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Mao Nezumi; Shinigami, Squad 5 Vice-Captain
Topic Started: Sep 7 2010, 02:36 AM (569 Views)
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Posted Image` Mao NezumiPosted Image

Name: Mao, Nezumi

Age // Apparent Age: Real Age: 153 // Apparent Age: 17

Gender: Female

Division // Rank: Fifth Division, Vice-Captain

Posted ImageHeight: 5"1'

Weight: 42 KG

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour // Style: Long, flowing purple hair

Skin Tone: Pale

Body Type: Slender

Distinguishing marks/features: None, Nezumi always takes extra care to blend in.

Appearance Description: Nezumi is a small, youthful girl standing at 5"1. Her short height sets her apart from the majority of Gotei 13 and makes her often overlooked. Since she didn't like the height difference, Nezumi forced herself to have a perfectly straight posture at all times in an effort to make herself seem taller. While it did give her an excellent posture, this unfortunately did nothing to raise her height.

For such a tiny person, she has a surprisingly ample chest and a curvy frame, though both are hidden under her loose-fitting shinigami uniform. She has a small, silvery heart-shaped necklace tucked under the collar of her uniform. She does not consider herself a vain person, but Nezumi is rather picky when it comes to her appearance and does her best to look her best. She has no visible scars on her body since she made sure to have the medics removed every removable evidence of past injuries. But even thought her skin is smooth and blemish-free, it's also paler than most, which adds to her frail appearance. Overall she looks very delicate, but don't let that fool you. What little meat she actually has on her bones are toned muscles that's evidence of years of training.

Her small face is framed by rather choppy bangs and her hair is a long, shiny purple which falls to her midthighs. Nezumi is very proud of her beautiful hair and will often wear it down, letting it cascade down her back in gentle waves. However, she is smart enough know that long hair will often get in the way during battle, so when in combat she will use a white, slightly frilly ribbon to tie it up in a high ponytail. Her large, gem-like eyes are a pretty blue color, sparkling like sapphires under the right lighting. Her delicate mouth is most often curved in a small, pleasant smile.

Most people tend to say that Nezumi looks like a living doll; someone who is extremely delicate and will crumble at the slightest touch.

Clothing: Nezumi's choice of clothing is unremarkable and by looking at it, people would deem her creativity rather pathetic. She has taken the saying "The nail that sticks up gets hammered down" to the heart and tries her best to blend in with the crowd. Her shinigami uniform is typical and uncustomized, from the dull black robes to the white obi to her straw sandals. Her zanpakutou is worn at her left side and the only thing that would seperate her from other shinigamis would be the wooden lieutenant badge fastened to her left arm. The badge is well-taken care of, the kanji for five and the engraving of the lily of the valley carved onto it clearly.
Posted Image

Personality: When on duty, Nezumi is a reserved shinigami. Some people interpret her quietness as arrogance, but the truth is that Nezumi is simply too timid to draw any attention to herself. She has stage fright and tends to freeze up in front of a crowd. When she's off-duty she changes, but not too much since her shyness still gets in the way. In casual conversations, she will often sink into silence and wait for the other person to take the inititive. She has a social natural and loves making friends, but is often too shy to start talking to a stranger. She may seem rather dull at first, but once you get to know her you'll see that she is very friendly and a rather pleasant person.

She does not have a very high self-esteem and often underestimates her own abilities. This proves to be very troublesome in combat, as she tends to question herself and mess up an attack. Nezumi is a very emotional person and she is often worried about how other view her. She always tries to make the best first impression possible (especially around her superiors), but ends up stuttering nervously more often than not.

Due to her shyness and fairly low self-esteem, most people tend to view her as an emotionally fragile person. This is both true and false. Depending on the situation, Nezumi's spirit can be extremely easy to break or almost impossible. If she trusts you - and honestly this feat is not very difficult to achieve if she did not have a reason to hate you in the first place - then you can shatter her entirely with a few well-worded words. If you are a person she did not particularly care for, then it can be quite difficult because she'll most likely not believe a word you say.

One of her good points is her kindness and compassion. Nezumi is a rather motherly person and is almost always ready to greet people with a smile that automatically puts them at ease. She is very fond of children and will often obey their many ridiculous demands without complaining at all. Even if she was angry at them, all she needs to see is a pout or hear a sob, and she'll be ready to forgive them.

