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Tamao Serizawa
Topic Started: May 23 2010, 01:27 PM (8,152 Views)
Tamao Serizawa
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Break your fucking face tonight

Full Name: Tamao Serizawa
Band: – Crows Zero Character
Nickname: Suzuran’s monster
Gender: Male
Sexuality: None

Birds of a feather fight together!

School: Suzuran
Grade: 3rd year
Allegiance: Leader of the Serizawa Army

Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Height: 165cm
Weight: 50kg
Distinguishing Marks: Tamao has a thing for really loud shirts. Other than that he needs no distinguishing marks; everyone knows who he is.

Likes: fights, winning, being at the top, power, food, games, winning money, bowling, things that go fast, fly kicks, screaming, the thrill of leading a fight.
Dislikes: Losing, being interrupted, cops, Housen students, yakuza, idiots, Izaki (cause he is an idiot), being lied to and being betrayed
Strengths: Tamao’s main strength is in his ability to fight. He is strong despite his short height and isn’t afraid of getting hurt or even killed. He knows brawling and some judo and even some martial arts; kicks are his speciality. Surprisingly enough, he actually has social skills (though they are still a little rough around the edges) and he is actually a pretty good leader.
Weaknesses: Tamao’s biggest and main weakness is for his friend, Tokio. He would do anything for him and some say that the only reason Genji and GPS won Suzuran was because Tamao ignored them for too long, worrying more about his sick friend then what Genji was doing behind the scenes. He also has issues with trust, especially those he calls his generals; they have acted against his wishes before, so it has created a hole in their unity.
Common Knowledge: Tamao is a poor kid; nothing more then a hobo who happens to wallop one hell of a punch. It is also common knowledge that he and his army still don’t bow down to Genji and GPS.
Secrets: Wants to tend a bar off the coast of Cuba. He is also one hell of a light weight drunk and has a prearranged scheme with known bartenders to pour him shots of apple juice from empty tequila bottles to hide this.
Personality: Tamao is obsessed with winning. It doesn’t matter if it is a fight or a game, he will normally do anything to ensure that he is the victor. In a strange way, it makes him rather playful. He knows when to be serious and take on the part of the responsible – if violent – leader but when that is not needed, he can normally be found goofing off somewhere, forcing the first graders into a game of human bowling or making home made ‘darts’.

He is a bit of a slob and he is well aware of it. No shoes, old shirts, ground food and pilfered cigarettes are all just part of his charm. And he is charming; to vocally say otherwise is an ass kicking sentence.

Money is an issue with Tamao, though only from the point of view of others. He doesn’t mind the fact that he is poor; in fact, he embraces it, saying that poor people are tough. He is a big believer in the idea of you are who you are, and for him, he is the underdog poor kid who climbed all the way to the top of Suzuran, doing exactly what no one else could do.

Until fucking Genji came along and ruined all that, of course.

Nationality: Japanese
Significant Other: none (other then Tokio, his best friend)
History: Not much can be said about Tamao’s history. Unlike most young delinquents, Tamao has no skeletons in his past, no dark lingering secrets that haunt his every move and no tragic tales of abandonment and loss.

He grew up like every other poor kid in the city; both his parents slaved around the clock at their jobs just to try and keep their leaking roof over their heads and small amounts of food on the table. Tamao hardly ever saw them though that didn’t lead to abandonment issues or anything of the sort. Instead it made him grow up fast, toughen up and become fiercely independent.

But with all kids in that situation, there comes a time when a choice has to be made. There are only two options. Study hard, pick up a job after school and try to make something more of yourself so you don’t end up like your parents, or drop out of school, start working and hope to all hell that you can get enough money to at least get out of the slums.

Tamao, however, exclaimed a huge “fuck you” to both choices and went for an almost unimaginable third option. Screw work, stay in school, learn nothing, live more on the streets then at home and fight his way to the top of the most violent school in the country.

Your Nickname: Minka
Age: 24
Contact Info: [email protected]
READ THE RULES?: I am the rules.
Roleplay Sample:

“Fuck it!” Tamao muttered. It was ruined! Everything; life as he knew it was officially over and there wasn’t a damn thing that he could do about it. There was no turning back after something like this no matter how much he wished for it and fuck, even his standing as one of the top fighters at Suzuran wouldn’t help him out of this situation.

Broken. His favourite umbrella was broken.

Bloody Tokyo winds.

Tamao’s lips curled into a pout as he rolled his eyes up to the sky. That was where all the trouble came from. The sky and all those stupid tall building that turned the streets of the city into deadly, umbrella massacring wind tunnels.

“Left,” he muttered to himself. He should have held the umbrella left when he walked through the intersection. Not right. Right was a death sentence. It tore the plastic open and bent back the prongs and Tamao, in all his glory, had been left standing there with an inside out umbrella dripping water on his head and making his red, green and orange shirt stick to his skin.

Heaving a sigh, Tamao lowered the umbrella, shook it a few times to see if there was any way to salvage it and then sighed again.

Dead. Well and truly dead. He and his lopsided little umbrella had been through a lot of late. It was like burring a friend and Tamao felt a sad little twinge flutter in his heart.

Idly he wondered. He could command masses of juvenile delinquents and organize them into groups and subsequently armies and yet he couldn’t judge which way the wind came when he walked through an intersection.

In a way it was like a deep and meaningful slap to the face followed by a kick to the sternum just to remind him that he was human after all. Fucking universe. Tamao hated it when things like that happened and it made that rebellious control freak side of him all the more feisty. Maybe if he could contrive a way to physically beat the wind with his broken umbrella then he could…

“Oh!” Tamao murmured, his footsteps changing direction as he spied a fallen sushi roll on the ground. The umbrella clattered to the floor, utterly forgotten as Tamao made a grab for the slightly soggy floor food.

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