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In 2007, Evo’s Dawn devastated our world; from that time, children began manifesting powers and abilities that turned civil society into chaos. Things only got worse from there: international tensions escalated and cities were destroyed, causing the blame to fall on the new generation.

The Children of Evo’s Dawn have one place to go: the Campus of Azura and Avalon. It’s there that they can try and piece together lives in the face of a harsh world. As the world turns ever deeper into the Era of Evo’s Dawn, we see events of the world wrapping ever closer to this school. At Shadowside, the new generation may be the only guiding light for the new world.

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Sean Dalton
Topic Started: Sep 18 2011, 10:07 AM (420 Views)
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☸Embrace the days, don't turn away...life's true intent is patience, karma starts the signal☸
Student Name: Sean Dalton

Gender: Male

Age: 17 (7/14/94)

Race: Evotelluric

Physical Appearance:

He looks like someone who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, and to an extent, that’s perfectly true. He almost always seems tired, like he just woke up, and more often than not that’s true as well. Dark hair is usually found messy, though on the occasions he brushes it, it does come across as presentable. His eyes, the one thing people always seem to have something to say about, are naturally brown, but under certain circumstances they become a bright, glowing red. During these times, the smart move is often to run, because things are about to get broken.

Physically, he looks like any other American teenager. He's about six feet tall and keeps himself at a fit 197 pounds. Personal vanity is the reason for this. Since he fancies himself a ladies man, he puts a lot of effort into his body. As a result, he is in great shape and loves to show that fact off. He doesn't have any real distinguishing marks, no scars, no noticeable blemishes, and he plans to keep it that way.

Clothing wise, he dresses like he has money - designer lines and labels. There's nothing in his closet that doesn't cost less than 100 dollars, and, once again, it's something he enjoys showing off. However, since he has been cut off from his family, and therefore his money, he's reluctant to wear these anymore, so more often than not, he can be spotted in a torn pair of jeans and a white sleeveless.


He thinks the world belongs to him, and up until he came to the campuses, he was absolutely right. Being the son of a corporate mogul meant that Sean was afforded every luxury, every whim, every dream. If he ever wanted something, all he had to do was go get it, and that was it. As a result, he's extremely spoiled, and he's grown accustomed to that lifestyle.

A side effect of this lifestyle is that he's what could accurately be described as a player. If he sets his sights on a woman, he will do everything in his power to get her in the sack. The way he accomplishes this differs for each prospect. If the situation calls for him to be a gentleman, then he's just that. If he needs to be aggressive, he does just that. He adapts to the needs of each woman, working for as long as he needs to to accomplish his goal...and then never talks to them again if he can help it. Love 'em and leave 'em, as it were.

However, due to the fact that he's no longer being supported by his family, he's found it much harder to cope with his circumstances. He can no longer afford to party, to get crazy, to do all the things he could at home. The reality of his situation hasn't quite set in yet, but in the back of his mind it's there, gnawing at him, and a surefire way to piss him off is to remind him of this fact. He thinks people view him differently now that he's, for lack of a better term, poor, and he doesn't appreciate that. In his mind, he should still be on top of the world, better than them, and it takes a lot of work to remind him that he's no longer in that position.

He also has what could be described as issues with his father. As Thomas Dalton was a very distant man, Sean tended to act out in at attempt to get the man to notice him. The severity of these acts ranged from breaking things in their home to grand theft auto. Deep down, all he wants from his father is some acknowledgement, but he's not entirely confident that he'll ever receive that.


His family is rich.

Therefore, so is he.

That was the story of his life. Born in New York to one of the more affluent families in the city, he had it all when he was growing up - money, influence, and access to anything he possibly wanted. However, the one thing he couldn't get, the one thing he wanted more than anything else in the world, was one of the simple, basic necessities of life. That was the attention of his father. A consummate workaholic, Thomas Dalton put business above family nine times out of ten, and was only more distant after the passing of his wife, presumably to keep his mind off of that event. Sean suffered for this tendency, and reacted by doing anything he could to get his father to pay attention.

The methods he employed, however, weren't exactly constructive. At first, he opted to simply break things in their home to get his father to notice him, and when that failed, he escalated. Vandalism, wild parties, anything he could think of just to get his dad to look at him. Nothing worked, however, not even getting arrested on New Years Eve, 2006. He spent the day in juvenile lockup, and the night as well. It was there that he experienced Evo's Dawn, though he was unaware of his own alteration at the time.

The first sign that things had changed, for him, was the fact that one of his cellmates spontaneously combusted, yet remained perfectly fine. Things got a little crazy after that - a minor riot broke out in the cell, and Sean himself was injured a bit, kickstarting his own power. People would question why he'd managed to get out of the riot unharmed, but chalked it up to dumb luck, not the machines that flowed in his veins, fixing his injuries whenever they occurred. Indeed, he remained oblivious to the fact that he was an Evo for years after the initial incident.

Life continued in much the same way after that. He never suffered any injuries severe enough to make him notice his new abilities, and he continued to act out in an attempt to get his father to pay at least a little attention to him. Finally, it all came to a head when Thomas Dalton announced he was running for Senator, and that Sean would be sent to live with some distant relatives in Ohio or some other god forsaken place. This announcement pushed the young man straight over the edge, and he responded by getting incredibly drunk. The consequences of stealing his father's Ferrari and speeding through the Hamptons at night were lost on him, until he drove the car off a cliff.