And while she's no genius or prodigy, Nezumi has always been a bright child. She learns more quickly than average and is particularly good at memorizing information. She's made a full advantage of her intelligence, making sure to read every shinigami file she can get her hands on. It's always good to know the people you're working with...even if they aren't your enemy. A little extra information never hurts.

Despite of her general shyness, Nezumi is a very capable and responsible shinigami. As a lieutenant, most people know her as a reserved superior officer who's all work and no play. This isn't exactly true since she does like to relax and have a joke know and then, but Nezumi knows full well that keeping people alive is very serious business and isn't willing to risk her comarads' lives for anything. Among subordinates and sometimes even peers, Nezumi can be surprisingly commanding at times. She is not a bossy person by nature, but if she has something she really wants to say, she'll say it and make others listen unless they have a better idea.


~Before Death~

As a human, Mao Nezumi was born into a small, insignificant village in eastern China. She had a Chinese-Japanese heritage, her father being Chinese and her mother Japanese. As a result, she had a Chinese surname and a Japanese given name. Her given name 'Nezumi' literally translated into 'Mouse'. In her childhood, Nezumi was always terribly quiet. She almost never talked, cried or laughed. When she wanted something, she would make tiny sqeaking noises, accompanied by vague hand gestures. She never said a word until she was well over four. It wasn't as if she didn't know how - when she first spoke she already knew how to form nice sentences - she just didn't want to speak.

It was as if the name had cursed her.

That was what her parents had thought when Nezumi turned ten. She was by far the quietest child in the village, and people can see that her personality somehow resembled a mouse. She was meek, shy, tended to stay out the way, and generally submissive. The quiet child grew up to be a reserved, shy young Chinese woman that nobody really noticed. This didn't bother Nezumi - she had a few friends, and that was good enough for her. However, when she was 15, her quiet, pleasant life came to an end. Her end came quickly, swiftly, as did all her friends and family. Bandits attacked and the tiny village was utterly wiped out.

~In Rukongai~

It seemed that luck was on her side as Nezumi landed in District 3, Hokutan, West Rukongai. Though Hokutan was peaceful compared to other districts and surviving wasn't very difficult, Nezumi still had a hard time there. Her timidness was a problem, but eventually the harsh life forced to stand up for herself. She never remembered her human life and never tried to look for her human family. She was always alone. It was an empty, meaningless existance and sometimes Nezumi thought that she might as well die if she didn't have anything to live for, but she wasn't ready to experience the pain of death again. So she lived on.

Years later, Nezumi had a chance to talk to a shinigami that was passing through the district. The man nonchantly told her that her spiritual pressure seemed large enough and suggested that she should go and try out at the academy. At first Nezumi was skeptical, but when he started telling her about the life of Soul Reapers, she couldn't help but be tempted. The man was kind enough to stay for two days and during that time he managed to convince her. When the shinigami left to go back to Seireitei, she left with him.

They travelled for a few days. Each day the shinigami would tell Nezumi more about Seireitei, what shinigamis do, their traditions, and with every passing day Nezumi became more determined to become a good shinigami and slay these 'hollow' things the other man spoke of. In a matter of days, the man became the most imporant person in her afterlife. At Shino Academy they parted, and the man gave her a small heart-shaped necklace as a memorial. He laughed and told her to come look for him when she graduated, mastered shikai and got a seated position.

~Shino Academy~

With that in mind, Nezumi entered the academy with a three-step goal in mind: get high marks, graduate as soon as possible, and get a seated position so she could see the man again. She spent her first three years in the ordinary class as a quiet, book-smart student. She excelled in the areas of basic kido and hohou and was just barely acceptable in zanjutsu, but her hakuda was utterly, without a doubt, terrible. Luckily her score was averaged out and her score just barely managed to move into the accelerated class in her fourth year.

After entering the accelerated class, Nezumi trained as often as possible and was rewarded by an early graduation. She graduated one semester earlier and while that may not seem like a huge accomplishment, Nezumi was proud of herself. The noble, snotty kids in her class can't possibly insult her now! A rukongaian brat had beat these noble-housed jerks to graduation.

