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Lord of the Rings Sheet Music

 by moviesnmusicfan
This is the best site ever (that I've seen so far) for Lord of the Rings sheetmusic. All transcriptions, but very good. Lots of music pieces from all three movies that I had never even thought existed!


Check it out – it's a really great site :)

Posted 15 Feb 2009, 17:32 in Piano Music Link Collection

Topic Titles in Sheet Music Section

 by ZenToR
I noticed that it becomes confusing with the Topic Titles in the Sheet Music Sections, espacially when the forum will become bigger...

What i mean is this: There are lots of movies or band names that start with The, like The Beatles or The Lord of The Rings ect.

This makes it a bit harder to find the right artist/movie, and espacially for new members it's confusing.

So i think it would be better to name the topic titles like this instead:

  • Beatles, The
  • Lord of The Rings, The

So just put the The behind the band/movie name, this will make it much easier to find the right topic.

What do you think?

Posted 8 Dec 2008, 13:05 in Suggestions and Comments

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