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Basic rules
Topic Started: May 30 2009, 10:31 PM (250 Views)
Please try to post your thread in the correct place.
After 10 pages it will be locked. (except roleplays)
If a mature thread please state so.
Please do not post spam.
When closing a thread please either put MOD PLEASE LOCK/DELETE.
If I see a thread getting out of control I will lock it.


*We do not tolerate bashing or flaming here, you have a problem please report to Mod or admin.
*Please respect peoples religion/beliefs.
*Racism will not be tolerate either.
*Please try not to swear, we under stand if you are mad and it just comes out, but please don't make it a habit.
*When opening a thread if it is mature please note so.
*Please do not make more than one account unless you have permission.
*No pornographic images


You will get a PM with a warning from a Mod.
If second offence or semi-serious you will get a warning level or temp. banned.
If very serious then you will be banned.

Edited for minor mistakes and extra rule ~ M3
Edited by M 3, May 30 2009, 10:34 PM.
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