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Many things have changed since I created this forum.

Life has a way of becoming more compartmentalized, and although I am beginning to truly believe in the great potential of this forum I know when to admit I need or would welcome a partner or two in this venture. originally it was designed for me and a few other friends to have a place to congregate and talk crochet.

Then I began a 'Free pattern of the Month.' got listed in CPC and it took off faster than I was prepared. All this is a good thing, because the forum design was one I found I absolutely loved by a fellow ZETA board member, and it took my inexperienced self quite sometime to store all the cute images and link in their proper places. So I do not want to see all that effort, and the views I am getting go to waste.

Short Version- I've been very ill.
Good News- I'm well.

Sorry so many new members were left 'Validating' while I was away. I was sure I had it set for email notification, but again I'm a real rookie at this.:(

My interests have branched out into embroidery, tinted linens, and quilting. My passion for crochet has not lessened, but its become more of a mixed media tool for me than anything else (besides my Irish Crochet project), so if anyone is interested in helping with this forum, please contact me at:


or, leave a post here or PM, of course.

Originally the image, video and url options all worked in the posting window. I don't know what's up with that either. :P

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