The impact ruined the vehicle, and very nearly killed him as well. However, the nanites in his body, having been dormant for some time, activated and went to work. In a matter of minutes, they repaired Sean's body with a ferocity they never achieved again. They repaired his broken legs, regenerated his severed arm, and fixed the fact that his head had been basically caved in. He went from dead to alive in a matter of minutes, and when rescue services arrived, he had no explanation to give them.

When a physical examination revealed the nanites in his body, his father went ballistic. His political career couldn't afford to take the blow that an Evotelluric son would bring. He paid everyone involved in the incident to remain silent and sent Sean 'away.' It was a very secretive transfer - only Thomas and his son knew his intended destination. Fukuoka, Japan. Sean was to attend the academy there, and no one was to know about it.
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You bizzles forgot, Dizzle does not give a f@#$.
School: Azura

Year: First

Designation/Primary Magic Principle: Organic Cybernetics

Magic Spells/Special Abilities:


The most obvious of Sean’s abilities, this power manifests itself whenever he receives an injury of some sort. The reason for this miraculous ability is the nanites that swim about in his bloodstream. Produce internally as part of Sean's natural bodily functions and Evotelluric abilities, they actively seek out and repair any damage to his body as quickly as they can. Smaller injuries, such as paper cuts and the like, are fixed within half an hour of their initial occurrence. Larger cuts and bruises can take anywhere from one to three hours to fully heal. Massive injuries (deep cuts, the loss of limbs), require a minimum of three days to be fully repaired, possibly longer depending on the extent of the injury.

There are some major limitations to this however. First, the nanites themselves are not enough to stop the massive blood loss associated with most traumas. Outside help is required to stem the bleeding and keep him from passing out due to blood loss. Second, foreign objects severely hinder the healing process so long as they remain in Sean’s body, effectively doubling the time it takes for the nanites to do their job. Third, significant trauma to any vital areas is fatal. These include the head, neck, heart, and lungs. If anything beyond minor injuries are sustained to these areas and Sean receives no aid from another person, the results could easily be fatal. Additionally, there are multiple ways to inhibit the nanites themselves. Large electrical charges slow their effectiveness, rendering them essentially inoperative for the better part of twenty minutes. EMPs, should he be exposed to them, completely knock them out for a week, at minimum.

The nanites themselves are self-regenerating. Any lost due to injuries will be replaced after a good nights sleep. They cannot survive outside of his body, so it’s impossible to preserve them for later use or transfer them to another person via a transfusion.

Improved Strength

A side effect of Sean's body being repaired was that the nanites improved his physical abilities. They accomplished this by weaving special fibers into his muscles that act as just that - extra muscles, effectively making him much stronger than he was prior to the accident. What this translates to in practical terms is that Sean is capable of lifting up to twice his body weight (approximately 300 pounds) if he uses both hands. He can carry this level of weight fifty yards before he requires rest of at least five minutes before doing any more work. He can do this up to ten times in one day - more than that wipes him out. Obviously, he can carry less weight farther without as much strain. From 50 - 99 pounds, he can carry objects 200 yards. 100 - 199 pounds, 150 yards. 200 - 250 pounds, 100 yards, and 251 - 300 pounds, 50 yards.

As far as throwing things goes, Sean can lob items a good distance, depending on their weight. An item weighing between 50 -99 pounds can be tossed up to 75 yards, depending on the angle he throws them at. 100 - 199 pounds, 50 yards, 200 - 250 pounds, 25 yards, and 251 - 300 pounds, 10 yards. These are the maximum distances he can throw items, assuming he gets the angles just right and there aren't any interfering factors.

In a fight, this means Sean hits harder than normal. Taking a punch from him is equivalent to getting hit by a heavyweight boxer. Anyone unprepared for such a blow will find themselves hurting quite badly. Unfortunately, Sean's skills as a fighter aren't nearly developed enough to allow him to use this particular aspect of his strength to it's full extent. More often than not, he can only generate about fifty percent of his maximum strength when attempting to punch or kick someone, meaning that he's still capable of causing some damage, but not nearly as much as he potentially could.

Improved Speed

When the nanites repaired his body, they also enhanced his physical abilities. This relates specifically to the muscles in his legs. By weaving a special fiber into his muscles, they significantly improved how fast Sean can run. His top speed is 30 MPH, but he can only maintain this level of sprinting for about thirty seconds before fatigue sets in and he can no longer run. Therefore, he tends to limit himself when he runs, settling at about 20 MPH, a speed he can maintain for approximately two minutes.

As this requires a good deal of stamina on his part to maintain, he can only reliably sprint in this manner about five times a day, with twenty minutes of rest required between each sprinting session. Attempting to run any more beyond this will result in him only being able to achieve a speed a normal human might reach - about 10 MPH.




P.L.E.A.S.E.D. v1.0: Poly Linguistic Enlightenment And Service Extension Device

This little device comes standard to all students enrolling at either AEA or AMTI. Using a combination of Bluetooth technology and a unique brand of communication magic, this little beauty will translate any known, human language into your native language as it's spoken with only a point-five second lag. Aesthetically, it's either blue or red pending on your school colors and clips onto the ear as if a wireless cell phone accessory. Please enjoy your stay on the Twin Campus.

Current Available Credits: 0

Credit History
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