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Global Rules of Conduct on the Sports Forum Registry (SFR) message boards (and any potential Sub-forums)
1) NO EXCESSIVE USE OF OBSCENE LANGUAGE. We at Pro Bono Fantasy strongly believe in free speech so obscene words are NOT blocked by our forum system. However anyone who excessively use profane banter will be in blatant violation of our no excessive use of obscene language rule, thus subject to banishment.
Two Warnings: Banned

2) NO HARASSING INSULTS OF OTHER PRO BONO FORUM MEMBERS. There is never an excuse for verbally assaulting another person in our forum. That is emotional abuse and will not be tolerated. You can disagree maturely with a given topic. If you must resort to attacking the individual personally to make your point, then you have already conceded defeat on the issue. This includes private messages. And we encourage users to forward us any harassing PM's they receive from another user so that proper action may be taken. Three Warnings: Banned

3) NO BULK or HARDCORE PORNOGRAPHIC POSTINGS. Some spur of the moment members enjoy posting a ton of junk (spam). These posts fill up the boards and make it more difficult for members to read actual, helpful information in our forums. Those found in violation of this rule may face banishment. Infringement includes banners or multiple links used to blatantly over promote another website whether in post, profile, or signature. Pro Bono will gladly promote your site if it is deemed compatible with our views and/or standards. Hardcore pornographic postings will will call for immediate banishment of the users entire IP address block to avoid re-register.
One or Two Warnings: Banned, depends on severity of spamming or blatant promotion

4) NO PERSONAL ADDRESS / PHONE INFORMATION. Hopefully the reason for this should be crystal clear for anyone who uses the internet. The potential for abuse is incredible. Besides identity theft and stalking issues, there is the situation where a person posts ANOTHER person's information in order to cause trouble for them. There is no way we could possibly verify that the information posted actually belongs to the user who posted the information. This includes photos of yourself and school details, if you are under 18.
Two Warnings: Banned

These rules will/may be updated regularly - a posting will be made in the forum each time the rules are updated. All forum members are required to abide by these rules in order to maintain a post-capable account in the forum. Any questions about these rules should be directed to the site owner.

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