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New Year is a New Beginning, correct? Well, I decided to try the Shoutbox. I also added several new themes! Check 'em out! I know several of you will like them, since I made some with certain people in mind!


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Find the latest information about the board here.
Fuck this jazz Mar 18 14, 9:40 PM, By Crimson Warrior
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Discussion relating to the forum itself.
Oi, Eleca what's up? Jun 3 13, 10:50 PM, By Senel
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Regular Forum Grand Ol' City (Code)
The city, which will have a name later, is a city of 80,000 people. Where fashion is the best, where people relax, chill, and ENJOY THEIR jobs. Because the jobs are awesome. Like, seriously.
Nova's funtropolis Nov 3 11, 1:30 AM, By RaeMina
0 viewers Topics: 2 Replies: 24
Subforums: Midnight Vanguard, Grotte de Réalité, Helios District, Erea Square, Celedon Cafe, Core of Rodina

The Mystery Lounge

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Where the RPs lie, whether it be a main one or side.
.god compleX Jun 24 12, 1:03 PM, By RaeMina
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Subforums: Archived and Abandonment, Ikaria Island
Regular Forum Some R&R
Need to just chillax and sink into a chair? Talk about whatever? Well, take a seat and blab your mouth away!
Essays? Mar 15 12, 8:11 PM, By Shadow501
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Regular Forum Gaming!
Need to review? Need to rant? Need to RAGE? Or simply want to tell us how FREAKIN' awesome a game is, despite everyone else hating it? :D <---------------
What are you looking forward to? Apr 30 12, 12:17 PM, By Tressimir
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Extreme Aesthetics

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Spread your creativity through your own works... Who knows? Maybe one day it will be published!
Footprint Sep 12 13, 6:24 PM, By chibiske
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Subforums: The Project Shrine
Regular Forum Art
I want to see the pretty pictures :( Please post them here. Pwease?
Rendering. Nov 27 11, 10:14 PM, By Blaze Gamma
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Your typical Yaoi featuring unlikely couples such as Cloud and Master Chief.
The fanfic with no name Oct 29 11, 2:01 PM, By RaeMina
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Become the next member of Metallica! Or simply become that random sixteen year old boy singing like a girl. Your choice.
What are you listening to? Mar 6 12, 8:18 PM, By RaeMina
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Regular Forum Tales of Reality Archives
The past that will never be forgotten. The RP that was the birth of everything: Carleon, Tales of A Cloud, and even Tales of a Promise itself.
My New Project Jul 28 11, 6:30 PM, By Nyup
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Subforums: Terms, Locations, Profiles, Tales of Reality: Trinity Revelation, History of Carleon, Bloopers

The Graveyard

Read-only Forum Once Deceased
Old categories with topics that are only allowed as read only, unless requested otherwise.
Fear Oct 1 11, 1:47 AM, By Tressimir
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  • May 21 14, 1:32 AM
    chibiske: is anyone on other sites
  • Mar 2 14, 11:17 PM
    Senel: Lurking and lurking.
  • Sep 12 13, 6:21 PM
    chibiske: friendly lurker
  • May 30 13, 12:51 AM
    Senel: I do too Nova. I do too
  • May 28 13, 2:54 AM
    novatrigger777: Man, i miss this place.
  • May 28 13, 2:48 AM
    novatrigger777: Lol back
  • May 8 13, 11:01 PM
    Senel: Where?
  • Apr 28 13, 5:32 PM
    chibiske: Fuck it I'm gonna start an RP if any of you are interested
  • Mar 18 13, 9:41 PM
    Senel: Hmm...
  • Feb 21 13, 3:48 AM
    novatrigger777: I didn't. :/

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