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In 2007, Evo’s Dawn devastated our world; from that time, children began manifesting powers and abilities that turned civil society into chaos. Things only got worse from there: international tensions escalated and cities were destroyed, causing the blame to fall on the new generation.

The Children of Evo’s Dawn have one place to go: the Campus of Azura and Avalon. It’s there that they can try and piece together lives in the face of a harsh world. As the world turns ever deeper into the Era of Evo’s Dawn, we see events of the world wrapping ever closer to this school. At Shadowside, the new generation may be the only guiding light for the new world.

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Asher Astudor; Lost Boy
Topic Started: Jan 15 2012, 07:59 PM (613 Views)
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     Student Template Ver 2.2 Standard     

Name: Asher Astudor
Nicknames: Ash, Peter
Gender: Male
Age: 14
DOB: 1/1/98
Race: Evotelluric

Physical Appearance:

     Asher, better known as Ash, is young and has only recently gone through his growth spurt. He currently stands at 5'5" and weighs 126 lbs with no substantial amounts of muscle or fat. However, his hard, callous hands and richly tanned skin do indicate his laborious lifestyle as a vintner-in-training. Likewise, his copper hair and dim green eyes showcase his strongly European background. His hair is long enough to cover his ears, is slightly wavy and in the sunlight appears bright and profound like a lion's mane. Because of this, he tends to wear a bandana to minimize its appearance. His only other outstanding facial features are a cleft chin and very light freckles around the bridge of his nose. Being young and relatively innocent, he has yet to modify his body with tattoos or piercings.

     The only constant of Ash's attire is his inclination towards bandanas of which he has a great variety. It's usually worn to pull back his hair and make it appear less pronounced, but the bandanas themselves can be quite outstanding in their own right. Otherwise, his choice in clothing is like any other teen his age. Jeans and a t-shirt are a standard, but he'll wear shorts and polos on occasion. While he prefers work boots, slippers and sneakers are not out of the question. During the cold season, he tends to favor pullover sweaters instead of jackets or coats because of his upbringing. Similarly, his rural background makes him partial to wearing overalls, jerkins and tartan shirts. He favors nature colors such as green and brown with red and orange being his secondary choices.

     The minimalistic lifestyle of a country vintner has given Ash a very small sense of materialism, so aside from a couple family heirlooms and his collection of bandanas, the boy owns no other accessories. That being said, Ash never steps out of his home without his father's silver-gold pocket watch or his trinket bracelet made and given to him by his close friends.


     Ash is a responsible young boy who holds friendship above all else. While he does love his family, it was his friends who struggled at his side when his mother and father disappeared many years ago. He's also distant from his other relatives and the general community because of his distrust in adults. This distrust partially stems from being abandoned by his parents but mostly from the influence of his friends -- particularly a girl named Wendy. Ash's bond with his friends is what shapes the bulk of his personality.

     Being the unofficial leader of his circle, Ash has learned to be courageous and steadfast in the face of adversity. He can be protective at times, but in general, he's not afraid to let his friends branch out and work towards their personal goals. His own goal is rather simple; to become a vintner and the successor to his family winemaking business, but he has many smaller goals to achieve before then; one of them is to find his missing parents. What Ash fears the most is that his parents didn't disappear but instead chose to abandon their only son, and he fears that his friends would do the same to him if he were to show any sign of weakness. This delicate balance of fear and courage is what weighs his heart down the most.

     In general, Ash is a thoughtful person who only speaks when necessary. He'll joke around like anyone else, but on serious matters, he always takes a moment to think about his choice of words. However, his words are not always sincere, and he's prone to being swept up in the heat of the moment. He has a bit of a temper on certain subjects such as his distrust in adults or his mother and father, but on any other personal issue, he's very open to speaking about himself. He's also very keen on telling stories about his friends and all the adventures they would go on, but only if the mood is appropriate.

