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In 2007, Evo’s Dawn devastated our world; from that time, children began manifesting powers and abilities that turned civil society into chaos. Things only got worse from there: international tensions escalated and cities were destroyed, causing the blame to fall on the new generation.

The Children of Evo’s Dawn have one place to go: the Campus of Azura and Avalon. It’s there that they can try and piece together lives in the face of a harsh world. As the world turns ever deeper into the Era of Evo’s Dawn, we see events of the world wrapping ever closer to this school. At Shadowside, the new generation may be the only guiding light for the new world.

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Topic Started: May 31 2011, 08:43 PM (707 Views)
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☸Embrace the days, don't turn away...life's true intent is patience, karma starts the signal☸
Student Name: Hue

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Race: Human

Physical Appearance:

Posted Image

Small and lithe, Hue stands at 5’4”, fairly short for a girl her age. She’s somewhat sensitive about this, and making short jokes is a good way to get on her bad side. She keeps her hair short so it doesn’t interfere with her vision while she’s in motion, though that usually isn’t an issue as she keeps her hair put up under a bandana or a hat of some kind. Without a cover, her hair is messy and unkempt, mostly because she doesn’t give a damn about the way it looks on any given day, so she takes that out of the equation by keeping it under wraps.

Clothing-wise she dresses like any other girl, with some tomboyish tendencies. Function takes precedence over form for her, just in case she happens to get into a fight. Therefore, she shies away from tight clothes and skirts, most of the time. She’s not above dressing like a girly-girl, however, when the need arises. Most of the time it doesn’t, so she can usually be seen in T-shirts and jeans.

No matter what she’s wearing, however, she always has a platinum armlet with a ruby set in it around her left arm. This is her Creation Circuit, the item that facilitates her magical abilities and makes them reality. It’s mystically bonded to her and cannot be removed by conventional means. Rumor has it that powerful enough magic might remove it from her person, but she’s never felt the need to attempt this. After all, she has no reason to.


A loudmouth through and through, Hue can and will pick a fight with anyone. She’s got a hair trigger and enough ammunition to go around. Most of the time, she hides all of that behind the façade of an uninterested, vaguely bored tomboy out of respect for her brothers ideals, but on a bad day she will shoot her mouth off to anyone and everyone who crosses her path, and she never backs down once things get real. Even if she’s broken and bleeding, she’ll still get back up until she can do so no longer.

But, as stated, she typically keeps that part of herself deep inside of her due to the values her late brother instilled in her through training and upbringing. She holds him in the highest respect, taking each and every word he ever spoke to her to heart. She does her best to follow his life lessons, but there’s a natural personality clash between the way she wants to do things and the way he taught her. Sometimes these mental conflicts cause her great frustration, but more often than not, she defaults to her brother’s advice when faced with an impasse.

That being said, the fastest way to make her angry is to imply that her brother was a fool. Even a vague hint is enough to push the right button and send her flying into a rage that will not subside until the offending party has apologized or she is knocked cold, whichever comes first. Even once one of those two things happens, she will remain angry at the person who dared insult her beloved brother for a period of days, weeks, maybe even months, depending on the veracity of the insult. She’s very capable of holding a grudge, and she will exercise that ability given the slightest provocation.

The source of much of this rage is simple – the death of her brother haunts her deeply, for it was an unnatural death. A rival clan took his life before her eyes one night, and she’s never fully recovered from the shock. To this day she still has terrible nightmares about what she saw. She harbors a deep, burning hatred for the people who took him from her and wishes them nothing but pain and misery, but she doesn’t have a proper outlet for this rage, hence the lashing out and her one great vice, smoking. She’s not at all above swiping a pack of smokes to calm her nerves from time to time, even though it goes against what her brother taught her.

In spite of her firecracker personality and issues with the clan that killed her brother, Hue maintains her commitment to her brother and the ways of her clan each and every day, devoting a good portion of any given day to training herself in the arts she was instructed in. It’s during these sessions that she sees things the clearest. They require focus, concentration, precision, all things that calm her mind, help her think, and give direction to her life. She has solved many problems in her life during these times. For anyone lucky enough to happen upon her during these times, they would find a completely different girl – a calm, respectful Hue, the polar opposite of the side most of the rest of the world sees. Not many people get to see this, however, since she keeps these times personal and secret. Anyone she decides to bring along on one of these sessions is lucky indeed, for they have reached Hue in a personal way. Being with her during these times can be considered a sign that she thinks of the other party as family.

Notably, being brought up in a clan facility for most of her life has left her more or less clueless about the ways of the world, with regards to romance. As such, she's basically oblivious to any and all advances by the opposite sex and doesn't fully comprehend why she sometimes catches boys staring at her. She understands, vaguely, physical attractions and things of that nature, but it would be difficult to get her to even notice someone feeling that way about her. In her mind, it's all stupid, and something she doesn't really have time for.


The conflict that landed on her doorstep that night started many years ago. It was the most visceral of all conflicts – one between family. On an island nation long forgotten to time, an ancient master of the magic she practices fathered two sons, each carrying conflicting believes of how to best further the study and practice of their craft. The eldest, Tetsu, believed their style was a meditative tool, used to sharpen and hone the mind, while the younger, Senka, believed their art was an art of war, meant to strengthen their nation. Each held their beliefs firm, but were never outright hostile to one another until the time to name the successor to the art. The eldest brother was chosen, sparking the younger’s rage and setting off a chain of events that led to an all-out war that destroyed the nation. The survivors of each side left their homes and nursed their grudges, continuing down the path each brother taught them, taking occasional swipes at each other but never descending into outright war again.

