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Oh! Come on...
Topic Started: Jun 23 2010, 11:47 PM (490 Views)

"Woah, hey no need to be so hasty I'm just trying to give you back y-" The further he came the more the woman began to walk with his hands clenched around the item, the woman started to scream more so, more and more came further into the mix. Watching the crowd come forward, they began to scream words of hatred and also started to look at him as if he was a criminal, little to be known, he was neither a criminal nor a bully, he was just doing an honorable thing... returning a wallet. "Leave her alone!!! Why do you think you can be all mean towards people and attack girls without us getting within the ranks, we don't care how strong you are!" He only sighed, he scratched his head and all he could do was frown. "Look, none of you idiots can beat me anyway, so if you want to step up fine, but I'm not trying to do anything to her, so get over yourselves dammit and give this back to her..." He sighed one last time, and threw the wallet towards the girl as she shrieked.

He began to walk through the crowds with glaring eyes, the woman would pick up the wallet, he gasped. "Oh my god..." She said to herself, looking up to him. "He took my wallet!!!!"

The boy looked back, scratched his head and sighed, he was basically shunned by others, his tendencies as both a street fighter and one of the strongest fighters in the school had made this reputation his "crimes" would cause his fame to only grow, until he would become infamous, as such, things would be very bad for him, constantly pestered and overly exaggerated for this, he would gain the nick name "Demon's Fist" within school. "I have to get a new reputation... oh what the hell, like a freaking care about what the hell they think." He grinned, leaving the crowds as they continued to watch him with red eyes, he would consider himself someone who wasn't scared of such, he was strong, why was he always the target of such fear and idiocy, he could really care less. He had no real true friends as many times over he was considered a bully, or someone who would destroy others because of stupid remarks, this is what people would think, he was the uncaring type over things he thought were stupid however.

"I'm so hungry..." Within class later, he would watch the chalkboard with a yawning sleepy, half closed eyes face. "Wonder what we got to eat today, maybe I should have brought a lunch, forgot because I was perfecting the shin shoryuken I saw off the SF3 on the dreamcast..." He tapped his head once and then twice. "Next goes the shoryu cannon from Sean and after maybe I can get the tiger Knee from Sagat, though that seems a little too much... I could kill someone with that move..." He laid his head on the desk and sighed into it. "I need to learn more techniques though... I got the thunder-foot and whirl-foot cyclone kicks...how am I suppose to do that technique though..." He only scratched his head in agony of frustration, the moment stopped as a slap on the desk came, Ryo looked towards his female teacher, about in her early 30's or late 20's, he often was stopped after his crazy motions in which he use to think, the class watching him, some glaring, he said nothing.

"Pay attention Mister Goutetsu! Or it's detention!" She said, with her angered and irritated eyes glaring.

"Um, OK..."

The day had finally began to end with school bells ringing for which he would stand. "Time to start fighting, I wonder if there are any gangs or street fighters out..." He smiled to himself, lifted his bag and began to motion for the door. "Man, I also need to go home and see that motion one more time, to get the timing and the coordination down, I'll do that before I go out..."
Edited by Ryo, Jun 24 2010, 12:19 AM.
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