     An awkward aspect of his personality is his rural origins which greatly affect his likes and dislikes. He's not completely unfamiliar with urban traditions and sayings, but he does show a general lack of understanding in many of the more specific aspects of city life. In particular, he doesn't understand dorm life or the purpose of roommates. While he does have a taste for alcohol, he only enjoys wine and can't stand any of the harder liquors. The soft and natural sounds of instrumentals is his prefered choice of music while the synthetic and artificial sounds of hip hop annoy him to no end. Ironically, fast food is not so bad on his taste pallete, but he does have a hard time understanding the allure of Asian cuisine. All in all, Ash has very particular preferences in almost everything.


     On the outskirts of Cricova, Maldova is a simple vinyard owned by the Astudor family, and on the night of the new year of 1998, an Astudor son was born. He would be the next heir of the family winemaking business. His parents named him Asher, after the son of Jacob from the book of Genesis; the founder of the Hebrew tribe of Asher. It was a strong name for a future leader, or so believed his father.

     "I loved my parents very much. My mother, Raisa, was very kind and hospitable. She was always welcoming of my friends whenever they came to visit, and they visited often. We never had much, but the little we did have was shared freely with everyone. I remember whenever she baked cupcakes, she would always make two dozen just in case someone came to visit, and if not, then she would go and visit them and bring a basket of her cupcakes as a gift. Sometimes, she was strict, but I know she only acted so out of love. She would tell me not to run through the vineyard because I would injure myself, and when I did, she would just scold me and treat my bruises. She was also a beautiful woman. That's probably why she was taken.

     "My father, Peter, was a stern man. He was very strict but also very hardworking. He cared for the vineyard all by himself -- for nearly two decades -- until I was old enough to help. I know he was a caring man in his own way. He would always refuse my mother's offer to join him in the vineyard. She was never in very good health. I think my father was too scared she would collapse from the work. He also taught me a lot whenever we were in the vineyard together. He was preparing me to take over the family business just as soon as I was old enough. He was getting pretty old, after all. My parents never told me, but they had another son before me. They wanted him to be the next heir except he died at a really young age. I guess my father never got over that because I don't remember ever seeing him cry. In fact, the only time I saw him get emotional was when mother disappeared. That was also the last time I saw him before he left to go find her and never returned."

     Asher's parents disappeared in 2006. His uncle, a man named Nicolae, was named Asher's legal guardian and was charged with maintaining the family vineyard in Peter's absence. However, Nicolae, along with the rest of the extended Astudor family, did not believe in the failing family business and decided to close down the vineyard and send Asher to a boarding school. Asher adamantly refused and declared that he would keep the vineyard running on his own. Finding that his words were not enough to dissuade Asher, Nicolae decided to give the boy a year to try and keep the business afloat. If he failed, Asher would be sent to a boarding school and the vineyard would be sold. If he succeeded, Nicolae would keep the vineyard running and offer his assistance, but only in name.

     "It was hard when my parents left. I wasn't sure what to do. That was when my friends really stepped up and helped me out the most. Alex -- his family also owns a small vineyard -- he taught me everything my father wasn't able to teach me about maintaining the farm. It was too much land for me to cover by myself, but Nahum was always there to lend me a pair of working hands even during bad weather. Although Sera wasn't physically strong and couldn't help in the field, he would stay in the kitchen and make sure we all had a good meal after a long day of hard work. Mihai had a penchant for danger; whenever wild animals came wandering into the vineyard, he would be the one to chase them off and make sure none of the grapes were damaged. They all helped me so much, skipping school and even staying late, just so I could keep the vineyard running. I felt like I owed them a lot, but I didn't know how to show my appreciation. All I could think to do was call them brothers."

     The year passed, and Asher and his friends barely managed to keep the farm alive. Nicolae decided to give them one more year, but in 2007, Evo's Dawn occurred. A week after Asher's tenth birthday, Wendy appeared. Her presence changed the life of Asher and his friends in a very extreme manner for she was the one who turned the boys into Evos. That was when Asher became known as Peter, and his group of friends was collectively called the Lost Boys. Their distrust in adults soon grew, and the kids started to go on many dangerous and questionable adventures. However, Asher would not abandon his family farm, and using his newfound powers, he made sure the business could continue for many more years to come.

