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Updated: 01/08 6:04 AM CST

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01/08 - We have officially moved to chats. Contact an admin via AIM if you are interested. Also, since we have made policy changes, you do not have to be a registered member to follow updates. To our anonymous members: no worries, the members-only sections are still just that! You are welcome to edit and delete any personal data if you feel insecure, but please leave your posts. If you want those removed, contact Brittany.

Additionally, the forum may still be used for discussion and other RP, one-on-ones, side arcs, and CD, as well as just logging for people to read. I am not closing the forum, simply smoothing out the RP process.

10/14 - Announcement from Rook moved here.

Welcome! We're happy you're interested in our group. We're always looking to add new members to the family, so we're excited about your visit! Take your time to navigate around the first five links below. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact the GM through the contact information listed in the Manual.

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Announcement 08/17
Topic Started: Aug 17 2010, 08:09 PM (694 Views)
Game Moderator
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...victory. yay.
To all Zone340 Members:

     I would like to make a public apology, and a serious announcement.

     You may have noticed the serious changes and back-and-forth shifting of admins the last few days. I am sorry for this, and if you would allow me to explain, I hope I can make things clear, and keep you on board.

     There has been a lot of stress on my shoulders as manager, which I never really predicted could be possible. It is my responsibility to oversee things, and make sure everyone is happy, but in that I lost sight of what everyone was telling me all along; that I have to be happy, too. My argument would always be "I know, but first I gotta ________."

     Well, that ended up taking me a year on all those "first I gotta"s, and if you're not aware... they're still not complete.

     This group was founded on the vision that we would be the first real gameverse group. We would be unique in that the GMs controlled the outcome of the level. We'd have item boxes, upgrades, rings, and stretches of beach for our aquaphobic hedgehog and his fellow cast members to run. Look at us now.

     In some ways that was a failure, in some ways, we never fully got the chance to test it out. Our first arc was a complete failure. Our second arc was not completed because I felt I could not be manager anymore, even after appointing others to help me... and our third arc (essentially the first, revisited), has promise, but it's seriously lacking more gameverse than we ever imagined. To put it lightly, this group is some kind of confused concoction of Archie and Gameverse, and some of us got sick of that.

     But, as some of you know, that's not all there is to the story. I had placed, at some point, a stigma on using my powers as Manager. I refused to kick anyone out without hiding my face and doing it in secret. This expanded to a larger problem. I ended up doing more damage than good when I accepted players that were subpar to the part time members to avoid rejecting anyone. As many of you noticed today, quality control and member satisfaction is at an all-time low.

     This is the point at which I hope you are still reading, because this is going to outline many of the changes that are taking place.

- Leadership change. To an extent. Sonic-mun intended to quit prior to all of this chaos, but ended up taking over when I was going to quit. We switched back and forth a bit, but now that I understand she has limited interest in remaining in the group, I have decided to step back up and make the changes that I was afraid to make. This means kicking people out who question my authority, who are not happy with accepting the franchise in its current state, or do not meet the quality requirements. I refuse to stand by as the RP turns into a big, shoddy joke. I don't mean to offend. (Maybe a little.)

- Secondly, the Archie has to go. If you are playing a character and he/she refers to himself as Mobian, and he/she is a character found in the games, that's been a huge concern of mine for a while. I wanted to allow some Archie characters in the story as long as it kept the gameverse feel to it. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. At this point, I don't know if we're playing SEGA Gameverse or if we're playing Archie Sonic, so I need a LOT of reassurance that we're RPing the games. This probably affects your fan character.

This also means the Evil Tails arc will not be taking place, and there is no further need for Finitevus. I have yet to decide what will come of that portion of the current SL, but it is at serious risk for removal from the storyline. I can continue to have them investigate Eggman through Bean, as planned, but the Tails "torture" scene will not come into play, so there really is nothing for Finitevus, Anti-Sonic, Bean, and Dea to do as far as being sinister. They just have no purpose anymore. ( I would still kinda like to keep their bar as semi-canon, but it should probably be reserved for Character Development sessions alone and not part of the main arc.)

