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In 2007, Evo’s Dawn devastated our world; from that time, children began manifesting powers and abilities that turned civil society into chaos. Things only got worse from there: international tensions escalated and cities were destroyed, causing the blame to fall on the new generation.

The Children of Evo’s Dawn have one place to go: the Campus of Azura and Avalon. It’s there that they can try and piece together lives in the face of a harsh world. As the world turns ever deeper into the Era of Evo’s Dawn, we see events of the world wrapping ever closer to this school. At Shadowside, the new generation may be the only guiding light for the new world.

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Emerson Daley Cooper; Project Noise
Topic Started: Jul 17 2011, 05:46 PM (655 Views)
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     Student Template Ver 2.21.a     
          X1rated     Emerson Daley Cooper
Posted Image               Gender     Male
               Age                 15
               DOB             6/14/96
               Race             Evo

               Physical Appearance

     Wild and unkempt would be the nice way of putting it. Emerson is an American boy that typifies the NEET image. He's weak, pale and has a messy pile of hair. Clothes are anything nearby and relatively clean. However, he does take baths on a regular basis, so he's not a complete trash heap as one would expect by his room.

     His father is American and his mother is Japanese resulting in typical black hair and brown eyes. As mentioned before, his hair is shaggy and grows near shoulder length. While being only fifteen, he has the workings of a small mustache just barely visible above his upper lip. His face has blemishes just like any other teen, and while he's not deathly pale, his skin does show a general lack of sunlight.

     Being only five feet and two inches, it's clear Emerson isn't the tallest pick of the litter, and if his brother is any indication of how he'll grow out, he's only got a few inches left to go. He weighs an average 130 lbs -- pushing close to the overweight side -- but the weight doesn't really show except around his gut. Good luck trying to see that, though.

     If there's one thing constant about his choice of clothing, it's his preference for some sort of headgear. It's typically a baseball cap or the occasional beanie which he uses to both keep his hair under control and hide his face when going out. He likes ironic t-shirts and game-related merchandise. Jeans are a definitive must when going out, and shorts are exclusive to roaming his room. While he doesn't have a preference on colors, he tends to go for darker, less outstanding shades so as to attract the least amount of attention.


     To say he's quiet, shy or soft-spoken because he's a shut-in is completely wrong. In person, Emerson is a man of few words who lets his actions speak for him, but online, he's an egotistical narcissist with a big personality.

     His most common online handle across boards, chatrooms and other media is "X1rated." It's actually a code meant to read as ex-one-rated, or in other words, exonerated. In the online circles -- particularly computer gaming communities -- he's fairly well known and regarded as a troll. His flippant and flamboyant attitude to everyone, even respectable seniors, has garnered him a great deal of attention both good and bad. Also, his regularly posted video blogs are very popular in part because of his over-the-top antics, peculiar speech patterns and overall wacky style.

     Offline, he's not a very loving or caring person. His family, which currently consists of his father and older brother, aren't much for bonding, either. They leave Emerson alone just like everyone else, and outside of official documents, it's as if he didn't even have a family. When his mother was alive, she was the one person who did care for the boy, and this experience has kept him from completely closing himself off from the outside world, but her accidental death is what eventually led him to strongly believe in conspiracies.

     Naturally, a strong interest for shut-ins are video games, and in this case, Emerson is no exception. While he prefers PC over console and RPGs over shooters, his fairly wide collection of games is not lacking in anything particular. He doesn't have box set DVDs or limited edition merchandise floating around his room, but he does have many external memory drives stuffed with volumes of movies, TV series, cartoons, animes and even an assortment of music. He also has multiple cellphones and other communication devices; even some walkie-talkies and a police radio transceiver. Suffice it to say, Emerson is quite the techie at heart.


     The newest vlog from X1rated just came out on his personal website, and it's entitled "My Life of Evo - X1rated Vlog #100". In it, the typically covered face of X1rated begins talking about his life's story in a surprisingly calm and in control manner. Also, unlike most life stories this video is short.

     "*AHEM* Uhm. So. I was born in America. A big city somewhere on the east coast. My father; he's a business man. He spent most of his time at work. My mom was the one who raised me and my older brother. She was one of those stay-at-home kind of moms. Housework and cooking and all that stuff. Can't really tell you much else, though. She died when I was pretty young.

     I went to a nearby elementary school. We never moved around a lot, so these were kids I'd see for years to come. Never liked it there. The boys were always so physical and the girls were so prissy. The teacher picked on me all the time, asking me questions and stuff. I just put up with it because my mom wanted me to go.

     So... I guess now is as good a time. Uhm, you see, the thing about my mom is that she died in an accident when I was maybe ten years old. It was around my last year of elementary school during spring. We were all at home that day; my father got back from work early. I was upstairs when my parents started fighting. I ignored it for the most part until I heard the front door slam. At that point, I looked out the window to see my mom walking away to get in her car. My father was just sitting downstairs not doing anything about it.

