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Topic Started: Sep 8 2013, 01:28 PM (967 Views)
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Digero has done it again.

Maestro and ABC Player
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this is a nice layout.
Two features I'd like to see to this and it would be great,
Split stave at note,

many of my songs i do, I edit the midi first with Melody Assistant so I can split the stave, move notes around to "work better" with lotro, in some cases edit to give an eccho in game, then I export into a new midi, then into Firefern's to complete as it really works nice for finishing with volume controls.

Digero does a fine job on these :)

Oh now the irst song I tested with didnt seem to have any volume in it, second one has some good volume!

So its even better than my initial thoughts.
Still, I'd like a slider to adjust each stave louder or quieter that would really be nice.

***Edit again, 10/11/13***

So okay, I decided to give it a full run around.
I edited a midi as I usually do in Melody Assistant, then I created the file in both FIrefern's and Maestro.

Here's what I noticed.
I think we call know some instruments in lotro are naturally louder than others, so toning them down is key for a nice song, vut maestro defaults as fff at the beginning of each stave, so a part you'd normally like to be less loud ( pipes, horn, clarinet, pibgorn. ) are the same volume with your flute, or harp or theorbo which are naturally lower, so they get lost.
So having the ability to set a staves volume up or down several degrees is important.
Numbering works nice, with a few bugs. if i try and put in a part 1 and my part 1 isnt lute then whatever my lute part is moves to the head of the list, so 1 isnt "auto played" when you /play song.
for example I put solos on 1, and lute is 2 etc etc so I have to edit and manually move that in the document, which is a minor bug.
Third bug I noticed, is that Maestro tries to assume a position for the instrument, which does not really work out all the time.

In my creating 2 identical files with Maestro and Firefern's to finish the songs, I had Maestro "move" notes it assumed was out of rand up or down a octave which made it sound not as good.

But that really is a minor issue, I think if I was to re-create the file with everything listed as "lute" then edited it in notepad++ for my part addignment, I think it would improve the song file's quality.
But all in all, it is a very nice program and it is pointed in the right direction! :)

For now, I will stick with Firefern's as I have more options available for it, but I will keep an eye on Maestro and probably use it when I need a song really quick because it is much faster to use!
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I've personally tried it enough to have a good opinion on Maestro. Best feature it has imo is that you can set it up so you never have to post-edit your ABC so to have them "SongbookofLaurelin/others" formatted. Next is that very simply, it will allow many new players to come up with pretty great songs to bring in-game with a much less steep learning curve.

Now, being used to the restrictions of LOTRO and always fore-editing my midis accordingly, it annoys me much that Maestro considers that the flute is one octave higher so I have to re-raise it there after I had already lowered it in Anvil beforehand. Same goes for all the other instruments that are either higher or lower pitched. Also, I do know that the highest notes of the flute can be squealing but some times, for just a few notes through the whole song, I won't mind hearing it squeak. Maestro decides to adjust the pitch of certain notes that ARE in range but are considered wrong (namely the coughing bottom notes on horns and clarinet). Again, very fool-proof for the inexperienced; which is good in that regard.

What holds me the most from using it would be the very sadly made scroll-down menu to chose your drums sound. Its width is so narrow that you actually can't see which note/code/sound it refers to. I really don't care if Maestro decides that "this" is a snare sound. I know the sounds I want to use but if I can't see if it's g C^ or B, I feel hands tied. Then of course the fact that we can't adjust the volumes of tracks is a step-back, though since I already do that before-hand in the midi, it personally isn't an issue for me. Also, I'd like to add that Mystifax, fouder of Die Meisterbarden von Bree, wrote a very great app (for which I lost the link to. I still have the software but I'd need to ask him for the link next time I see him) that allows you to adjust the volumes of each individual instruments from an ABC file. Personally, I dislike having to go back to FF, raise/lower by a "certain" value the parts I want to adjust, export, then re-edit so to format the naming and part numbers to the standards, save, re-test. Or the other manual way: copy/paste in a new text file the part you want to adjust, find/replace the +something+ from top to bottom or the other way around should you want to raise or lower the volume, then copy/paste back the resulting part in your original ABC. Either way, while not too long, just annoys me. His software actually must do just like that last option. With a few simple clicks.

Another great point to Maestro is that the sounds it uses can feel closer to the in-game ones. Also, I love using it to open up an ABC, should I be short-handed, to see which part, visually, I can afford to skip. Actually, that's about all I use it for now.

I must add that last week, I had a song which drums beat I couldn't achieve on FF. Changed it, up, down, cut it in half, in four, doubled it.... Just it was still inaccurate. Just as I decided to trash the project I thought "why not". Tried it in Maestro and it worked (with the swing/triplet box checked). Still, I'm saying it because it's true but I actually most often had these problems resolved in FF while in Maestro it wouldn't work.

In the end, I believe it's a great tool, not as powerful as FF can be for my needs, but enough so I keep it close. Just in case, to read my ABCs and visually see the tracks (which the ABC player doesn't do) or should FF be down for sometime and I'd crave adapting a song. ^_^
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Is there any update for Maestro coming, due to the addition of fiddles? does anyone know?
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It's been asked on the LOTRO forums, but I haven't seen a response yet.
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okay thanks Fali :)
I been using it with all my fiddle staves as clarinet for the time being, which I know isnt full range but fairly good.
also using the thump and bow drop and scratch notes too inplace of some drum bits, hehe
p.s. DONT TYPE when you just get up in the morning without your glasses.. I clicked on report and started to type this there thinking it said reply... hehehe caught it before I finished. *grumbles*
I'm nearly Tobblin level IRL now! :)
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New Maestro and ABC player
Just saw this on the LOTRO artist calendar, 2 new versions
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Update for Bardic Fiddle and a troubleshooting feature that highlights the notes you're hearing in the ABC file.
Maestro and ABC Player 2.4.1
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