This change does not affect side RPs in the Other RP forum and in Zone34.

- I will no longer listen to complaints that are not constructive. If you don't know a solution, that's fine, but don't suggest a solution that's something along the lines of "You could start a new group elsewhere." I can find a solution real quick if you don't want me managing your RP. Don't let me discourage you from coming to me when you have a concern, just make sure it is a reasonable concern.

- The rules will go through a complete makeover. I know I have said this for months, but it really has to be done. Among the changes will be expected post time (I'm changing it back, but I'm also adding/altering when you can post, and when you can be skipped,) tag requirements, and IN-CHARACTER consequences. That's right, failure to follow the rules will now result in your character taking the lashings since players care little for online "punishment", which is laughable at best, so your character will take the shortcomings up to and including your removal.

- The opportunity to change your character may arise. I'm opening a character exchange board.

- As the threat of snooping parents seeking out this RP has come to a close, we may be changing our name back to SonicStory. Make sure we have a way to contact you either through IM or on deviantART, in the event the board changes (technically it should be the same URL but with SonicStory in place of Zone340, caps sensitive). Becoming Zone340 was a temporary change to alleviate stress on our members. Our heart and soul, and our original vision is with SonicStory... and it's a name we feel successfully represents us.

     I do apologize for all of the drama, the mediocre management on my part, the slackened abiding by the rules, and the failure for me to even participate in a group in which I have asked each of you to participate. My intentions are in the right place, but for all my effort, I couldn't get my head in the right place until now. Take this as my public apology to everyone affected by these changes or involved in the circumstances leading to these changes.

     If you are leaving, please say so below or to me in IMs and we will add your character to the playable list.

     I do ask that, in order to verify each and every one of you has read this post, you submit your signature/alias as a response to this thread. Failure to read this post will be considered failure to comply with the changes, and if within one (1) week, of your signing onto this forum, I do not see that you have agreed to this thread, you will be removed.

     I'm sorry, and I thank you, everyone.

GM and Founder

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Alrighty then, all seems to be in order... I will submit myself to these new rules and the changes to come.
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Ultimate Lifeform
Read and accepted
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Rouge the Bat
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Jewel Thief and Government Spy
I'm still in. :) I'm still willing to drive for Silver and Omega, but if you need them for others, let me know.
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Haxxor Primus
Jack will be here... ^^; *timidly*
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Story Lead
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Read and accepted in full. Seeing as I can't log in to the Eggman account at the moment, this represents my signature as Rook E. Foxfire/Josh for now.
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Wave the Swallow
You think you can win with that board?
Read and accepted. ~Akago

About the matter of me actually participating in the main storyline, I'm still convinced that I'd be unsuited for that at the moment. Rather then settle down, things have been slowly slipping down further into bad for me IRL. While I still like to be part of this group and help when I can, I don't want to hold people back from the actual act of posting with my stress and likely slowness.

With that in mind, until I feel I'm at a point where I can actually post with a timely regularity, I think it best for all of us for me to remain on the sidelines. Concerning this account, just ask me and I'll hand it over. I'm not really playing Wave right now, so I'll be more then happy to give it over if someone needs it.

^3^ I really do like this group though, and that's why I stay around.
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Game Moderator
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...victory. yay.
I'm glad to hear that, Aka! I hope things get better for you soon, and we do miss your participation.
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Will work for shinies
Posted Image

I suppose this means I can play a more serious Bean? XP
Edited by Bean, Aug 18 2010, 07:12 PM.
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Jet the Hawk
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Fastest thing in the universe!
Yeah okay sure I guess I'm still in...

...You need SOMEONE to show you gaiz how to be awesome, anyway. =7
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Sharp Shooter
Fang and Mighty are in compliance with these rules

EDIT: Well, does this count if we've been playing the archie version of the characters? Because then we might have issues.

GM Note: You may play characters such as Fang, Mighty, Ray, Bean, and Honey with any personality as long as it is not inconsistent with the video games, Archie personalities included.
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