     When she drove off that day, it was the last I saw of her. I had to hear it the next day from my teacher about the "accident" she was in. My mom was sent to the emergency room, and only a couple hours later, she was dead. I never got to see her face one last time. Apparently, it looked pretty bad, so we ended up having a closed-coffin funeral.

     So.. I, uh, dropped from school the following year. Stayed home for the most part. My father and brother didn't mind. Actually, it's around this time that my brother moved out to go to college, and my father was never really home that much, anyways. Started, uh, well... Uhm.. forget it.

     Anyways, a few years later the Dawn struck and shit happened. I just watched all that crazy stuff from my room; didn't think or felt like it effected me directly. But it's funny, right? It took me -- what is it, four years? -- to realize I was one of those Evos. When I found out, I started looking stuff up. Doing my research, you know.

     I guess that Evo school in Japan found out about my snooping or something because they ended up contacting me. We started talking; lasted for a few days off and on. Eventually, I got to thinking that it wasn't such a bad idea to try going back to school. So now, I'm here at Azura in Japan. Haven't settled in yet, but, uh... I guess it's ok here. And, well, yeah. That's how it is."

     One hour later, the video was removed from the website by X1rated himself. When users commented on the sudden removal, he promptly replied, "stfu."
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KAIM ADINATHFinagling Faith with Megan
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☸Embrace the days, don't turn away...life's true intent is patience, karma starts the signal☸
School: Azura
Year: First Year
Primary Designation: Electronic Device Functionality

     Emerson is his own electronic device. Equipment such as phones, media players and camcorders are all built-in, or at least, they can be. As his powers grow, so too, will his functionality expand, and there's no telling just how quickly a human-based electronic device can progress.

Current Functionality:

Cranium Storage Device - A portion of Emerson's brain is set aside to act in similar fashion to a USB flash drive. In other words, when connected to a proper USB port he can transfer files between his brain and the electronic device like any other flash drive. His brain has a limited capacity of 8 MB with an average transfer speed of 12 Mbit/s (1.5 MB/s). Once transferred to his brain, he cannot do anything to the file aside from read out it's title; all other functions such as deleting or copying must be done through a computer. Since his brain is not virus protected it can technically be infected by computer viruses, but the computer virus doesn't effect his health in any noticeable way. Neither does reaching max storage space, but a strong enough electromagnetic force such as an EMP can wipe out all his data. After such a memory wipe, the storage becomes inoperable for a ten hour recovery period during which his brain resets to "factory settings." See "USB plugin compatible" for details over connectivity.

Digital Camcorder - Emerson's senses become the medium through which he can record video; his eyes act as the visual capture and his ears as the audio capture. He can begin and end recording at any time. The recorded video is stored in his Cranium Storage Device assuming there's enough space. The quality of both the audio and visual capture is dependent on the sharpness of his senses which is decent at best. As 1 MB of video is equal to thirty minutes, he can record a maximum of four hours. Since the visual capture is through his eyes, keeping them closed will display a black screen, and covering one ear will affect the sound balance. Suffering head trauma while recording can cause problems to the file such as desyncing, and losing consciousness will make the file corrupt and unreadable. Other than that, the recording can be pulled from his brain in any video format and can be altered or tweaked using editing software.

USB Plugin Compatible - As the title goes, Emerson is USB compatible. Any USB port -- whether on a computer, console or other electronic device -- can be utilized by Emerson to hook directly into that system via his finger. It doesn't matter which finger or which hand just as long as it's still attached to his body. Toes and the like are not considered legitimate fingers. The finger must be pressed and held against the USB port to connect, and he can only connect to one USB port at a time. This ability is essential to give computer access for his other functionalities. However, it can't be used to directly hack into a computer unless he himself can get in. Last to note is that his physical condition has no direct effect to his plugin capabilities, and in fact, file transfer can still be done while he's passed out or unconscious.


Technician - Emerson can provide as much technical assistance on computers, game consoles, phones, TVs and small appliances as well as any phone service operator. However, his knowledge is only on the technical aspects meaning physical problems with the device are not his forte. He also knows how to jailbreak certain phones, hack the OS of game consoles and overclock computers as well as a few other tricks.


P.L.E.A.S.E.D. v1.0: Poly Linguistic Enlightenment And Service Extension Device

This little device comes standard to all students enrolling at either AEA or AMTI. Using a combination of Bluetooth technology and a unique brand of communication magic, this little beauty will translate any known, human language into your native language as it's spoken with only a point-five second lag. Aesthetically, it's either blue or red pending on your school colors and clips onto the ear as if a wireless cell phone accessory. Please enjoy your stay on the Twin Campus.

Fifteen Credit Voucher for the Student Store

Current Available Credits: 0

Credit History
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