Years passed. For a time, the conflicts were all but forgotten. The Tetsu clan and the Senka clan were lost to history, but the lines of each continued into the present day. However, a tragedy struck the Tetsu when they lost their most recent head and his wife to a car accident. They left behind a young son, Van, and an infant daughter, Hue. The siblings were taken in by the clan and trained in their art in the hopes that one would one day become their new leader. Van was considered the most skilled practitioner of their art in the history of their clan, and hopes were high for the young man. His sister, however, was much less promising.

Hue was a handful, pure and simple. Rowdy and out of control, she would run around her home, knocking over everything in her path with impunity and mouthing off to anyone who attempted to stop her. The only person capable of controlling her was the only blood relative she had left in the world. Van did his best to keep his sister out of trouble, but there was very little he could do to control her. However, there was one surefire way to keep her calm, and that was to take her to one of Van’s training sessions. When she watched him perform, she was mesmerized, and eventually her respect for what Van was capable of won her over. She would learn, but she would only learn from him.

Through their shared sessions, the siblings learned more than the ways of their clan. They found peace – Van coped with the loss of their parents through teaching Hue, and Hue learned patience and respect from her brother. She was always much less skilled than him in the mystic arts, but she never let that get to her. She simply accepted that her brother was better and that he would one day lead the Tetsu to the best of his ability, and she would help him the best she could. And so, for years, they lived in peace.

Until one night, when the Senka attacked. It was swift, sudden, and precise. A small group of assassins penetrated their training grounds, surrounded Van, and took his life. It only took an instant, and then they were gone. Hue, however, saw it all. Van had sensed they were coming and sent his sister to hide before they arrived. In saving her life, he lost his own. The sight undid all the work Van had put into her. She reverted to the wild child she’d been before, completely inconsolable about the loss of her brother, but nothing was worse than the rumor that started circulating, that she would be the next head of the clan. Unable to cope with that information, she ran.

The runaway Tetsu eventually ended up in Fukuoka through a series of strange travels. During her time in the city, she learned of a place called Avalon, a school for the practitioners of magic, like her. Having nowhere else to go, and having exhausted all the money she’d taken when she ran, she ended up at the school. Now, she trains each and every day, doing her best to carry on her beloved brother’s spirit, and perhaps one day exact revenge on those who took him from her. She knows not what the future has in store for her, but she will make Van proud.

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Ryan Nevis | Hue | Takahiro Sato | Sean Dalton | Hermes III
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Frozen Wonderland
School: Avalon

Year: First Year

Designation/Primary Magic Principle: Creation Magic

Magic Spells/Special Abilities:

Creation Circuit

The armlet that Hue wears around her left arm is mystical in nature, a conduit for her magical abilities. It cannot be removed by conventional means, even if she wanted to take it off, though a rumor states that powerful enough magic could conceivably remove it from her person. It’s impossible to say, however, as there is no record of anything like that ever happening.

Create Weapon

Hue’s magic training is in the art of creating something from nothing. This translates to using her inherent magical energy to fuse life into the air around her, forming them into very real weapons – real blades, real materials. She uses real world elements in her creations; wood, steel and fiber, each bound by the same restrictions and limitations something naturally made would have. Obviously, this requires a lot of work on her part, so for the time being her choice of creations is limited to a simple ninjato. The swords she makes behave like one would expect a blade to - they are capable of cutting anything a well-maintained sword could cut.

In order to create these weapons, she must first focus her energies into the armlet around her left bicep, which facilitates the process of creating wood, steel, and whatever else is required for her weapons out of the air. She is still inexperienced in this art, and this initialization takes at least three seconds, longer if her concentration is interrupted or broken. Actual creation takes another three seconds, for a total of at least six seconds to create one weapon. Once created, the weapons require concentration to maintain their form. Since her training in these arts wasn't completed, she can only really hold each weapon in the material world for five minutes before they vanish, longer if she can maintain her concentration. The longest she has ever held a weapon she created was ten minutes, and that required a gargantuan effort on her part. If her focus is broken before that, the weapon instantly disappears, requiring recreation before it can be used again. They can be dismissed at any time before that, however. As her magical abilities haven’t fully developed, Hue can only reliably create ten weapons in a twenty-four hour span. If she tries to create any more once she’s reached her limit, nothing at all happens.

In theory, this magic could be used to create anything she desired out of thin air. In practice, however, her current level of training limits her to a single kind of sword. With more work, she could conceivably create other items, but for now all she can handle is her ninjato.


Swordsmanship – Basic

Hue’s brother instructed her in the basics of swordplay before his passing, teaching her the absolute minimum about her weapon of choice. Her training included basic safety, proper handling and maintenance, and a few basic forms for her to practice. In short, enough to reliably show off to someone, but not enough to use in actual combat with any sort of effectiveness. The best she could hope to manage in a fight is one or two parries, but after that she will, in all likelihood, falter and take a hit.


Bokken Set

The wooden practice swords she and her brother used in their training. She keeps them merely for sentimental value and doesn’t use them for anything anymore. All they are now are reminders of happier days. She is extremely protective of these items and will lash out at anyone who attempts to touch them.

P.L.E.A.S.E.D. v1.0: Poly Linguistic Enlightenment And Service Extension Device

This little device comes standard to all students enrolling at either AEA or AMTI. Using a combination of Bluetooth technology and a unique brand of communication magic, this little beauty will translate any known, human language into your native language as it's spoken with only a point-five second lag. Aesthetically, it's either blue or red pending on your school colors and clips onto the ear as if a wireless cell phone accessory. Please enjoy your stay on the Twin Campus.


P.L.E.A.S.E.D. 2.0

Nu/Ani/P.L.E.A.S.E.D/2.0 - Psi.U.A.

Current Available Vouchers: 6
Current Available Credits: 30

Credit History
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