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Xavier the Butterfly
Topic Started: May 26 2010, 12:01 PM (370 Views)

Section I - you, the player

What you go by: Most people all me Tuna or Mike/Mikey (my real name being Michaela =P.) You're free to call me whatever. I'd prefer if it wasn't 'asshole,' though. ):

Gender: Female. Hoozah.

Is this your first time RPing?(In general, Sonic, or otherwise):
I've been roleplaying for a good few years - primarily in chatroom enviroments, but these have been paragraph based.

Romance, Yuri or Yaoi RP okay? Specify:
Romance is totally cool beans with me, as is yaoi or yuri. As long as it isn't blatently out of character or anything like that.

How/When to Contact You:
My schedule fluctuates, but feel free to try and get at me whenever. Weeknights and weekends 4PM - 11PM are usually your best bet, though. You can get ahold of me through a note at my deviantART (tunamint.deviantart.com) which is ultimately preferred, but alternatively through my MSN/AiM, both of which are tunamint@live.com

Do you have any rules/preferences:
I can't think of any. I'm pretty flexible. :>

Sample Post (at least two descriptive paragraphs from a previous RP or made up on the spot, the more the better):
The following is an excerpt from another roleplay where I play Sonic. (I'm aware that you use past-tense here. :>)

"Oh for cryin' out loud.." Apparently, in all his years of fighting Eggman tooth and nail, Sonic /still/ hadn't learned that priority number one should always be /don't let him get away to his giant metal thing that makes you go SQUISH./ But hindsight is always 20/20. The golden robobird gleams in the sunlight, a marvel of Eggman's genius and the bane of Sonic's existence. Were he to peer out from the comforts of his eye-cockpit, he could easily make out Sonic's dissatisfied snear across his cheek. Time to go bird hunting. As the Phoenix flanks Sonic's approach and Metal steers safely away, the hedgehog races inbetween the blast pipes to make his way to the other side of the Battery - he /needs/ to get back to the deck and on solid footing in order to pose much of a threat. Swinging off the last grabiron, he speeds up the side paneling of the Battery and ascends to the roof. "Don't you think it's time you flew the coup, Eggman?" And with that, he bursts into a blue streak of light, shuttling forwards into the air. With a bit of spinball wizardry, he attempts to bounce on Metal like a spring, ricochet off him, and onto the eye of the Egg Phoenix itself! "Hiya, Robuttnik! Long time no-break-your-toys!"


Let it never be said that Robotnik doesn't care for Sonic. Here he is, the poor thing, hurling through midair, when the kindly doctor extends the forward section of his flying machine to catch him with! How touching. /Painfully/ touching, that is. With too much forward momentum to change direction and not enough time to slow down, Sonic can only roll and brace himself as he bounces onto the beak of the Phoenix. He's unhurt, but still jarred as he tumbles across the bird's "face" before coming to a stop. So much for smash and run. He has, however, made it to the bird itself. Quickly back on his feet to avoid Metal who was sure to soon follow, Sonic doesn't bother taunting Eggman face to face and instead spins up the bird's neck and toward it's mass, searching for something to exploit. "Shouldn't be too hard, Eggman, you're already cracked up!"

Section II - your character
Answer the following about your character. If you have a character image, include it with your application.
Posted Image
Name: Xavier (As originally written, his full name was Xavier Rowe. After browsing through some character applications I discovered that you prefer a more 'in-universe' name for a Mobian/Sonic character - but I haven't been able to think of anything fitting. If the name Xavier isn't acceptable, I would really appreciate some help renaming him. D= )

Nicknames/Alias: None.

Gender: Male.

Age: Twenty-two.

Birthplace: (As written, Starlight City, a city based on the Starlight Zone from Sonic 1. I don't have any idea how this roleplay's map works, so this is of course flexible.)

Residence: (Again, as written without prior knowledge of the roleplay's geographical setup, a small village-like town based around the Emerald Hill Zone from Sonic 2.)

Occupation: EMT/Nurse.

Marital Status: Single.

IQ: Around 120. Xavier is fairly smart - proficient in medicine from his training and occupation, which can be an asset in the field. That being said, he's a bit more forgiving than most and could be duped with some careful trickery, and he's not exactly the most streetwise. Most things don't seem to cloud his judgment in the end, though, aside from his own feelings.

