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Flash Flood reactions; 8.21
Topic Started: Aug 24 2009, 06:37 PM (645 Views)
Vingvitational Winner
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Good to see RPs for ICWF..

I like the Dez character it was a good starting RP...

Man that Colt guy sucks. :cool:

Shiro looks interesting looks to be a good future character.

Payne and PPD delivered as they usually do. Good stuff from both sides.

Good face promo from Megalos. Never can have too many solid face work in a fed.

Thought both Eraser and Nextwave came through maybe top work in the packet.

Souza continued the really good packet and I thought this was one of his better RPs in awhile. I liked where it went.

Okay we saved the best PPV for last. Great work by VVV!

Anyways I thought top to bottom the packet was really darn good and glad to see ICWF running strong through all the round bumps!
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ICWF President... the good one.
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Thanks for the compliment Bell, and for starting this thread. Your effort to get some action going on this board is not unnoticed. ;)

I was a little disappointed by the notable absents that were Alex Adams, Will Geddings, and Tex Colorado. But everyone else brought it in spades...

-Carter did everything he needed to, taking the time to hype up a match with Rancheros, while working on a side self-contained storyline introducing his manager. Not a bad showing at all, considering he’s up against an NPC jobber.

-Reading anything Bell writes is a treat (PVW plug) but I especially mark hard for Daniels. Basically set up as we’ve been less than consistent for the last three months, so let me remind you what’s going on: my life is in ruins, I’m wrestling Colorado, and I hate Adams. Poetry. Tim & Devon’s comedy is unparallel, but Bell is hands down the best writer in the fed, and this short piece highlights the effortless way he writes drama without it becoming mellow.

-I enjoy Shiro, and his IXWA stuff was rock solid, but if OAA had RPed this wouldn’t have cut it. Too short, and not enough character development. I like him working the IXWA into his OAA trash talk, but as this would be a first glimpse at the character, it needed more.

-Damian Payne! Neil does a good job of selling his history with Souza, talking a mean game, putting the match in perspective of the bigger picture... and all the while there’s a hint of bitterness about the Eraser loss to Souza’s Walters victory. This man was my sidekick for a reason (though Neil should have put the world strap on me during his recent tenure, so now we’re mortal enemies) still rock solid.

-Sensuous Sam gone!? NO!!! First she takes Chad away, now removes herself. Damn you Sam. Definitely feeling the frustration at yet another contenders match, while the rest of the pretty boy characters have left, the best still remains. PPD/Nextwave continues to give ICWF one of the best tag divisions going (even if they’re the only ones).

-Comparing Megalos physique to Jay... Steve just oozes character. One of the more substantial RPs on the flash show is dedicated to pimping a DVD that has little to do with wrestling. Is that an indictment on the flashshow, booking, or a testament to Steve’s awesomosity? Give this man the IC title... wait... no.

-I have a hard time judging OD’s work. I’m definitely more descriptive passage than dialog, which he’s quite good at. He has some of the best trash talk around, certainly in ICWF, but the set-ups always seem lacking. I’d like to see him give it a try. Still, this trash talking was good, and he definitely put Geddings in place (if only Geddings had RPed). The Rancheros stuff was funny... but I question the locker room leader claim, if it comes right after teasing a jobber for dressing in a broom closet.

-NEXTWAVE – Zeromus is a bitch. I miss the SNES version, where I can beat him. That is also my favourite James Bond theme... primarily for Anna Farris singing it in a karyoke bar in LOST IN TRANSLATION.

-RJ references the Lynch Mob trying to get him to join~! Yay! I like the story that RJ is building (second to Bell, and isn’t it the only story we have?) and he does well with the character interactions. The main problems with this were the ending dialog followed by what felt like a throwaway ending descriptive. I would break the last monologue up (have a few standalone sentences to make it punchy) and maybe beef up the conclusion. That’s just me, but I think it would have helped. Otherwise, yeah, RJ is a player.

-VVV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...So Tim, you like my Shattered Dreams props?!
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Vingvitational Winner
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You are too kind my friend. I am far from the best writer in this fed. However I do feel I have some good material lined up for Colt. It's interesting taking a lovable face that's so easy to root for and tear apart his world and see how he deals with it.

Hopefully that doesn't happen in the real world to anyone.

And what's with this PVW plug? I've been told that fed was yesterday news!
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Television Champion
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For longer-time ICWFers, they might notice I'm scaling back on the Serious Eraser stuff, and making him the cocky, trash-talking, pop culture riffing smark - mainly so he doesn't sound quite so much like Patterson, but also because that style has worked better for him anyway.

Eraser's never really had descriptions of his surroundings or what he's doing, because what he's saying is the important part, especially because he's such a motormouth - Patterson, on the other hand, is half an half.
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