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Updated: 01/08 6:04 AM CST

Storming the Gate:
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Bunnie, Shadow, Cherna

CD Sessions: None ongoing
How the Egg Stole Christmas
01/08 - We have officially moved to chats. Contact an admin via AIM if you are interested. Also, since we have made policy changes, you do not have to be a registered member to follow updates. To our anonymous members: no worries, the members-only sections are still just that! You are welcome to edit and delete any personal data if you feel insecure, but please leave your posts. If you want those removed, contact Brittany.

Additionally, the forum may still be used for discussion and other RP, one-on-ones, side arcs, and CD, as well as just logging for people to read. I am not closing the forum, simply smoothing out the RP process.

10/14 - Announcement from Rook moved here.

Welcome! We're happy you're interested in our group. We're always looking to add new members to the family, so we're excited about your visit! Take your time to navigate around the first five links below. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact the GM through the contact information listed in the Manual.

Instruction Manual
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Letter from the Founder
Letter from the Cofounder
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