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Mar 25 2009, 01:26 AM
Hi there, thank you very much for welcoming me here. It's a great change from other board and different too.

I'm from Penang, Malaysia. Have you ever been to Penang Island before? It'sa nice place where ppl from abroad especially the north, come to ejoy the warm climate. The ppl here are friendly, co-operative and helpful especially if you get lost. The food is nice too.

As for me, I'm a music teacher. I love music and it make me relax. I have been a B&B fan since it's opening in 1987. When HT came into the scene, I thought what a beautiful n nice lady she is. After getting to know her, I find, she's a very down-to -earth person and has a very caring heart for everyone.

God bless you all,

Why thank you!

I've never been to Malaysia, I'm afraid to say. I've always wanted to go traveling there though, it looks like a beautiful place!

What type of music do you prefer?

I love your signature, btw.
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