Height: Approximately four feet tall.

Weight: Forty pounds.

Species: Blue mormon butterfly.

Alignment (hero/neutral/villain, or in-between): Between neutral and hero. If one had to be chosen over the other, it would be hero, but he has some marring qualities that (I believe) prevent him from being sole identified as a hero. As a general direction it suits, though.

Aspirations/Dreams: To make significant impacts on people's lives by helping them however he can, on a moral scale. He's dutiful and devoted and places other's needs before his own. As far as careers go, he'd like to eventually become a surgeon.

Fears: Failure, ultimately. Letting a friend or loved one down when they need him most. He's not overconfident in his own abilities, either. Although by no means squeamish, he fears death, mostly that of others, but his own as well.

Aside from boxing, he's fond of nature, though he equally enjoys an urban setting, so long as he can find calm and quiet. He loves a rainy or cloudy day, especially when it's misting or drizzling lightly. He can also play the piano moderately well, something he keeps to himself to relax. He's not Chopin or anything, he just finds music relaxing.

Special Abilities/Attacks:
Though he owns no weapons and possesses no powers of any sort, Xavier remains an efficient fighter. He's strong compared to an average Mobian, and though he's far from immense compared to figures like Big, he's unusually large and muscular for an insect. A middleweight amateur boxer, Xavier fights with an outside-fighter style, with his offenses and defenses mostly balanced, although his species considerably raises his vulnerability. As such, he has to carefully guard his wings from damage in order to pose much of a threat. Conversely, to his advantage, their appearance can lead to his being underestimated which can leave him with the upper hand, in addition to the smooth balance and agility they contribute.

Weakness: His delicate wings can easily be injured. Lack of of experience with handling or owning weaponry of any sort. Stubborn and sometimes unreasonable when it comes to decision-making or compromise. Technologically minded or physically large opponents. And last but not least, he has no nose, therefore his inability to eskimo kiss. :<

Personality* (I felt I would be able to better answer Likes/Dislikes with a personality section to provide a better feel for the character - if this is inexcusable let me know and I'll make ammends.) :
Apart from the occasional inclination toward shyness, Xavier could best be described as an optimistic hopeless romantic with big wings and a bigger heart. The man is a near perfect representation of a friend, even to those he hardly knows. Need a hand? He'll pull you up. Need a ride? He'll take you there. The epitome of a goodytwoshoes, Xavier is loyal, trustworthy, and above all, dependable. A Good Sam through and through.

He's not particularly quick to openly voice his opinions, but he'll pursue his convictions to the death. As a consequence of his 'open arms policy,' he has a tendency to lend out trust and faith more than he needs to, which can and has lead him down trouble's path. He isn't really all that gullible so much as he will take things at face value, often with less than the most desirable of outcomes. He can talk a good bit of smack when he needs to and in most cases is in plenty good enough physical condition to back it up, he very rarely does so unless cornered. Essentially, he's more or less the bad-boy antithesis - he's the one your mother wanted you to being home, but you never had any interest in.

Driven and outgoing, Xavier is humble. He's never one to boast or gloat and rarely acknowledges what good he does do as anything significant or admirable. He's no stranger to his own fair share of darker times, and when thoroughly provoked he can unsheathe a violent temper, but it isn't very often that he angers. Xavier does his best to soldier on through whatever the weather and as such, he probably pushes himself harder than he ought to at times, despite remaining adamant about the safety of others. As a product of his selflessness, he's insanely loyal to those he befriends and even those that simply bother to give him the time of day; no one seems to have yet truly gotten on Xavier's 'bad side,' if only for that fact that he doesn't seem to have much of one.

Xavier has a good sense of humor, laughing at himself more than others. It's rare to see him without a smile on his face, and when there isn't one it's usually only because something's bothering him and he hasn't yet figured out how to fix it. He's lively but not erratic, calm yet not at all stoic. Even in the face of danger, he usually seems pretty happy, and tries his hardest to help others feel the same.

Family and Friends:
His mother Frances, deceased.
His aunt Marie, who saw him through his teenaged years.
His cousin Luella, whom he grew up with like a sister.
(All of these names can be changed regarding the 'in-universe' naming theme.)