     "Wendy was a strange girl, to say the least. She appeared out of nowhere and started living out of a nearby abandoned limestone mine between Alex's and my house. Her strangeness attracted all of our attentions, and it wasn't long before we started calling her friend. That was when she started calling me Peter and we started calling ourselves the Lost Boys. It was all just for fun. Wendy brought a joy we had lost under all the struggling to keep the vineyard running. She was the one who got us smiling again. We had a lot of fun going on all those adventures with Wendy. Exploring the limestone mine, making forts in the wine cellar, searching for Alex's missing puppy in the woods -- she was the key to all those happy memories, but she was also the one who got us in the most trouble. Sometimes, she would go too far. I remember the day when she laid spikes in the middle of the road to stop cars from passing through the area and making the air all polluted. She almost caused a serious accident, but in the end, nobody got hurt. She blamed the adults for every bad thing -- her living in a mine and my problems with keeping the vineyard running among them. At first, I didn't believe her, but after that night, I realized the truth myself."

     In order to keep the family business operating, Asher used his powers to create gold and sold that gold to earn money. Eventually, the townspeople became curious about where the gold came from. Some of the adults were blinded by the potential wealth, and one night, a group of them raided Asher's home in hopes of finding the source. Frightened and fearful, Asher fled from his home and stayed with Wendy for the night, but as the morning came and the gold craze continued, Wendy and the Lost Boys convened and decided that it was no longer safe for Asher to stay. They believed it would be better if he left Moldova and attended the dual campus of Azura in Japan where the people were more accepting of his powers. Asher agreed but only under the condition that Wendy and the rest of the Lost Boys would follow soon after and attend Azura with him. Using the last of his money and the help of his friends, Asher escaped from his hostile hometown and found his way to the island campus where he now waits for his friends to join him.
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KAIM ADINATHFinagling Faith with Megan
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School: Azura
Year: First
Designation: Fabricator

     Simply put, the power to create something out of nothing. He prefers to call it mass fabrication instead of creation because he doesn't consider his powers to be magical in nature.

Mass Fabrication
     The ability to create matter out of nothing. Ash can currently fabricate select elements from the periodic table at incremental values. The fabricated elements manifest in their pure and natural states (based on NIST standard conditions at 20°C and 1 atm). The rate he can fabricate elements and the maximum volume of fabricated elements in a six hour timespan is limited.

  • Coinage metals. Group 11 of the periodic table is primarily comprised of copper, silver and gold. Roentgenium cannot be fabricated. These metals are widely known for their monetary values. They are corrosion-resistant and have high electrical and thermal conduction. In their pure and natural states, they are soft metals with good ductility and malleability.

  • To begin fabrication, Ash must enter what he calls creation mode. This mode requires him to hold perfectly still and focus on the location where fabrication will take place.
  • The location must be visible, and the starting point must be within physical reach of his body.
  • Fabrication cannot take place in or through a solid or liquid medium.
  • No warm up time is required. So long as the above conditions are met then fabrication begins immediately.

  • The rate of fabrication of all elements is a constant 1 mL/s. This rate can be visibly observed; one cubic centimeter of the fabricated element appears every second.
  • While in creation mode, the cubes of fabricated elements can be linked together to form simple shapes. This is called building. Disrupting the building process before the shape is completed will destabilize the structure and sever all links.
  • Ash cannot shape each individual cube. This, in turn, limits the shapes he can fabricate to rectangular objects.

  • Ash can only fabricate one element at a time.
  • Creation mode can only perform one building per activation IE create one object at a time.
  • The maximum volume of total fabricated elements in a six hour timespan is 5.4 L (1.5 hr fabrication time). This limitation resets if no fabrication occurs for 1.5 hours after creation mode was last used.
  • Ash can suffer mental exhaustion the longer he stays in creation mode with a high chance of collapsing should he fabricate for more than one hour non-stop.




Current Available Credits: 9

Credit History
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