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Code Of Conduct; rules apply to everyone
Topic Started: Nov 23 2008, 02:06 PM (1,424 Views)
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Kris made for us The CoC (= Code of Conduct).
Follow the rules and become one of the best players of The Art Of War or even SG.
If you dont, you will get booted and if you still ignores it, you will be kicked.
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*TheArtOfWar Code of Conduct*

If anyone wants stats with help, just see me, or message me in-game on Mechitron, WholeWheat, oVMechVo.
You can also pm or mail kris (Bolingabolus or Blauwkris,)
Also possible is ster (yruLHF or PaTDaBuCHaN)

Unit Requirements:

Generally speaking you should have at least 40 tactics. However, there are a few stats that are allowed that are not 40 tact: 5/94/12/13, 20/70/22/xx, 20/10/72/xx ( if you have a stat with 5 or 20 tacts not in this list, plz pm kris or mail here, she will say if you are allowed, if you arent, plz try to change it asap). If you want to use a stat that less than 40 tact, and it is not one of those either pm or sg mail one of the captains,
however, you will have to make a very convincing argument for me to allow it.

Must have at least 1 set of clearers (Daeva, Pigs, Larva, Lith/Medics)

Must have at least 1 set of poccers (7k or 70arm min.)

Must have a set in at least 2 of the following 4 categories sitters, AA(balls will count as this)miners, and hunters ( BOTTOMLINE: I want to see more of these sets so having more than 2 of these sets would be great)

Banned and Restricted Units:

Ubiks (must have red balls and will most likely not be approved unless on a sys21 char)


Liths (can have if you use in combination with meds)


Shades (Very few shades are good and require special stats, so ask someone about it first)

Manta (can have 1 to detect camo)

Redeye (can only have 1)

Banshees (must be flameshees)

Condors (need to have MC)





System 21 chars:

Sys21 chars do not have to have all of the set requirements but you do have to follow banned unit list. If you are unsure how to properly set-up a sys21 char, you should either pm or sg mail a captain, or ask someone who would know. If you make a sys21 char on your own and it isn’t effective it will not be allowed in rb’s and most likely that char will be removed from the regiment. BOTTOMLINE: either be sure you know what you’re doing or ask someone who does.

General Rules:

1) Always listen to and follow the active captain

2) No blaming other regiment members for losses, the captain should be the one who talks to that person and preferable will do it in PM.

3) Do not attack other regiment members unless they ask for a TK.

4) No spamming eg, it makes us look like bad winners.

5) Do not start fights with other regiments; nothing will change so no advantage in doing it.

6) You must get along with other members of AoW. If this is a problem, you must change your attitude or you will be booted.

7) Do not sit crater unless it's a free for all and no active regi's on.

8) Do not mob unless we need free repairs or unless the active captain tells you to.

9) If you cannot follow these rules, you will be booted.

Rules for Captains:

1) You must lead, wings aren’t there for hp bonus or to look shiny, they are there for PBC.

2) Do not afk with wings.

3) Tell people if they mess up, this should be done in PM.

4) If someone asks about stat and unit help them, if you do not know refer them to someone who does know. There is no advantage in not helping people and taking a chance they will have bad units/stats.

5) If someone asks a game play question answer it, once again there is no advantage in not helping and taking the chance they will mess up.

6) You can boot people but you must have a good reason (ex. Unwilling to follow rb’s, not attempting to improve game play after making serious mistakes, causing major problems, however, in most situations if possible it would be best to make me aware of the problem and I will solve it), it cannot be simply I do not like them.
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