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New Standard Ocarina Course; By Margaret J. Synnberg
Topic Started: Oct 21 2011, 06:59 PM (631 Views)
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New Standard Ocarina Course appears to be a precursor to the Army Method. Each "Lesson" is just the standard fingerings. The major scale has graphics, the sharps/flats do not. There is no musical instruction. Instead, each note is given a number that counts fingers used to play. The rest is a small collection of sheet music that has the number tabs listed underneath.The method is effective for picking out a tune, but has little teaching value when it comes to using sheet music.

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  • Page 1 - Introduction
  • Page 2 - Lesson I: How to Play the Ocarina
  • Page 3 - Lesson II: Learning the right numbers for Holes
  • Page 4 - Lesson III: The Right and Left Hand
  • Page 5 - Lesson V: The Ocarina Range; Lesson VI: Blowing C or 'Do"
  • Page 6 - Lesson VII: Playing D or "Re"; Lesson VIII: How to E or "Mi"; Lesson IX: Playing F or "Fa"
  • Page 7 - Lesson X: To Play G or "Sol", Lesson XI: Playing A or "La"; Lesson XII: To Play B or "Ti" Lesson XII: PLaying High C or "Do"
  • Page 8 - Lesson XIV: To Play High D or "Re"; Lesson XV: Playing High E or "Mi"; Lesson XVI: To Play High F or "Fa"
  • Page 9 - Lesson XVII: Playing Sharps and Flats
  • Page 10 - Lesson XVIII: The Entire Range
  • Page 11 - America, London Bridge, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Taps
  • Page 12 - Yankee Doodle, Home Sweet Home, The Blue Bells of Scotland
  • Page 13 - Good Night Ladies, Three Blind Mice, Lauterbach Song, O My Darling Clementine
  • Page 14 - Augustine, The Wearing of the Green, Believe Me
  • Page 15 - My Bonnie, Old Folks at Home, Annie Laurie
  • Page 16 - Massa's in de Cold Cold Ground, Auld Lang Syne, O Susanna

From New Standard Ocarina Course by By Margaret J. Synnberg
Copyrighted 1935, and currently in Public Domain.

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