~Shinigami Years~

She was an unseated officer in Squad 2 when her zanpakutou called out to her. Their meeting was a brief, formal one and Nezumi thought her zanpakutou spirit rather cold at first, but her shikai was accomplished. However, that did not mean that she had full control over it. It took one whole decade for Nezumi to master her shikai's basic ability and by the time she did so, she was promoted from unseated to fifteenth seat.

Filled with excitement, Nezumi went to look for the man. After two days of wandering around Seireitei calling out to anyone who vaguely resembled him, she heard the devastating truth. A few years ago, the man had been killed by hollows during his mission to the world of the living. Nezumi was crushed when she recieved the news. Her motivation was gone, what had she to live for now? Depressed, she excused herself from her duties and went to Rukongai in an effort to clear her mind.

There, she saw a group of young children playing together, laughing and chasing each other playfully. Her fondness for kids made her stay and watch for awhile, and just when she started to calm down, a hollow attacked. Her whole body froze up as the children started to scream and run away, the hollow following. Tears built up in her eyes as she watched a young girl trip and fall, crying as the hollow prepared to eat her.

The next thing she knew, she was on her feet with her arm outstretched, her lips chanting the incantation to a kido spell. With a yell, she sent the blue ball of reiatsu forward and blasted the hollow in the face. Looking down, she saw the tear-stained face of the little girl and suddenly knew that she had something else to live for. Her duty as a shinigami to protect these people from the monster hollows.

With that decision, she soon headed back to Seireitei and went back to training with new determination. Soon her shikai was completely mastered and she went onto bankai training right after that, although she hadn't made much success with it. Sometime in the next few years she transfered from Squad 2 to Squad 5, and worked up the ranks until she became its vice-captain. When she gets discouraged, she would finger the heart-shaped necklace the man gave to her...and its presence will make her feel better. She has some sort of sentimental attachment to it.

Other: -Birthday: Oct. 1
-Favourite Color: Purple (Well what did you expect?)
-Lucky Number: 25
-Current Goal: Achieve bankai
-Enjoys reading human novels
-Finds the human world interesting and visits it whenever she has the time/permission
-Has a habit of twittling her fingers and/or looking down at the floor when in awkward situations
Posted Image



Name: Seki (Repulse)
Number: 8
Type: Binding
Element: None
What is it?: Creates a round shield that seems to temporarily paralyze and repel whatever strikes it. The shield is quite small, but useful on the fly for stopping weak, physical projectiles.

Name: Hyapporankan (Hundred Steps Fence)
Number: 62
Type: Binding
Element: None
What is it?: The user condenses their reiatsu into a rod, focusing their spiritual energy wholly on it to create it. As such, they wouldn’t be able to do anything while preparing this attack, but after the rod is formed it can be thrown much like a javelin. Upon leaving the user’s hand, the flies a few feet before disintegrating into a rain of shorter rods, used to pin the target to their surrounding. The sheer volume isn’t the only key to this spell’s effectiveness, as even the short rods exert an incredible force to immobilize what it hits.


Name: Shô (Thrust)
Number: 1
Type: Hadou
Element: None
What is it?: Having manipulated spiritual energy into the air, the user is able to draw forth a great force, akin to a pulsating wind that can push an opponent with a great deal of force, similar to a palm thrust. Calling out the name of the technique, the only other motion required to activate it is a wave of the user’s hand, though the direction the technique takes depends on the user’s wishes.

Name: Tsuzuri Raiden (Reading Lightning)
Number: 11
Type: Hadou
Element: Lightning
What is it?: Similar to Byakurai, the user’s energy is converted into a surging electric current. Projecting it through any object that could conduct electricity, or even an object that could conduct spiritual energy, the user provides a current with a voltage upwards of five thousand volts.

Name: Sôkatsui (Blue Fire, Crash Down)
Number: 33
Type: Hadou
Element: Fire
What is it?: The sister technique to demon art 31, a blue glow of energy is concentrated in the user’s hand as they chant. Upon completion, a sort of missile violently fires from their hand. This small period of charge time has a great payoff, however, as the orb created is a potent concentration of energy. It shoots off at high speeds to the target, exploding in a great blast of fire and forced, with a twenty meter range and a five meter blast radius, also firing out a beam of blue flames for five meters after impact.
Activation Command/Chant: "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws."

