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Locked Topic
In the jungle, the mighty jungle. [Solo Stamp'd]; The psycho sleeps tooniiight
Topic Started: May 27 2011, 02:17 AM (269 Views)

Z cringed with annoyance as he crept through the low bushes, attempting to be stealthy for once. The voices in his head, for some reason, had decided now was a great time to break out into song.

A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh)
(A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh)

Z clenched his teeth tightly with anger. He was both angry at the voices in his head for being dickheads, and at himself for getting an absurd urge to sing along, despite the fact that he was supposed to be sneaky right now.

As he approached the walls of the small amazonian village, he didn't exactly want anybody to hear him coming. That would take the fun out of sneaking into a vi-

In the jungle, the mighty jungle
The psycho creeps tonight
In the jungle the quiet jungle
The psycho creeps tonight

"Hey, fuck you guys. I'm not a psycho, and i'm not creeping. I'm "stealthing." Z muttered under his breath. He knew the voices were in his head, but for some reason, he always spoke to them out loud.

I'm sorry, did you just say you're not a psycho?
You do realize there are two different voices in your head, not including the regular one you should have?
3, you dickhead.
"4, you asshats."
5, you elitist fags."
6, you pompous jer-

"SHUT. UP." He couldn't help it. Nobody was ever capable of annoying Z to this extent. In fact, he's never seen anybody get this annoyed unless he was the one annoying them. Which makes sense, now that he thought about it, seeing as the voices WERE him.

Not to ruin your thinking moment there, bud, but you do realize you just screamed the moment you arrived at their gate, yea?
Haha, success.

Z looked with dismay into the village he had absent mindedly strolled into and suddenly hollered at the top of his lungs into.

"I hate you guys. So. Much."
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It was a peaceful night in the village. The night guards and hunters were keeping watch for attacks from rival tribes and deadly animals. Just as they were about to change shifts, the peace of the night is shattered

They hear the voice of a person, though they cannot understand it. All they know is that it is a threat to the village. The first on the scene silently fires a blow dart drenched in a potent toxin from the local tree frogs at the intruder. Several more poison blow darts were fired by the other guards. One of them went to wake the chief.

The guard explained to the chief that someone had arrived at the village gate yelling angrily and posed an obvious threat. The chief got up and gathered all of the warriors in the village. It may have been a spy from an advancing army. The chief was a wise man and never took chances. He grabbed is poison coated spear and his bone plate-like armor and helmet. The warriors gather at the center of the village, ready to take on the foe should it make it into the village.
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Due to his own use of needles, Z was pretty good at seeing incoming projectiles the size of one. So when the first dart came flying at him, he dodged it with ease with a simple jump to the side.

His first reflex was to look to the source of the needle, and his second was to get pissed.

"Do you see what you've done? Now they're shooting crap at me, you worthless voices. Why can't you ever HELP me instead of be jackasses."

Sure we'll help you.
Warning: You just got hit in the thumb by one of those darts.
See? We help.

Z growled as he dropped to the ground and rolled in an attempt to continue dodging the incomming darts as he examined his hand. He only now realized that whatever had hit him, was poisonous, seeing as how his thumb was numb and it was slowly spreading to the rest of his body.

So with no hesitation, he pulled out his sword and chopped off his hand in one clean strike. And then he grinned as pain coursed through his body and blood shot out of his now open wrist.

Every fiber of his body was now pumped up to start the usual routine of crazy fighting and chasing down his victims; but he had another idea.

Taking advantage of the fact that he was immortal, Z actually put away his sword and suddenly dropped to the ground. He shook violently for a moment before being totally still, giving the appearence that he was either dead or paralyzed.

He assumed the villagers would believe it, seeing as they did just hit him with a highly toxic dart.

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Unfortunately, this village has a knack for being thorough. They guards, seeing the target seize on the ground decide to make the target a pincushion for good measure and to be a sign to the enemy villages. The guards readied their bows and took aim. The head guard looked to the chief, waiting for permission to fire.

The chief gave a nod and the guards let loose a large quantity of arrows at the foe. Perhaps that will be a good enough lesson that this tribe should not be messed with. Once the target dies, they would string it up on a tree to serve as a warning to others. The chief waited for a report on the situation.
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Your Topic Has Been Graded with the Solo Stamp!

A year old. Crocoduck had pretty good posts, Messiah's were smaller as usual. It looked pretty good, but I won't give you a lot since I didn't see a lot.

Crocoduck: 2 AP!
DarkMessiah: 1 AP!
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