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Shattered Sand, Scattered Destiny; Act I
Topic Started: Sep 19 2010, 09:05 AM (688 Views)
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"All Kings are the same - motivated by delusion and sustained by betrayal."
- Zabasaz Volgarius

Under the pale moon of Hueco Mundo in the grand chambers of the vast castle Las Noches, several souls plot an ambitious future; unaware of the immense roles they were fated to play in the grand scheme of the spirit world. They are unaware of the people they will change, the characters they will meet, the foes they will confront, and the perils they will face... but most of all, they know not of the tragedy they shall endure, the sacrifice they must suffer, to see their dreams realized. And so the story begins.


100 years after the events of La Triada Imparable...
"Begone," commanded Eliseo to a Hollow servant who had poured them tea. There he sat at a small triangular table in Las Noches, having tea with his two Fraccion accompanying him; Okelo and Melaena. This scene was all too familiar, though Eliseo perished the thought and kept his mind in the current. These were his left and right hands, but he could not tell which was which, they both had or lacked elements of both depending. He had found these two comrades among the ranks of Las Noches when he returned through careful searching, judging them to be worthy of a close relationship with him in his quest. Few could be trusted, for his goals were taboo, and his position as the Fifth Espada was tenuous. Were the current ruler of Las Noches not endowed with their position in the exact same fashion Eliseo was, he likely would have received much worse than a curt welcome, putting it lightly. So, choosing companions he could trust, even when he was most sure, was still a daring leap of faith. Melaena and Okelo appeared to be good and convenient choices.

Melaena he had chosen initially. Eliseo had little respect and patience for women, and somehow he could justify his feelings, having been quite betrayed in the past by one. However, one of the greatest warriors with which he fought alongside was a female, and by that right he could suffer the presence of one in his inner circle once again. Melaena was, in a lot of ways, similar to that very woman, and so it came naturally. Though, it wasn't just her strength and will that made her a worthy prospect, but also the veritable "dowry" her allegiance offered.

And that dowry, was Okelo. Okelo Aija, the muscle; no, the berserker. Eliseo was as perceptive as he was cunning, and so when he read Okelo's behavior, he knew what relationship the two had, sensed Okelo's longing, and willingly exploited it. He would go where she would; so long as he held Melaena's loyalty, he held Okelo's as well provided he chose his words carefully and treated her acceptably. Okelo was a loose cannon but it was worth it. His strength was undeniable, and when directed properly it could solve Eliseo's problems quick and thoroughly. When something needed to be broken, destroyed, or simply battered into submission, no one else was more suited for the job than that enormous Fraccion.

These two, along with Eliseo, formed the new la Triada Imparable; the unstoppable three, in its newest incarnation. Though unfortunately, there would not just be three of them. Unlike in the old days when the masters of Las Noches locked themselves away in the meeting chambers arguing over a course of action, an Espada was unable to get away in such an organized regiment to do his own deeds. Through a complex and unnerving process, Eliseo had to earn a term of sabbatical, and even then he was so ill trusted that they were sending another Arrancar to keep an eye on him, thinly veiled as a "bodyguard." Eliseo was quite aware of this one's purpose, though they had yet to arrive; Eliseo was expecting them any time now, and decided to get what he had to say out before it became difficult to do so.

So there they sat in one of his many dining chambers, of which Espada had more than a dozen. It was high-ceilinged, so that you could not see the roof due to illumination not reaching that high; veiled in darkness. Servants often reported seeing strange sights up there. Cobwebs, they say; Eliseo dispelled this rumor. "There are no spiders in Las Noches," he stated simply and with flawlessly bountiful confidence. He kept his servants stupid and subbordinate, a popular trend in Las Noches where most residents were shady. They left the three of them alone to have tea, in a dark chamber lit only by narrow windows to the moon and candles. The door was about twenty feet away, so Eliseo spoke low that the thick doors would not allow his words to exit the room to prying ears.
"In my travels I have discovered there are many Hollow colonies scattered in the sands of Hueco Mundo. I once thought them merely refuges for the cowardly that wished not to feed and evolve; but apparently, there's more to them. Greater forces harness the residents of these colonies to unite them against enemies, and to preserve themselves. I want to see what I can do to... sway these greater forces into my favor. Speak freely but softly, my Fraccion."

Eliseo had a balanced voice, low but not without vibrancy. He seemed incapable of yelling at times, though; more inclined to speak soft, for his words were often a poison best kept among few ears.
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Okelo felt almost lost in this situation, though he trusted Mel's decision to follow this conniving espada. He couldn't quite bring himself to trust him but maybe that was for the best. Okelo could recall the old parable of 'The Scorpion and the Frog' as trustworthy this espada seemed, it was their true nature to betray and it was this nature he wouldn't forget.

