shikai Call: the name/phrase that triggers your initial release.
Shikai Appearance: how it looks when it is released, remember, it doesn‘t have to change forms.
Shikai Abilities: you may have up to 2 abilities to start.

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Bankai Call: the name/phrase that triggers your second release. This section is for Captain Class Characters only, if you are not applicable for Bankai -- at the moment -- leave this section blank, or delete it entirely.
Bankai Appearance: how it looks when it is released, remember, it doesn‘t have to change form.
Bankai Abilities: all applicants may have up to 3 abilities.
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