Rivals: None to speak of in this canon.

Enemies: None to speak of in this canon.

Appearance (Again, replacing the individual questions with a pre-written Appearance section. If this isn't acceptable I have no problem writing it out how the application is lined out.)

Rounding out at four feet and zilch inches in height, Xavier's height is above average, particularly above that of his fellow insects. His figure is comparatively large but nevertheless it isn't towering. In prime physical shape, he's much lighter than he appears, weighing about forty pounds, all told. This is due in large part to the way his structural system works; were he a mammalian species of equal measure he might easily be thrice as heavy as he is. This physical lightness in combination with his self-maintenance can serve as both an advantage and a hindrance, given the situation.

As a butterfly, which is considered a sparse species, Xavier possess unique attributes that range from the easily missed to the borderline obvious, not to mention unusual on the whole by comparison.

Xavier's most obvious (sometimes painfully so) physical feature is more than likely his wings. While other members of his subspecies, the Ulysses or Blue mormon, have comparatively small, dainty and intricately shaped wings mounted at the shoulder toward the middle of the spine (see Backstory for an example) Xavier's are very large, measuring two feet, eleven and a half inches in full-spread width and well over two feet tall, running from the back of his neck at the collarbone, down his spine to his tailbone. Such wingsize was inherited from the genes of his father, a moth of considerable size.

Curiously, they seem to serve several extrasensory purposes - in addition to providing him with a heightened sense of balance and posture, strangely enough they can function as a communicatory device, conveying emotion in such a way that could be likened to a feline's tail, though, obviously, given their nature, such actions preformed by the wings appear much different than those expressed by a tail. Their position, shape, and even motion can reflect Xavier's stamina or emotions. Unlike their mammalian counterparts, however, they are much more easily damaged, though unless critically injured they heal and regenerate.

They are rounded at the topmost edges, then peaking at every curve thereafter, until the bottommost part of the wings, where they again are rounded off. From the bottom of these hang a pair of long, curled "feelers," which dangle loosely and serve no apparent function. The inner edges of the wings themselves are a deep black, and from wingtip to the joints at his spine they gradually fade from said black, to a deep indigo, and eventually ending in a light ocean blue. Thin, black lines, which function like veins, accent the blue colors, curling in odd formations that more or less resemble eighth notes.

Xavier's slate-colored muzzle is smooth from cheek to cheek, with soft, rounded edges and a flat surface overall. An identifying feature of Xavier's is his notable lack of ears, or even a nose - as a thin pair of black antennae are home to his senses of smell and hearing. They hang limply from the sides of his forehead - and as such they are rarely seen, tucked away within the tousled nature of his hair. His hair itself is loose and flowing, a rich cobalt that remains consistent throughout; his bangs often sweep about and dangle about his forehead, looking rather messy. For several years Xavier's hair had been long and bound into a ponytail, but it's since been cut, ending at the back of his neck.

His frame is elongated, resting somewhere between lanky and muscular. He appears relatively strong, but his actual physical output, unless pushed to the limit, is more or less on par with that of another healthy male Mobian his size. His torso sits on moderate shoulders, neither wide nor narrow and his limbs seem a bit longer than they out to be, particularly his arms. His arms themselves, as well as most of his chest, are boldly tattooed with curved tribal designs that mimic and compliment the pattern of his wings, from just below his shoulders to the palms of his hands. They are mostly hidden by clothing. His skin, save for his muzzle, is a solid, dark charcoal gray, which remains consistent through his entire body.

Attire (As written, he has full dress on an ordinary day, coming from a roleplay where clothing on male Mobians were considered unnecessary, but optional. I can do away with it if need be.)

As an EMT, he can be often found clad in one of his green scrub uniform shirts, which are usually baggy and well-worn. On warmer days or while training he'll stick to a plain black tank top.

He very rarely wears anything other than a reliable if not tattered pair of blue denim jeans and a black leather belt, forming a pretty consistent day-to-day wardrobe. Xavier can usually be found in unassuming plain sneakers or boots, whatever the situation dictates, and he carries on his neck a set of dog tags at nearly all times.

