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Rules Rule
Topic Started: May 5 2010, 12:00 AM (1,237 Views)
Youkai Kazuko
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These here are what we call the golden rules, you should read them at least once and try your very best to abide by them. We do, however, realise that no one is perfect, so we'll try not to chew you out should you break one or more. Excessive abuse of the rules will not be tolerated, so beware you rebels without a cause.


x Registering when registering at The Bleach Alliance please do so with the name of your character and/or a suitable pseudonym if you're the sort that likes to have multiple characters under one alias that may or may not be related to any of your characters. Please refrain from registering with aim names and the like (i.e. ARTstar*).

x Images Most of you will, at some point, use an avatar or a signature (or both), doing so is fine, though it would be very much appreciated if you kept AVATARS at a maximum of 150x150 pixels in size. Likewise, please keep your signatures at a reasonable size, anything greater than 300x400 pixels and we'll ask you to either downsize or remove it entirely. It goes without saying that the content of your avatar/signature cannot infringe upon the rules of INVISIONFREE, which means pornographic images are completely out of the question.

x Etiquette Play nice, children? Please treat your fellow members with the same measure of respect you would like them to treat you. Try not to make fun of others, even if they might look a little different than you. It would be great if you could approach The Bleach Alliance with a good sense of humour, the admins themselves have quite a habit of making fun of one another, though be aware that they do so in jest. We might do it to you too, if we think you can handle it without getting touchy. Try not to get personal, if you do enter into an argument, take it to PMs or AIM or anywhere else that is NOT the C-BOX.

x Respect the Staff A few of them may act like children most of the time (me, Kazuko) but that doesn't mean that they should not be listened to. If a member of staff asks you to stop doing something or to do something, please do so. We're not a bunch of Nazi Lieutenants and this is not a Youth Facility, so if we do get on at you about something there must be a good reason why. If you don't understand something a member of staff has asked of you, feel free to ask for some clarification. We are here to try and make your stay at The Bleach Alliance comfortable and enjoyable, sometimes we might clash, but lets not hold grudges, please? Respect the Staff and they well respect you.

x Advertising Advertising in the Spam forums is not permitted, nor is it permitted within the C-BOX (neither blatantly nor subtly, that means linking via your name), please don‘t think about bombarding other members with PM‘s either. Firstly, it‘s disrespectful, secondly, it‘s annoying. If you would like to advertise your board at The Bleach Alliance, please do look into Affiliating with us, we‘d be happy to have you. Those caught breaking this rule will fall victim to a variety of fates, posts regarding your unaffiliated site will be deleted without warning. Within the C-BOX you will be given the opportunity to refrain from spamming your site or to remove the url from your name, refusal to do so will lead to your temporary banning from the C-BOX itself. Your account will be banned temporarily or permanently should we find that you have been hassling other members with PM‘s. Really, it‘s a lot easier to apply for affiliation than it is to advertise illegally.

x Advertising and Affiliation Even if you do become Affiliated with The Bleach Alliance, that does not mean you can go around breaking the advertising rules under the pretences of it now being legal. Because, it‘s not, my opportunistic friend. We will tolerate you placing the sites URL within your C-BOX name, ONLY if you‘re affiliated. You may also link to it in your signature, that is it, however. We feel this is more than enough, you are giving members the opportunity to visit and perhaps join your site at any time, rather than shoving it onto them by sending them PM‘s and posting threads or posting in the C-BOX. You don‘t want to look desperate, do you? Besides you‘re affiliated, what else could you possibly want or need?


x Posting Where to and how to? If you are posting a completed application, post it within the Character Creation Forum. If you are posting a Work In Progress application, post it within the WIP sub-forum (found within the Character Creation Forum). When posting your application, please arrange your Topic Title and Subtitle as follows;

Topic Title: CHARACTER SURNAME, character forename
Subtitle: character type (Shinigami, Human, Arrancar, Hollow?)


Topic Title: YOUKAI, Kazuko
Subtitle: Shinigami

This makes it easier for use to file accepted applications properly, and in turn will make it easier for you to find your own or other members profiles.[/i]

x Patience When you are done with your application, please be patient whilst a member of staff reads over it. You need only one approval from a member of staff. However, if another member of staff finds fault with your application, they have every right to re-review your app. In which time you will still be able to RP, only without the use of whatever it is that has come under question. Please do not hassle the Staff when it comes to reviewing your application. You are not allowed to post in the IC areas until you have been accepted. Be cooperative and quick to respond if you want your application processed quickly.[/center]


x Intermediate to Advanced Though we use the term loosely, we frown on one-liners and would prefer for each RP post to contain at least one paragraph. It should also be noted that we prefer you to write in prose here (no asterisk RP'ing). It too makes things easier if you separate dialogue from description correctly ("") and that you form sentences well. The odd typo and even the odd one-liner will be overlooked. We're not trying to be dicks about the length of a post, it's just that it's a lot harder to reply to a one-liner than it is to a full paragraph or more.

x Rating There will be swearing here at The Bleach Alliance and we expect some graphic violence. Romance (shudders) is quite alright, as long as you don't go into great detail and freak us all out. Think of how you feel when watching a sex scene in a movie with your parents in the room. That's how you'll make your fellow members feel if you start getting hot and heavy. Just...think about us! Besides, certain staff members have a habit of entering romance threads with the intention of ruining the moment. Good LUCK!

x No Modding We all know what this entails and perhaps have all been guilty of it in some shape or form. There are three forms of modding, neither of which is acceptable;

God-modding - This is, effectively, playing God with your character or with another. Controlling another character's action, having them take a hit without their explicit permission, or using nigh-unbeatable characters or weapons all fall under this category. Generally moddy characters or weapons don't get through the application process, but some slip through. If you're caught god-modding, you're really in for it. We'll have to have some words!

Knowledge-modding - Looking over another character's application is fine, if you're looking for strategy, but implanting that knowledge into your character is an evil deed indeed. You[i/] may know what attack is coming, but if your character does, that's bad. It's not as evil as god-modding, but since it's a little trickier to catch (we generally rely on PMs from the offended party), you could be in for it just as bad. Make sure to never even come CLOSE to knowledge-modding.

Location-modding - You are allowed in a maximum of two topics at a time with a character, though you cannot have that same character in two storyline topics (be they battle, or otherwise) ever. No exceptions. It confuses things.

Have fun!

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