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This site is intended for usage by members of the age 13 and above, while we take every possible measure to prevent highly explicit and illegal material outside of the site we still ask that should you be under the age of 13 that you gain parents or other legally responsible persons permission before viewing the site in regularity and in particular joining the community. Should members under this age join without this permission we cannot not be held responsible for any content which may be deemed inappropriate for whatever reason.

Please note that posts are not filtered before been allowed on the site; but rather checked by the moderators on the site upon discovery or via reports by members. Please post responsibly and in accordance of the following rules in order to prevent relevant counter measures by the staff of the site.

These guidelines extend to all parts of Star Ocean Universe, be it the main site, forum or live chat channel.

1) Spam - The following will be considered as spam:
- One word posts where not appropriate.
- Double posting, that’s what the edit function is for. Exceptions will apply for contributors guide/review updates and staff announcements.
- Excessive profanity, keep the language as clean as possible. Minor occasional use will be acceptable in most circumstances.
- Duplicate topics, check to see if a topic already exists for your possible subject matter.

2) Advertising - Check here for unacceptable/acceptable adverting options.
Acceptable measures
- You may use the home page link in your profile to advertise an external site.
- You may post in the topic provided here if you wish to plug an external website under a reasonable use policy.
- Linking external sites on topics where appropriate. For example linking to a source for a news article you have found and wish to discuss.
- Full internal advertising, while limited external advertising will be accepted. (See graphics guidelines for more)
Unacceptable measures
- Creating a topic for the sole purpose to advertise an external site where not appropriate nor on topic.
- Posting in any existing topic for the sole purpose of advertising an off topic external site, of course related on topic posts will be accepted.

3) Abuse - The following abuse related areas will not be allowed:
- Posting for the sole purpose to offend another member, this includes Private Messages & Comment boxes on the main site.
- Racist, sexual or defamatory content.
- Blatant disrespect to anyone’s cultural, religious, gender differences and members opinions.

4) Images/Graphics - Click here for more info.

Breaching any of these above rulings will result in relevant counter measures per staff discretion, such as but not limited to:
- Post editing.
- Post removal.
- Warnings.
- PM Ruling reminders.
- Reduction of member privileges.
- Bans.

Additional rulings may be added, or amended with or without notice. So please check back on a regular basis to ensure you have a sound understanding of the said guidelines. Please note that the staff also reserves the right to invoke counter measures on any other behaviour which is considered unacceptable to the site or by other members.

Although generally just aim to respect everyone’s opinions and post in a responsible manner and you should not have any problems, the staff doesn’t wish to invoke counter measures no more then absolutely necessary.