Name: Tenran (Orchid Sky)
Number: 58
Type: Hadou
Element: Wind
What is it?: Unique in the sense that it takes a zanpakuto to accomplish, this kido is executed by the user spinning their weapon before them as the name of the kido is recited, unleashing a spiritual energy that fires a tornado directly in front of them that stretches 90 meters high and 40 meters wide.. The angle and direction of the tornado is not definite, but it is apparent that the effect cannot be aimed after its power is unleashed. The winds unleashed could be compared to a naturally occurring F3 tornado, easily able to level small structures and objects weighing hundreds of pounds. This Hadou is more of a throw than anything else, with damage characterized by the force with which the enemy is thrown plus the impact they suffer with the object that stops their momentum. At speeds well over 200 mph, it’s safe to say this technique is one not to be caught in.

Name: Raikôhô (Thunder Roar Cannon)
Number: 63
Type: Hadou
Element: Lightning
What is it?: A wave of pure white energy is fired out with a concussive pulse, sending a great beam to consume the opponent. The beam itself is fired in a beam with a diameter of eight meters even all around, causing massive damage. Though it cannot achieve a piercing effect through it’s strength, the beam is more than enough to break down barriers with slightly higher grades. Moreso, it’s range stretches just inside fifty meters, making this spell enough to level a city block in only one use.
Activation Command/Chant: "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!"


Hohou (walking method):
If a shinigami is attacking using hakuda, this technique is necessary to assist their movement. It is not a direct offensive technique, however, it can be used to gain the upper hand in a zanpakutou battle. If this technique is mastered, the shinigami will be able to make high speed movements can't be traced by the eye.

Shunpo (Flash Step):
A highspeed technique that allows the user to travel long distances with their spiritual power. As the name states its done within a step. Is said to be an extremely hard skill to learn and master to those below captain level.
(Adds spirit power to speed; Requires Hohou)

A technique using shunpo to attack the opponents back aiming for their hakusui. (Requires shunpo)

Eishohaki; The perennial ability of a skilled kidou caster. This ability enables the casting of lesser spells without the use of an incantation with only minor reduction in kidou power. (Note: This is not an excuse to spam kido)

Strengths: Nezumi strength lies within her speed, not brute force. During her time in the academy, she's perfected every hohou technique her teachers taught her, and proceeded to learn try and learn shunpo as soon as she became seated. She was fast on her feet without shunpo, but the unique speed technique grabbed her interest unlike any other. She was determined to learn it ever since she witnessed another shinigami perform it in her academy days. Being naturally agile and flexible, it was easier for her to learn the technique than most others. She is stunningly fast, able to easily outstripe most shinigamis of equal rank and, if she was lucky, keep up with some of the slower captains.

Another one of her strength would be her kido skills. Nezumi had always had a knack for kido, hados more so than bakudos but she was quite outstanding at kido generally. Every destruction spell casted by her will pack quite a punch, and will often cause more destruction than average seeing as she tends to force more reiatsu into the spell than needed. Not enough to mess up the spell, just a bit more so it's a little more powerful than average. She's also learnt to negate the incantations of most spells, although that lessens the power a bit.

Weaknesses: Nezumi's main weakness would be her overall lack of strength. Since she concentrates on her shunpo and kido techniques most of the time, her raw strength is rather pathetic to saw the least. Her swordsmanship skills aren't exactly the best either. When it comes to a pure melee combat, she is crafty enough to hold her own against a shinigami of equal ranking for some time but as time wears on she'll tire and her opponent will be able to easily finish her off. This is the main reason she learnt to perform Senka. So if she's trapped in a close range combat, at least she has a trump card.

Combat Style: Nezumi's fighting style involves two main components: shunpo and kido. She is the type of person to run in circles around the enemy and throw short slashes and thrusts out from every angle rather than charge head on. She often uses kido in her fights, although it's mainly to assist and not for an all-out assult. However, she does like to pull clever tricks now and then, such as using Tsuzuri Raiden to cover her zanpakutou with electricity when her opponent's not looking and then using it to attack, or use Sho at close range and follow it up with a higher levelled kido. Nezumi knows her own limits well, and does not attempt to go past them.Posted Image

Zanpakuto name: Kamakaze (Scythe Wind)

Zanpakuto Spirit: Kamakaze

Spirit Appearance: Posted Image

Nezumi's zanpakutou spirit is a female spirit called Kamakaze. Kamakaze takes the humanoid form of a cute young girl that looks about ten years old wearing colorful Chinese-styled robe. Her long silvery-white hair is seperated into several ponytails by gold and red cords. Choppy bangs falls just above her red eyes. Her facial features are very childlike, giving her an innocent appearance.

