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In 2007, Evo’s Dawn devastated our world; from that time, children began manifesting powers and abilities that turned civil society into chaos. Things only got worse from there: international tensions escalated and cities were destroyed, causing the blame to fall on the new generation.

The Children of Evo’s Dawn have one place to go: the Campus of Azura and Avalon. It’s there that they can try and piece together lives in the face of a harsh world. As the world turns ever deeper into the Era of Evo’s Dawn, we see events of the world wrapping ever closer to this school. At Shadowside, the new generation may be the only guiding light for the new world.

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Topic Started: May 18 2011, 05:10 PM (1,130 Views)
Ain Soph Aur
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Student Template Version 2.2

Student Name: Azra Eliza Ellim

True Name: Kaden Hunt

Aliases: Da'at

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Date of Birth:

Race: Human

Physical Appearance:

Azra is tall at around 5’10” with a normal build that’s neither powerful nor pencil thin. His skin is pale, suggesting a chronic lack of sun and a lifetime spent in dark, musty places. His hair is dark and matted, going whichever way despite whatever attempt he makes with a comb. Glasses or not on his green eyes, Azra is the bookish type and although he’s not quite as bad as some people in the campus, it is still common to see him studying a book or document in his free time. Although not really athletic, he looks like someone with a decent turn of speed and stamina largely due to the life he’s lead thus far.

Azra’s expressions vary from manic flippancy to grim and purposeful depending on his mood. It should be noted however that he’s more likely to smirk no matter the situation and only shows a more serious appearance when truly believes that things are not good. Quite good at hiding his emotions, he is capable of keeping his impertinent attitude even in incredibly hopeless situations.

As for his taste in clothes, he likes coats, jackets, robes and trench coats—anything with an ungodly amount of wide, deep pockets for the miscellaneous paraphernalia he likes to keep. Other than that, he goes for functional and comfortable clothes, sticking mostly to jeans, shirts and a particularly worn pair of running shoes.

Reference Picture

Personality Azra is a talker, he has a tendency to speak a lot, partially as a means of making sense of everything and partially because it amuses him to be difficult. He knows his big mouth will probably get him killed someday but he has reasoned that at the very least, he’ll die laughing. Despite this, he still allows himself some ego and he is likely to react to threats by being snarky before running like all hell.

Definitely a guy who sees the glass as half empty and draining fast, his humor can be described as dark, the kind of humor used by men about to face the gallows. Yet he also approaches life and danger with a sardonic smile, the cheekiness to match it and the stubbornness to see himself through almost anything. Azra can be described as somewhat high-strung and paranoid, which, given his line of magic is understandable. It shows in his unhealthy love for caffeine and his insistence in never giving out his real name--not even to people he trusts.

Despite all the damage his studies have done to his psyche however, Azra remains to be a very dedicated scholar in the magical arts. He has made it his life to study and utilize magic and all the lore around it. Control is the main factor in this decision. He has a large independent streak, which makes him wish to understand and control his surroundings or at least know that the thing eating him is dread C’thulhu.

Considering his erratic nature, Azra is understandably difficult to be around with. Although he’s as likely to direct his humor on himself, his tendency to banter has made more than one person exasperated with him. He is however a loyal friend however and will willingly kick the devil in the shins in order to help a friend.

His erratic behavior however hides a cunning and observant mind. He enjoys a challenge and flirts with danger because he knows it helps him keep sharp. In other words, he willingly goes rushing ahead with his mouth and his actions because he realizes that the moment he slows down is more than likely the moment he dies.

History: The Hunt family is an old family of distinguished practitioners of magic. A look at their family tree would show a long series of achievements punctuated by brutal deaths. From being burned for witchcraft to being disemboweled by a demon, it is very likely that at least one member of the Hunt family has experienced death in that manner. Magic is in their blood however and like a mindless lover, they always willingly answer its call.

As these things go, Azra is, of course, the exception to the rule not so much that he has difficulty using magic but rather because it is inevitable. Given the choice, he would have gladly ignored the call. Unfortunately, the term ‘magic is in his blood’ is more literal in his case as he is the seventh child of someone who was himself the seventh in his family.

His birth was not exactly according to plan. His parents had long known the consequences of having a seventh child and had taken steps to prevent such a thing from happening. Unfortunately, they had found themselves trapped and facing their doom one night and one thing had lead to the other, which probably wouldn’t have mattered much if it had not been for the awkward fact that they had survived the ordeal.

Even more miraculous was the fact that they were able to evade all their enemies in the nine months it took Kaden’s mother to come to term. She gave birth one stormy night amidst terrible fighting that saw her second son killed in a magical duel of wits. A life for a life; the events surrounding the birth of Kaden was regarded as portents of his future life. A life filled with storms, death and uncomfortably dark and cramp spaces.

His family however decided that they would take steps to at least prolong the inevitable. By means of pulling some strings, calling in favors and leaning on one particularly nervous bureaucrat, they were able to foist a new identity on Kaden, leaving him in the care of the Ellims; family friends who were almost as magically gifted if not as adventurous as Kaden's relatives.

In this way, Kaden was able to be raised in relative quiet and given the magical training he needed to survive. He was able to carry on without knowledge of his heritage for years. During his thirteenth birthday however, he was tracked down and attacked by a vampire lord with a grudge. It was only the intervention of one of his brothers—a private investigator living in America and making enemies left and right like it was the end of the world—that he was able to survive and learn of his actual heritage.

Eventually reacquainted to most of his family (at least the ones who were still alive or whose location were known), he learned of his family's past and history. Further adventures allowed him to get closer to them, as well. It was his father who suggested that he continue his studies in Avalon where he could further his magic in a way that even an incredibly gifted magician could not afford to do. Collin, his foster-father, agreed and the papers were prepared and finalized. Alone for the first time, Kaden can only rely on his wits and skill now lest he meet the sorry end his family has worked so hard to avoid.
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The Lucky Charm|The Cat in the Hat|The Cripple|The Limitless Light|The Occultist

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School: Avalon

Year: 1st Year

Designation/Primary Magic Principle:

Sympathetic Magic

Magic Spells/Special Abilities:

Sympathetic Link


Circle Casting (Barrier)


Inventory/Equipment: Ceremonial Knife, Spellbook

P.L.E.A.S.E.D. 2.0: Poly Linguistic Enlightenment And Service Extension Device

Coat of Holding

Elemental Cloth

Current Available Credits: 0 (Starts at 0, do not mess with the code below.)

Credit History
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