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Eastern Delicacies {P}; Vise and Co.
Topic Started: Jun 3 2010, 11:01 PM (663 Views)
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~Burning Summer~

It had been a long trip the last few months. Vise, known to the public world as Lucien Requise (the former a made up modern name, the latter his actual last name from his previous life) alont with his twin fraccion Alexandretta and Elle had been on something of a world tour scouting potential members for Ryuuza. Normally Baku would have wanted to keep it a local movement but Vise had convinced him otherwise. In reality it was a ploy for Vise to travel the world again and sight see. It had been a long time since he had been in the modern world. So much had changed since he had left it all behind; so much had changed since he became an arrancar. From the start of his journey in America (something Baku insisted) to France where he stopped to reaquint himself with his old home, the castle still stood suprisingly enough and would make a wonderful summer retreat; and now to China where he used his fortune to aquire a lovely villa with a lotus garden. Of course he was merely renting it for he saw no reason to buy it... well anyway here he was with his two lovely fraccion enjoying the end of their journey before they returned to Japan and Karakura Town.

He was drinking, and sharing, a bottle of vintage wine he bought in France and decided to save until their last night abroad. It was good wine, he would know, back in the day he had a lot of good wine. It made him nostalgic for home. Of course he couldn't deny the other facets of this journey. His two fraccion were with him, and while they didn't know it, he did care about them deeply. If they were ever hurt he'd fly into a rage and protect them. A smile crossed his face at this thought as he gazed from the table he sat on into the water garden which reflected a cresent moon down into its pool.

"Exquisit" he finally said, snapping forth from his inner reflection, "So tell me my lovely ladies, what was your favorite part of this trip?" he inquired of his fraccion who sat at the same table as he.
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Smiling at their Master, Alex and Elle unconsciously mirroring each others expressions, the two girls glanced sideways at each other then giggled -again matchingly- and thought about it. Since the trip had begun they'd been their usual selves; Elle being the loud, brash trouble-maker that she was, causing wanton destruction with about as much care as she did her hair in the morning; which wasn't much. And Alex had been quiet, withdrawn and beat upon by her louder half, much to her ire. Still, right then they were both enjoying the quiet, which was odd for Elle, and just basking in the feeling of being near their Master, Vise.

"I," Alex said first, also oddly, and blushing furiously as attention drew onto her, "I just like traveling with you... Vise-sama..."
Elle was sorely tempted to punch her twin in the face for that, in her typical un-ladylike way, for revealing so blatantly that she liked Vise. They both did, but they weren't meant to admit it to him!
"I enjoyed America," Elle commented back, flashing a warning look at Alex, who blushed harder and buried her face in her wine, "Although I find myself liking the peace and quiet here, right now, for some reason..." Oh wow that was real smooth: Elle could almost kick herself for that lame ending.

Sometimes they were as bad as each other.

"S-sumimasen, Vise-sama," Alex said then, her overly polite and shy nature around her Master shining through strongly, "But the reason you gave Baku-senpai was that we were recruiting for Ryuuza-" (yes, the twins had eavesdropped on that conversation) "And so far we haven't really done any of that... Are we going to be doing any, Vise-sama?"
'Name-overusing idiot,' Elle thought to herself, but found herself nodding with her sister in question. It was a curious thing, but then they were used to him gallivanting around with them in tow, and they enjoyed it.

It was one thing to live to protect someone, but when you loved them as these girls did well... they'd put up with just about anything from Diamanate Vise.
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~Burning Summer~

"You caught me Alex, no, my purpose was in fact to simply get out of Karakura Town and see the world. I hadn't seen it since... well since I was alive and even then my world were the walls of my castle and the walls of my fiefdom. Beyond such a small insignifcant place I knew nothing. Now I am free to travel this glorious world" he took another drink from his wind glass and smiled. The girls were so transparent it was funny. He wouldn't tease them about it though so he kept smiling. It was a beautiful night, free of hollows and hollowfied shinigami. They had run into a few on their journey but nothing too bad. Russia had that tiger hollow which proved to be difficult only because of the sudden blizzard that whipped up. A sigh of content escaped his lips as he gazed out into the water garden.

"When we return to Karakura Town we should go swimming. Yes, I believe that would be nice. We haven't been anywhere warm on this trip... perhaps stopping somewhere warm should have been the first thing we did. When in America I know Baku insisted on New York but I feel that Florida place should have been more entertaining" he frowned gently and swirled his wine. "Fate has dealt us the hand we have..." he said rather suddenly, "...we cannot return to our home so we live amongst the humans. Somehow I feel more comfortable with this arrangement. I have access to my money, things, everything I could ever want and yet only two things matter to me" and with that he slipped back into deep reflection leaving them to wonder what those two things were.
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Alex, of course being the naive one, thought Vise was referring only to her as he said that last, and she blushed and buried her face in her wine again. She had been drinking pretty steadily, only to cover her blushes you understand, but it had taken a toll. She was drunk, and though she'd never admit it, when she was drunk she was oh so easy to taunt, and all she'd do would be to giggle in response. It was amusing, and Elle never failed to take advantage of it, and she would later, but right now she was thinking hard over a problem that had just arisen to her.
Elle could tell her sister was getting rather legless, but she was still interested in what Vise had said.

"But Dia-sama," she said, that being her way to address her and Alex's Master rather than that whole tired 'Vise-sama' thing that Alex insisted was 'proper and ladylike', "While it is good to live amongst the humans, and though the concentration of all that reishi and the constant reiha pulses is enough to feed us if we were ever wanting, don't you ever miss it? That instinctual, primal side of being... what we are?"
Now there was one of her idiosyncrasies; she hated calling anyone what race they were directly, it seemed almost... rude. And for anyone who knew Elle properly, for her to worry about rudeness was about as strange as things got.

"Swimming would be fuuuun, Dia-saaan," Alex's voice rose in a rather sing-song way from the wineglass she had raised to her lips, empty as it was, "I think I would need to buy a bathing suit first though. Elle, you could help me with that riiiiight?"
"Stupid bitch, don't get so drunk so fast!" Elle taunted in a friendly way, a large grin on her face as she turned and tackled her twin, making the wine glass fly up into the air, only to be caught and placed quickly on the table by the attacking twin, "What happened to being 'ladylike and proper'!"
And, without further adieu, she began to tickle Alex, viciously, making her twin burst into peal after peal of silvery laughter.

After she was done, and Alex was panting and laughing with little after-shocks, from being tickled so hard, Elle sat up from her place on top of her sister and looked at Vise, an uncharacteristically serious expression on her face.
"What's really going on, Dia-sama?" her bright purple eye aimed at Vise's own orbs, "The assassination of that Shinigami; do we know who did it? It's not exactly going to be an easy time in Karakura now, is it?"
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