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This is a joint method I used on cloth dolls in the past, and have recently adapted for crochet or amigurumi dolls.
*4-ply yarn, 'E' hook* (the doll used to illustrate this jointing method is Morgan, my current WIP. Her complete pattern will be available in My Etsy Shop, CopperSlay Creations very soon)
The pattern for the joints are simple and as follows:

Ch2, sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc 7 more in same chain, sl st to join.
Repeat for the other side without breaking off, which results in a figure eight joint motif.

It takes two figure eight motifs for each doll joint. You can attach with beaded pins with sharp ends clipped off, dipped in white glue and pushed through the bead.button, or you can sew them on. (Push needle through bead/button, through the bottom or top piece of arm/leg, through the bead/button on other side, repeat until firmly attached.

Buttons or beads look really cute on these joints, as does a matching picot [(Ch5, sc in nxt) 8 times] around your eights with a sz 10 thread and #7 hook.

You can choose what size of the Image Tutorial to download Here.

Or you can view/print or download this page (including written instructions) as a PDF Here..

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