I'm gonna say this only one last time. I'm taking back what is mine. That's a promise, and there's nothing you can do to stop me. ~ Taylor Hayes
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Contact The Writers & Voice Your Opinion

Having the ability to voice our concerns and suggestions to the writing staff as well as soap magazines is fundamental to attain our objectives regarding Dr. Taylor Hayes. It enables us to give the writers a sense of what the fans themselves want, and offer alternatives on just how we can get there. The following include some varying ways to contact the B&B writing staff as well as voice opinions with the soap magazines:


Bradley Bell,

The Bold and the Beautiful,

CBS Studios,

7800 Beverly blvd. Suite,

3371 Los Angeles, Ca. 90036 (USA)


http://www.boldandbeautiful.com/ Go to: Message Board and then "Write To Show"


You can call B&B´s hotline at: 323-575-4133


The Official Board: http://messageboard.boldandbeautiful.com/index.php

Soap Magazines:

You can email SOW's Public Opinion at: VoiceBB@primediamags.com

You can email SOD's Sound Off at: SODsound@primediamags.com

You can email SID's Voice Your Opinion at: cbsmail@soapsindepth.com

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