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Jaden Min
Topic Started: Feb 29 2012, 11:42 AM (94 Views)
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Name:Jaden Min
Sexual Orientation:Gay
Appearance:Posted Image
Personality:Jaden is a huge flirt. If it is a boy or man he will hit on it like crazy. He is not shy and does have much of a filter on his mouth. He is very out going and adventurous. He doesn't like to hurt people but sometime his mouth does that for him. He tries to be as nice as he can. He never disrespects his pokemon. His mouth grows a filter when it come to pokemon. They are like his children. Jaden love to have girl friends around him at all times. He like to meet knew people and can't stand shy people.

Background:Likes: Flowers, Ghost types, Grass Types, Psychic Types, Sexy blonde guys, headstrong girls, Tom boy girls, and fashionable girls, free running, parkour

Dislikes: stinky pokemon, Dark Types, snooty guys,stuck up girls

Jaden was raised like any other boy. He played soccer and was a Gymnast. He loves free run. He decided to go on his journey now because he has spent the last six years training so that when he goes on his journey he can fight the pokemon himself. He like to train his pokemon by fighting with them himself. He feels it keeps them close and he knows what his pokemon can't take in battle and he can develop a battle plan.

His mother's Mismagius had a Misdreavus that was given to him as a birthday present when he was younger. The two of them did everything together. His training with he has earned him many bruises and bumps. He has kind of learned to fight ghost types through training with her. He has given her the name of Diva.
Pokemon Party
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