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About English Pendant Ocarina Tabs; 4, 5, and 6 holes
Topic Started: Oct 20 2010, 07:23 AM (2,340 Views)
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These picture tabs are for English Pendant or Cross Fingering style ocarinas.
Posted Image

Fingering Charts, Range, and Advanced Techniques

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There are two advanced techniques used to extend the range of an English Pendant.
One is to Overblow, which means blow harder than usual to obtain a higher tone.
The other is called the Fipple Trick, where the player partially covers the voice of the ocarina.
Usually with thier lips, but not exclusively. These are not easy to master and may not work on all ocarinas.

Posted Image

There are Alternate Fingerings for 4A# and 4B
that might sound more true on your ocarina due to
differences between makers or between ocarinas.

There is another type of English cross fingering system. They are less common and have two differences.
First is that the range is two tones less than other six holes because it is actually a five hole with an accidental on the bottom.
Secondly, the accidental is used in place of partial covering for lower C#/Db and D#/Eb.

Hind Chromatic Junior:
Posted Image

See The Pendant Predicament for further details.

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