Nezumi's inner world seems like an ancient Chinese city. It takes after the appearance of The Forbidden City. Its many dojo-like buildings are all built in traditional Chinese style, complete with desgins and statues of lions, dragons and pheonixes. Almost everything is painted red and gold. There are many lush green gardens and beautiful ponds with lily pads and flowers. The Chinese design most likely has something to do with Nezumi's Chinese heritage.

The sky is light blue and is almost always sunny, no matter what Nezumi's mood is. It's a nice place overall, yet it's also eerily creepy since the hundreds of buildings are utterly devoid of human life. The furniture and statues are always well-taken care of and gleaming, the ponds are always filled with koi and there are always sparrows fluttering around, but aside from the spirit and occasionally her wielder, there's no other intelligent life form.

Posted Image

Spirit Personality: Kamakaze is a rather strange being, her personality unpredictable at best. She addresses Nezumi by a number of names ranging from "Silly girl" to "My lady". Most of the time Nezumi finds her spirit acting very much like a noble, wise queen (which looks very strange indeed seeing that Kamakaze has the body of a ten-year-old), and at other times Kamakaze just seems to be a demanding little brat. However, such times are extremely rare and most of the time Kamakaze is just a calm, polite and intelligent spirit and Nezumi always knows who to go to when she needs advice.

Despite of her peaceful and innocent appearance, Kamakaze is very fond of combat. Whenever Nezumi visits her inner world Kamakaze will almost always challenge her master to a spar, and will proceed beat her wielder every single time. Nezumi's very embarressed by her steadily increasing number of defeats, but continues her weekly spars with her zanpakutou spirit because she knows it's making her stronger. Both master and sword respect each other and are training together to reach bankai.

Dormant Appearance: In sealed state Nezumi's zanpakutou is really nothing special. It resembles a standard katana with a long white hilt. It has a black circular guard, decorated with elegant swirls that are perfect for trapping other zanpakutous. Unfortunately, due to Nezumi's lack of zanjutsu skill this advantage is rarely used. The scabbard is pure black. Hanabi keeps her zanpakutou with her at all times, at her waist like most others.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Shikai Call: Kieru, Kamakaze! (Disappear, Scythe Wind)

Shikai Appearance: Hanabi's shikai takes the form of approximately one thousand tiny, slightly-curved wind blades that are often mistaken for needles at first due to its silvery appearance. Her shikai is usually a little difficult to see due to its tiny size. However, certain circumstances can make it very visible. For example, when light hits it at a certain angle, it will reflect light and shine brightly and needless to say, it'll also be extremely easy to see it if it collides with something.

Shikai Abilities: Kamakaze is a wind-elemental zanpakutou. When released into shikai form, the blade will split into approximately one thousand needle-sized wind blades. The curved blades will scatter into the wind and be free for its wielder to control. Nezumi will be left holding the hilt and guard, which she uses to block physical blows and to control her seperated shikai. One thousand blades may seem like a large number, but due to each blades' tiny size it isn't numerous enough to be used as an effective offense and defense against a stronger opponent (such as an adjuchas) at the same time.

Of course, its basic and perhaps its most deadly ability is its tiny needle-like wind blades. Each blade has the potential to deal a small, fairly shallow cut about 2 cm long. While this may not seem like much, there are one thousand blades in total so when you add it up...it can deal quite a lot of damage.

Kamakaze's second ability is to combine the smaller blades into a larger wind blade or a wind shield. Of course, it takes considerably more time to combine the blades together and Nezumi finds the larger blade and shield harder to control, so she rarely uses her shikai's second ability. Most of the time it's kept in its basic form.

Posted Image

Bankai Call: N/A

Bankai Appearance: N/A

Bankai Abilities: N/A

EDIT NOTE: The picture wasn't showing up so I changed it~
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I see no problems with this. Approved.
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