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The Story Thus Far...
Topic Started: Sep 11 2010, 09:34 PM (679 Views)
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The Story Thus Far...

Meia Via, a city often associated with rich culture, tourism, and tapas. Our story began at the esteemed Meia Via Museum on the eve of its grand jewel exhibition gala. Let me tell you, dear viewers, it was one fancy shindig to be sure! But alas, misfortune started with an E that night. Eggman, to be exact. With no small amount of dramatic flourish, the dastardly doctor took everything that wasn't bolted down. What began as a calm night ended with not only the buffet being stolen, but the gems, and above all, the priceless and powerful blue Chaos Emerald!!

With a hearty laugh, the madman escaped before police arrived, robots clinging to his vessel as it flew off to parts unknown. As one might expect, this stirred up quite the commotion, drawing the attention of not only local authorities, but the global powers. It wasn't long until the likes of GUN, and in turn, the recently expanded Team Dark (consisting now of the usuals and one shady weasel) were placed upon the case, much to the chagrin of the already embarrassed locals.

These agents of the government, along with several of the usual faces seemed to be drawn to the scene of the crime that following morning. Though perhaps first on the scene (surprisingly, if you take into account their record of tardiness due to er, "frugal" discussions with cab drivers) was the Chaotix Detective Agency, hired by none other than the over-worked, under-payed, and over-stresed curator of the museum. Familiar characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, and an echidna in a very rotten mood (you would be too, if you were the victim of Master Emerald theft several times a year!) along with new faces showed up shortly. While perhaps they came looking for clues, the motive behind the robbery would soon become clear...

Broadcasting from a remote base, Eggman soon seized the airwaves! Taking over radio signals, television stations, the internet itself, the doctor broadcasted what could only be described as an infomercial for his newest scheme involving his Eggman Land project: A space-station theme park aimed to capture the hearts of the world's populace!! Not only was the nature of the broadcast vague (not to mention oddly non-threatening), but to make matters worse, unbeknownst to our heroes the rotund rogue has contracted the help of none other than Jet the Hawk!

With clues in hand, the various groups are beginning to mobilize as Eggman's forces do the same!

Is Eggman's aim really as innocent as a mere tourist attraction? Can Sonic and co. come through as they have in the past? And will Vector get the amount of zeroes he expects on that juicy paycheck?!

Find out on...SONIC STORY!
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