Items/Weapons: None whatsoever.

Any vehicles?: None.

Back Story:
Xavier Rowe was born a week earlier than expected on a breezy September day in the backseat of a Starlight City taxicab. His rather interesting birth would only set the precedence for the rest of his life. The spitting image of his mother, Xavier was effectively raised by his mother and aunt in Emerald Hill with his father relatively absent from the picture. A happy child, as a butterfly Xavier enjoyed the earliest years of his life as a caterpillar, which aside from making the cashiers at the local Foot Locker pretty happy was a nuisance to both himself and most everyone else. The taunting he would endure through grade school and the awkwardness of life would only offer a sample of what was to come.

When Xavier was two, his mother Frances was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in it's early stages of development, thus beginning a long path of both treatment and sickness. Throughout the years and the long visits at the hospital, Frances instilled a sense of hope within her son, teaching him that if you held out hope for the seemingly impossible, good things would happen. As Xavier grew older, the two shared a close relationship, even as the chemotherapy robbed her of a good deal of freedom. She would eventually leave the hospital and spend nearly a year back at home with her son, her sister and her niece, Luella, before peacefully passing away.

Xavier had always told her that when he grew up, he would become a doctor so that he could 'make her better.' Although initially emotionally distraught by the loss of his mother, he found strength in her words and comfort in his family, developing a close relationship with his younger cousin Luella, whom he affectionately calls 'Lu,' the two often confiding their problems to one another and helping each other through troubled times.

Despite the adversity of his species, Xavier hadn't really gotten the best of what growing had to offer him until when one night he'd gone to bed and the next morning his aunt had found him hanging from the ceiling in a case of silk. In addition to making bodily hygiene extraordinarily awkward, his cocoon, however stylish, didn't exactly do wonders for his high school social life. Not to mention getting to class was ten kinds of embarrassing.

On the eve of his sixteenth birthday, as most butterflies do, Xavier woke up to an odd sound that resembled eggshells cracking - he felt himself beginning to slip, and suddenly found himself on the floor, covered in residue and torn silk. Several showers and a thorough scrubbing later would reveal that the years of absurdity and awkwardness had, in due time, been kind to him - but perhaps too kind for his liking. Although initially overjoyed at the luxury of owning only two arms and two legs, when Xavier stood in front of the bathroom mirror and pried his wings open for the first time, he learned he'd inherited his father's enormous moth wingspan of nearly three feet, easily dwarfing the rest of his family. Unfortunately he'd also received the delicate, bright blue coloration of his mother instead of the more masculine black he'd hoped he might also receive. Thus began the chronicles of 'Xavier the Manly Butterfly,' as he was sarcastically dubbed.

His new body brought along with it all sorts of new complications. At first his wings, with their enormous size, threw his balance off to all hell and he essentially had to learn to walk again. He would often bump into things and had to angle himself through doorways and into cars until his wings became less stiff where he could flex and fold them at will. He could not, however, hide them completely, though try as he might have to. After about a year he had accustomed himself to his new form and began to comfortably enjoy his life again.

Deciding to take his life in a new direction, he began tutoring grade students and often volunteered at a local hospital, and began embracing his multicultural upbringing, exploring both his aunt's Lutheran beliefs and his late grandfather's Jewish heritage. In his spare time he trained in boxing at a local gym, at first to get himself into shape, though he later on loved the thrill of a good-natured fight. For a time, he briefly considered pursuing the idea for a career, but ultimately decided that he wanted to heal, not to hurt. After graduating high school, he decided that he would get the medical training he one promised his mother he'd pursue. With his volunteering experience having given him a significant head start, it wasn't all that long before Xavier became an intern. Never taking it to heart, Xavier began his tenure at Emerald Hill's Mercy General hospital, enjoying his work.


I understand that this character probably needs a good deal of work for this roleplay, and if he can't, then I completely understand as I come from a fairly different enviroment (I'm more familiar with Archie and SatAM than I am with most of the recent games and things like that.) I hope that my work might be acceptable, but no hard feelings if it isn't. Thanks for your time and understanding (:
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Accepted. When you have the time, post a single sentence in Character Profiles and I will move this profile to your post so that it will be listed under your name. c:
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