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Updated: 01/08 6:04 AM CST

Storming the Gate:
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Bunnie, Shadow, Cherna

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How the Egg Stole Christmas
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Storming the Gate (9)
Topic Started: Jan 8 2011, 05:59 AM (584 Views)
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...victory. yay.
[[ OOC: A few hours have passed between previous threads and this log, with the heroes now in full pursuit of the Doctor after having pinned his base's location. ]]

Imagine if you will a small, man-made island off the coast of the mainland. Rather dreary place considering the industrial metropolis that sprawls across it as construction charges forward on the orbital elevator. This is the current center of Eggman's operations to create the namesake of this arc: Celestial Eggmanland. At the central point of the island, there exists an egg-like dome that serves as the base for the elevator and ultimately leads into a shaft that goes down to the local sea floor.

Within the confines of the city (which hasn't quite gotten the glossy treatment that the space station has been), there are many guard towers manned by the various squads of Pawns. In addition to this, Eggman's smiling visage serves to remind his drones to whistle while they work, or else they may end up in the scrap heap. The time of day is towards dusk, much like what is pictured.

Shadow: A flash of light somewhere on the edge of the sands was the sole predecessor for a dark silhouette of a certain hedgehog. Shadow the Hedgehog dropped to his heels in the sand as he broke free from the warp, taking in his surroundings. So it was this island? Shadow admitted the whole island did look a bit suspicious, or maybe it was just the thin tower in the center that climbed infinitely upward, disappearing behind the clouds. The hedgehog frowned, crossing his arms. He didn't exactly think of this as a great funland. If this was where the amusement park was to be opening soon, the doctor intended to build -fast.-

"Arrived at 1832," he spoke into his communicator briefly, ignoring any objections from his team on the other end. He'd broken free of the group to investigate first, because something wasn't adding up...

Cherna: The owl leaned on the edge of the small boat as it neared the shore. Her eyes widened. What the hell was -that-... thing...? Her beak parted slightly in awe. She understood this was a bigger mission than those taken before, which was, in all honesty, a dream of hers, but she nearly doubted herself a moment. All this .. open space, for one. After a deep breath, the blue owl puffed her chest. This was no different from anything else she'd handled before. It would be better once they got into the facility.

Cherna turned to her temporary partner as they touched down. "Alright, then. Can you handle this? They say he's got robots bigger than a skyscraper, after all."

Bunnie: The owl's lapine companion nodded as she gazed out as well, mismatched ears pulling back a bit. Bunnie was mostly shrouded in a deep violet, sturdy coat that, despite its bulkiness, only did so much to hide the considerable curves she was overly-endowed with. It still hid what was important, the things that gained far too much attention outside of battle. She cast Cherna an intolerably cheerful grin though, jade green eyes bright. "Don't be worryin' bout that none, Honeybeak. Size only counts for so much."

Tails: Adjusting a pair of flight goggles, the young kit called back to his friends who were (probably uncomfortably) along for the ride. As the engine continued to roar on the Tornado, Tails called back to the two passengers, "Sonic! Knuckles! We're approaching the target!! I know I shouldn't have to say this, but you two don't lose your heads now...Eggman's probably on his toes right now!" Shooting a glance back, Tails smiled...knowing perfectly well that they wouldn't heed his advice. Pushing in on the flight stick he yelled back, "Alright guys! I'm gonna lower our altitude so you two can get a head start while I look for a proper landing spot and do a bit of scouting on my own! If you run into any trouble, remember to use those communicators I gave you!" He tapped at the small headset he was wearing to emphasize his point. With that said and done, the young engineer banked sharply to the right, near an awaiting building that seemed as good a spot to let off the two "men of action" as any.

Sonic: Uncomfortably? While sure, Sonic’s fingers could only hold him so tightly to the tail of the plane, he loved nothing more than the adrenaline of terrible danger and the wind lashing his face and quills so hard his cheeks pulled back. Of course, his ever-present grin did that sort as well, giving the speedster a rather pleased look despite where he was located. For safety precautions by Tails, however, he did happen to have some sort of device strapping him securely to the more sturdy part of the aircraft. He was totally ready for whenever it came to removing it and balancing himself on his own two feet, though, excited for a possible drop and the future smashing of ‘bots.

Sonic immediately shifted to Tails’ voice carrying through the wind to his ears, giving a quick tug of the cord attached to his waist to roll on to his toes and stand. Already he was giving a brief stretching of his legs. “Gotcha!” he called in return, not so sure how well they would be able to hear him from behind over the currents and engine. Then he remembered the communication devices and tapped into its speakers. “Hey, if there’s any trouble, it’ll be because of Knux, not Eggman!” Pulling in, the hero made his way to one of the wings instead, his fingers hovering just over the clip to release himself. “Ready?”

Knuckles: It would be his fault? That was unlikely. Considering how trouble seemed to lock onto Sonic like a heat seeking missle, it was far more likely that the blue hedgehog would somehow manage to pin himself into a situation he couldn't wriggle himself out of without having to blow up half of Eggman's compound. It was just Knuckles' luck that he had to go along with the hardheaded hedgehog. While Sonic was satisfied with punching holes into Eggman's latest toys, Knuckles only wanted the recovery of his emerald. He pushed himself out of the extra seat in the back of the Tornado, quills whipping through the hard air. He took extra care not to flex them so they would catch the wind and have him thrown off the craft prematurely.

He grunted and shimmed his way over towards the wings where Sonic was currently balanced, his fingers locked tightly around the edge of the wings, "Lets get this over with!"

Cherna: Leaning on the shorter side, Cherna agreed with the rabbit, to an extent. But giant mechs seemed to fall into a different family altogether. Still, the bigger they are...

As her sharp heels sank into the sand, she cursed, trudging onwards quickly, putting even more weight onto her toes. "I suppose so," her tone was dry and strained from the work she had to do against the earth. "Let's get off of this beach. There is sand in my shoes." As they reached sturdier ground the sound of the boat faded into the new sounds of a plane sweeping overhead, and Cherna paused, looking up. Was that...?

"I hope you don't mind my talking more normally, da?" suddenly, a thick accent coated her words like an icy borscht in winter.
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