The words “Begone” betrayed the silence of the room and the ignorant servants skittered out of their presence like roaches, he pitied them but their was simply nothing that could be done. He eyed the dainty cup of tea that was set before him, watching the dancing wisps of hot vapor rising from the intricate cup. He reached his almost comically oversized hand for the tiny cup, froze a moment then pulled back, he knew better then that, always wait for the espada to drink first then wait longer still.

Trust nothing

A lesson evolution had taught him. He stole a glance at Melaena as if his eyes could warn her not to touch the cup, perhaps he was being paranoid, perhaps not, all that was certain was this dark being in front of them was up to something and by proxy they were in something deeper than he personally wished to be. Mel had made the right decision, this man was making moves.

Okelo brought his right hand to his chin and leaned forward, his inquisitive nature taking charge “What do you mean 'greater forces'”. His usual borderline monotone voice having a slight edge to it “Perhaps a Vasto Lorde? Or is it something greater? Is it even a something?”

His flat tone lacked velocity in this acoustic death trap they sat in, but it was clearly audible to all those in the room. Then he stared directly into the cold eyes of the Espada. Okelo wasn't well voiced in anything about Hueco Mundo, let alone unknown forces but he heard things.

Bad Things

Vasto Lordes were the pinnacle of hollow evolution, sort of like the boogie men of lesser beings. The stuff that kept anything that yearned to live awake at night, he hoped he was wrong. Perhaps the force was something capable of reason, something that wouldn't require the engine to awaken.


He doubted it was a Vasto Lorde, a being with that hunger wouldn't amass a collective. No, it would devour them for it's own strength like the beasts they truly were. It had to be something with sophistication. Good ole fashioned civility and care for your fellow being. He almost smiled at this thought....almost.... A man can dream though.
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Tracing fingertips along the edge of the cup before her, Melaena hesitated to speak. Among unfamiliars (obviously excluding Kel) she had a dreadful habit of keeping her mouth shut and taking in everything, but it was a habit she was gradually breaking. At least in Eliseo's presence. This Espada had approached her and offered her power, strength, and above all, a purpose. Her being relatively young had her at a disadvantage in the way this world worked but becoming a Fraccion was convenient, among other things.

She glanced over and up. Kel was much better at speaking his mind. She barely caught his brief look and she knew what it meant. Really now, he didn't have warn her about a cup of tea. She took the cup in her hands carefully and brought it to her lips without drinking, just inhaling the heat and aroma. She directed her eyes to one of the room's narrow windows with a clear view of the moon.

"How would you... go about swaying these forces?" she asked softly, though her voice sounded loud to her own ears. She finally took a sip of the tea. "Though I suppose that's a futile question if we don't know exactly what we're dealing with."
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As Okelo spoke, Eliseo drank some of his tea, consistently narrow eyes leveled with his as he considered his question and formulated an answer.

He raised his hand and faced his palm at Okelo as a request for calm. "It is highly unlikely there are any Vasto Lorde to be found in Hueco Mundo, Okelo," he said, lowering his hand. "Though the deserts supposedly span on forever, it is unlikely there is a large enough concentration of Hollows to feed the likely voracious appetite of a Vasto Lorde, should they even exist. Perhaps they once existed, but in this day and age, Hueco Mundo is too vast and divided and our foe is too limiting on our numbers for a Vasto Lorde to rise again; if one yet exists, it must be ancient beyond comprehension and would by now have made itself known to Las Noches."

He drank more of his tea before setting it down again.

"The greater forces I refer to are powerful renegade Arrancar, or at least significant Menos Grande that could be made to serve us. It is too dangerous to recruit members of the Soldados to our cause, we risk our agenda being made clear to the higher-ranked masters of Las Noches, who don't take kindly to perfidy. Thus, we must look outward if we wish to broaden our horizons and expand our power."

He drank a third time as he heard Melaena speak, eyes leveling on hers, now. Though it was just a sip, he kept his drink in place a few seconds longer as he pondered the best approach to her inquiry.

"In my experience given the recent turmoil and failures of the leadership in Las Noches, Hueco Mundo's denizens in general despise the Espada and the Reyna. With some persuasion, they may be willing to lay in reserve until called upon to rise against the masters." He paused, then continued a second later when another train of thought came by. "For the others who are not so easy, I will find a way. You know I can be quite... persuasive," he finished, figuring they would understand what he meant one way or another.

"That said, our detestable higher-ups have arranged that we take a Numeros with. Despite my protests, they insisted that their presence was mandatory to serve as a 'bodyguard' during my sabbatical. I was endowed with a mission to head into the deserts and subvert said Hollow colonies to the cause of Las Noches; I've decided that we're going to pretend this is our goal with this trip, so as to throw the bodyguard off our cause. While we will subvert these colonies, in secret we will give them their true purpose. Should our ill-desired companion become wary of our cause, we'll simply kill them and tell the uppers that they died in service; with any luck, my alleged progression of their cause will make the story mildly believable. Needless to say we must be subtle about our purpose with this visitor. Am I clear?"
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