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Blaze the Cat; The Fiery Princess
Topic Started: Dec 28 2010, 12:06 AM (1,258 Views)

Section I - you, the player

Name or Alias: Anthony (AnT)

Gender: Male

Is romance, yuri or yaoi RP in side RP okay? Specify: Yaoi creeps me out, and yuri... hee hee! But seriously, I'm good with romance. To be honest, I'm a total Son/Sal fan, with a side of Son/Blaze...but I can deal with it if neither I like does happen.

How/when to contact you: antyep@yahoo.com. I prefer e-mail...though I do have an AIM account. Antyep

Anything the admins/other members should know?: I been through many RPs, and admins a Sonic RP. I'm not here to take any ideas, I assure you. Your RP, and your Sally ^^, seems very interesting...and you seem to have Blaze open. Hee hee!

Sample post (at least two descriptive paragraphs, the more the better.) Please select from one of the following prompts and give a response. Please keep in mind this is to judge you on grammatical accuracy, reading comprehension, and creativity, as well as working from an established plot. Have fun with this:

- You're trapped alone, with an oncoming army of man-eating Zombies. How do you survive and escape to the next town over? Choose from: Sonia the Hedgehog, Marine the Raccoon, Blaze the Cat


Mega Central...perhaps a large capital of Blaze's world, filled with many magical beings skilled in the alchemy arts...never saw it coming. She never saw it coming. She never saw Nega's vile assault coming...when he riddled her beautiful city with a sick virus...something called the T-Virus. This chemical didn't need so much time to do its despicable job in turning her beloved people into decaying undead. She never thought mere science was capable of something magic was known for...but it done it. It really done it.

"No..." she shuddered, so distraught, like a mother losing her children, just seeing her people in the form of zombies...and devouring the helpless citizens who weren't lost to the virus. This just happened behind her back, so to speak. She was too busy guarding the emeralds, she...she didn't care for what was happening to the people. She always let her advisers deal with that. And now her people were lost, and it was all her fault for not doing-

"*gasp*" It appears, despite their fragile-like appearance, that these beasts can climb walls. Swarms scaled the castle walls, all trying to reach for the princess on the balcony. She can hear their slimy cries call for emeralds...her Sol Emeralds. Clearly, Nega programed their minds to hunt down her emeralds. Well, she may had failed to save her people, but the emeralds-

"No!!" They manage to sneak around her, already in her room, where the seven colored gems floated in a vat...along with the Jewled Scepter "Get away!!!" Diving in, flames blasted from her body...

BOOOOOM!!!! And the tower of her room erupted like a volcano...

When Burning Blaze rocketed out of the tower, with the scepter. There were too many zombies to deal with; she didn't have a choice. Too many to deal with now, even in her super form. She hoped her guards can evacuate her people...she wanted to help, but again, there was too many. Without finding the source, swatting these zombies would be endless. Plus, these zombies were her people. She just couldn't find herself hurting her people. But...how could she cure them, she wondered.

"Sonic..." She didn't know why, but he was the person she thought of, in her desperate need to save these people. She could just hunt that monster, Nega, to the ends of the world, but she knew he'd never have an antidote. If anyone could help her, Sonic and Tails might. Perhaps with the power of the Sol Emeralds and the Scepter, she can open a portal in the last place the rift to his world appeared...

"It has to work." flames erupted from her body as she rocketed to the horizon of the sea.

From Sonic RP (Rotor and Barby)

A cheerful humming, Rotor was making, as he sat on the trunk of his truck, placing something in what looked like a coffee maker. This coffee maker was connected, by wires, to a laptop which Rotor was typing on, displaying energy bar readings that kept going up and down.

And what was in the machine was a silver Chaos Emerald.

Before Shahra left, she hoped to give the Chaos Emeralds over to Tails. However, the last wish, even with the emeralds, pretty much drained her, so she lent them to the nearest people, hoping they would give them to Tails.

That would be Rotor and his friends.

Leaning outside of the truck, Barby the Koala looked at the green emerald in her hand. What she held was the equivalent to winning the lottery for normal folks; they'll never even touch or see one. Well Barby was just a regular person; no special powers, or special past like the others, and she has one...

...and she don't care, but...

"Okay...these things causes mass panic and destruction, right? I don't see why don't they destroy them." Looking at the walrus in the trunk, Barby shrugged. "Just destroy them, and boom, no more stupid people trying to rule the world, or free freaky monsters."

The boy pretty much was grinning at the results in his computer. What he was doing was trying to sample some of its pure Chaos Energy. He waited so long for this; he could finish many inventions he couldn't complete because he needed Chaos Energy. But now...

"Yeah..." Rolling her eyes, Barby turned away and leaned back on the truck. "You're not listening..."


