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01/08 - We have officially moved to chats. Contact an admin via AIM if you are interested. Also, since we have made policy changes, you do not have to be a registered member to follow updates. To our anonymous members: no worries, the members-only sections are still just that! You are welcome to edit and delete any personal data if you feel insecure, but please leave your posts. If you want those removed, contact Brittany.

Additionally, the forum may still be used for discussion and other RP, one-on-ones, side arcs, and CD, as well as just logging for people to read. I am not closing the forum, simply smoothing out the RP process.

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E-123 Omega; Application Form
Topic Started: Apr 18 2010, 08:08 PM (279 Views)
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Walking Arsenal
Section I - you, the player

What you go by: Cha

Gender: Female

Is this your first time RPing?(In general, Sonic, or otherwise): Nope. Not at all. I didn’t always RP Sonic, but there was always a lot before that.

Romance, Yuri or Yaoi RP okay? Specify: All is fine. I just don’t like it shoved in my face.

How/When to Contact You: I’m on MSN more than I am AIM, so you can contact me at either kougalover1@hotmail.com or PartyintheCanada on AIM. Anytime I’m online is a good time, too.

Do you have any rules/preferences: Not specifically, I don’t think. If any come up, I’ll be sure to share.

Sample Post (at least two descriptive paragraphs from a previous RP or made up on the spot, the more the better):

He knew it was weird for her to show up in the first place, but he had thought the girl sensible enough to at least have a decent reason as to why. As far as she was acting and talking, it was almost as if he was seeing the same twelve year old he had known back in the day. It wasn’t as if he was ever rude to her, but he couldn’t say that he had enjoyed the flirtatious and bouncy pink hedgehog much more than your next person. Like Sonic, she had a way of forcing herself into his life without a second thought. Or perhaps it was the way she did it – wriggling under his skin. At least when Rouge attempted, she was a little more subtle about it.

He almost instinctively took a step back to brace himself as she bound right up to him. He was never a touchy-happy-friendly guy, least of all when Amy popped through his personal bubble to crush him in a hug. He stiffened immensely, trying not to show too much frustration when he urged her off of his figure. This was what was leading him to believe she was only there to visit him and see what he was up to, maybe find some way of following his connection to Sonic to get a hold of her blue sweetheart. Good luck with that. He didn’t know for sure, but he had every right to assume.

Sigh. Just what he needed. Normally her spunky, positive attitude could lift anyone’s day. It usually lowered his. He had no patience for the silly things when his plans were at stake.

He thought it a bit blunt of her to just stroll in on his castle without invitation. If it were someone else, they might have had a hole through their head, but he knew very well that Amy got around. He followed reluctantly, ordering the doors closed once again. If she wasn’t a good weapon, she could always be a good decoy for his plans. His brain started turning, though his face remained stiff. He listened to her comment on his destruction without a word.

His eyes narrowed dangerously at the mention of Sonic. He practically had to force out what he said next, clenching his fists. Hell if she noticed. ”He would be.” He returned her smirk, just briefly, although there was some hidden madness behind his own. His eyes held a wild fire. ”So kind of you to notice,” he commended, passing by her and glaring at the window the fellow King had leapt out of. ”Nobody said we couldn’t fight. I wouldn’t be calling it a betrayal unless I tried to...say, kill him.” He touched the broken part of the wall where Lien’s bullet had hit. His quills rose angrily, and he looked over his shoulder, back at Amy.

”For your own benefit, and feelings, as far as I’m concerned, I suggest you leave.”

This was all on the ‘if’ tab, though. Who was to say he knew what Amy Rose really wanted?
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