Section II - your character

Name: Blaze the Cat

Nicknames/Alias: Cat Girl, Princess Blaze, Highness

Gender: Female

Age: 14/15

Birthplace*: Mega Central (in Blaze's world)

Residence*: Mega Central

Occupation: princess/ Guardian of the Sol Emeralds and Jeweled Scepter

Marital Status: single

Species: cat (Burmese breed)

Fur/Scale/Feather Color: violet

Skin Color (i.e. muzzle, arms): white furred muzzle, still purple furred arms and legs.

Eye Color: gold

Hair/Quill Style: Four long tendrils of hair resembling feathers in shape are tied down and spiked up at the top of her head and are tipped in violet

Nose: black

Ears: Large, perked and alert ears

Tail: Long tail tufted at the violet tip and is bent acutely in the middle

Other bodily features:

Piercings/Tattoos/Scars/Birthmarks: none

Posted Image

Mental Attributes
IQ (or approximate range): perhaps 95

Intelligence (book smarts vs. street smarts, education): She was home schooled; educated in many literature and political educations, and also legends about her world. All needed in order for her to rule. However, she has yet to learn socialization.

Learned Abilities: Some time ago, Blaze learned how to ride Extreme Gears.

Driving: She has no skill in it.

Computers: Her skills pars with average computer users. It's enough for her to surf the web, at least.

Critical thinking: Average

Mental Weaknesses/Ailments: She's very sensitive about her powers. She was considered a freak to many, which makes her feel like a scared kitten if people insults her about it. If it was from villains, she burn them where they stand. As such, she's pretty timid around strangers.

She has a short temper. If driven off the edge...well, she'll be mistaken for a volcano.

Sanity (in percentage: i.e. Tails is 95% sane): 89%

Physical Attributes
Height: 3'1

Weight: 95 lbs

Voice (how do they sound? Any verbal tics?): Her voice has a soft yet royal tone to it. (Voiced by Laura Bailey)

Balance: Since she's quite the acrobat, Blaze has superb balance.

Posture (on average, how do they carry themselves?): A rather straight and regal posture, being royalty and all.

Stamina: Above average

Hearing: Above average

Climbing: With her claws, she can scale most walls with ease. It's climbing down she has trouble with.

Speed: Her speed on foot is 160 Mph. When using her flames like rocket jets, she can exceed 180.

Strength: She can bench-press over 80 pounds. When using her flames, like for example, as a tornado, she can smash object weight perhaps 200 pounds or more. She has more power in her legs.

Swimming: Below average. She can keep herself afloat, it's not enough her her to cut through the water.

Martial arts: Unknown

Other: NA

Physical Weaknesses: She has poor arm strength. She mostly fights with her legs, so that is mostly why.

Physical Ailments: Fish

Allergies: none

Any skills specifically lacking: Social skills

Basic Attacks/Skills and Limitations:
Axel Jump
Description: The Axel Jump is very similar to the Spinball jump except it invokes a different form. Upon leaping off the ground, Blaze is able to spin horizontally upon her axis and enshroud a cloak of flames amongst herself, as if taking the form of a flaming spin-top. The attack enables more vertical range than the spinball jump, but overall serves the same general purpose such as destroying enemies or penetrating barriers.

Burst Hover
Description: Somewhat of an add-on maneuver to the Axel Jump. When in mid-air and assuming the Axel Jump formation, Blaze is able to maintain her airborne status and hover forward fairly quickly, or even change direction from side to side while in the air. It is comparable to Sonic's Jump Dash technique except it is slightly slower and has longer duration since Blaze can hover.

Burst Dash
Description: Blaze's equivalent to the acclaimed Spin Dash technique, except it instead adapts to her Axel Jump formation instead of a ball. After charging up, Blaze is able to accelerate off at a very fast speed; spinning away to mow down enemies. However, it is not as long-lasting or potent as a well-charged Spin Dash.

Description: She can simply tossed fireballs from her hands.

Special Attacks/Abilities and Limitations:
Spiral Flame:
Description: She has to focus for this, but Blaze can unleash a massive spiral of flames at a wide spread. It can also be used to shield against enemy fire.

Rage Explosion
Description: This type of power can only be used when Blaze is really angry. When her rage reach critical, her flames explode like a bomb.

Emotional Attributes

Alignment: Hero

Personality: Blaze from the start has always been a shy, unreasonably solemn, and painfully antisocial girl. She is oblivious to what it means to have friends or someone to care about and vice versa. the fact that she was picked on for her abilities when younger didn't help either. Her duty to guard the emeralds led her to be a cold guardian. Although, timid to a fault, she is stubborn as a mule and has a passion for watching the Sol Emeralds.

Although, much more friendly, Blaze is still on the reclusive side since she knows the utmost attention must be paid to her duty and she can't risk making friends with the wrong people.

Likes: Blaze, for the most part, likes to be left alone and hidden from the hustles and bustles of the world. Her duty is to protect the Sol Emeralds and the Jeweled Scepter.

Dislikes: Blaze dislikes when the spotlight is on her, or when she is around large crowds or even talking to others in general — albeit, she has made a tremendous improvement in the social department since she worked together with Sonic to defeat Eggman and Eggman Nega. She loathes high places as well.

Aspirations/Dreams: Secretly, she dreams of being normal, without being cursed with her powers, and duties. She wanted to be free and see the world.

Fears: She fears heights. Also, she's very uncomfortable around strangers.

Hobbies & Talents: So far, seems to be the only one who knows how to tap into the power of the Sol Emeralds and has knowledge of their capabilities. Being royalty, she has much knowledge on the various aspects of her world and of the Jeweled Scepter.

Family and Friends: Sonic, Cream, Marine (when her mouth is shut), unnamed mother and father (I'll come up with some, someday. I do think she still has parents.)

Rivals: N/A

Enemies: Eggman Nega

Character History/Back Story (at least two paragraphs; please consider the canon of the Sonic universe for which you are applying):

Though Blaze came from a world where magic is perhaps common, people being born with elemental powers were something taboo. The royal family learned of her powers while being in a nursery. Despite being royalty, her family thought she should keep in touch with the people. But that changed when Blaze accidentally set the daycare on fire. While no one was hurt, everyone wouldn't dare to go near her. She was considered an outcast, a freak since then. And since then, her family prevented her from going out the castle walls.

Hoping to help her control her powers as well as help her console her fragile mind, Blaze was set the task to guard the Sol Emeralds, the very thing that keeps her world alive. She also was to train with her powers with the help of high classed sorcerers. Her training payed off when the world's known terrorist, Eggman Nega came to steal the emeralds. She single handily thwarted his attempted and send him off. Since then, it has became a common thing.

But unfortunately for her, they were stolen by an inexplicable figure. Oddly, he resembled someone she knew very much. But the way he acted was far different from the doctor she knew. Dr. Eggman, a vile man who hailed from another world in attempts to steal the Sol Emeralds. Upon her act to defend them, she was overwhelmed by a bright light, sending her to another world. Luckily for her, Eggman lost the emeralds; scattered in his world. In her quest to retrieve them, a strange little one appeared before her, in the form of a young and impressively well-mannered rabbit we know as none other than Cream. She was unable to lose her, and had no choice but to let her escort her around the world.

But after gaining six emerald, Eggman kidnapped Cream. Comforting Eggman Nega, who was in cahoots with Eggman, she found Sonic the Hedgehog there. However, his presence threatened her, for she didn't want even him near her emeralds...resulting a clash between the two. But after the battle burned out Blaze's temper, Sonic managed to convince her to let him help her. Using the power of the Sol and Chaos Emeralds, they transformed into their super forms to take down the two doctor's in their powerful mechs. This cut the magnetic attraction the Sol and Chaos Emeralds had with each other, separating their worlds again, and forcing Blaze to go back to hers.

But this was not the last she seen of Sonic.

Case in point, a mysterious blast of green energy in the middle of a vicious storm when they were aboard the Tornado threw Sonic and Tails into Blaze's dimension. Soon meeting up with Blaze deep inside Coral Cave in the western part of the ocean, they learned that a motley band of robotic pirates were after a precious artifact known as the Jeweled Scepter for an unknown person. The Jeweled Scepter had been in Blaze's royal family for generations and had been sealed at it's altar in Coral Cave deep beneath the sea.

The person behind the pirates had been no other than Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik and Eggman Nega, who both wished to use the Jewelled Scepter as a key in order to release a power known as the power of the stars. This mysterious power was responsible for the separation of Sonic's and Blaze's dimensions and both Eggmen wished to utilize the power in order to bond both whilst wiping Blaze's kingdom out of existence, absorbing it into their mecha known as the Egg Wizard. Once again, they used the emeralds to become super, and dismantle the Egg Wizard...with a little help from Marine and her out-of-nowhere powers.

Due to that recent event, Blaze is convinced that Sonic's arrival in her dimension was a destiny wished by the Chaos and Sol Emeralds. Whether that's true or not is uncertain, but what is known is that Blaze truly hopes to see Sonic again.

Rumor: It is believed Blaze's came from a future of Sonic's world, where she and a hedgehog named Silver constantly battled a fiery monster to keep a apocalyptic future safe. The two were tricked by a strange crystal hedgehog, Mephiles, to kill Sonic in order to save their future. But after that misunderstanding, Blaze and Silver returned back to their time to defeat the monster, Iblis their way. They learned they can seal him with the Chaos Emeralds. But, Silver didn't have what it took to do so...but Blaze did. Using her soul to imprison the beast, Blaze's shell faded into nothing, bringing the monster with her.

It is said because of that, Blaze created her own world with the power of Iblis and Chaos Energy...though somehow, she created another type of power, opposite of Chaos.


Items/Weapons: Sol Emeralds- Emeralds much like the Chaos Emeralds. They function somewhat similar to the Chaos Emeralds, but wield a different type of energy, opposite of them: Order.

Vehicles: Extreme Gear - Flame Lance. Also, the Aqua Blast- A hovercraft Marine allowed Blaze to keep. It allows her to travel across the water world that is her planet.
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