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In 2007, Evo’s Dawn devastated our world; from that time, children began manifesting powers and abilities that turned civil society into chaos. Things only got worse from there: international tensions escalated and cities were destroyed, causing the blame to fall on the new generation.

The Children of Evo’s Dawn have one place to go: the Campus of Azura and Avalon. It’s there that they can try and piece together lives in the face of a harsh world. As the world turns ever deeper into the Era of Evo’s Dawn, we see events of the world wrapping ever closer to this school. At Shadowside, the new generation may be the only guiding light for the new world.

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Kaylen Baisteach
Topic Started: Apr 8 2011, 10:44 PM (850 Views)
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Frozen Wonderland
Student Template Version 2.2

Student Name: Kaylen Baisteach

Gender: Male

Age: 16 (December 15th, 1996)

Race: Human

Physical Appearance:

Kaylen is about 5’3” and 100 lbs. That makes him extremely skinny, however he has a very small frame so that doesn’t really help much but at least it makes him look less emaciated than he actually is. The most noticeable things about him are his hair and his eyes. His hair is a color of sooty grayish brown that is hard to miss, since it isn’t anywhere near normal, and his eyes are a vibrant shade of ruby red. With his light frame, he is pretty much the definition of malnourished and weak. He is very skinny, very frail, and not developed well at all musculature wise. His face is skinny and his skin tends to almost have an ill luster to it, being extremely pale. He normally wears a pair of large glasses that go over his eyes, but can see moderately well without them, he just can’t see far distances.

His body is covered in deep red marks all over his body. These are burns and scars that he received around the time of Evo’s Dawn, and something that he hides. He goes around wearing nothing but long sleeved clothing because of it. Unlike other scars that ‘look cool’, these ones are pretty bad to look at, though they aren’t horrific. He hates the fact that they run all around his body and even up his neck, which is why he usually wears turtle necks or some sort of tie or even a collar around his neck when he can. He would much rather that than someone point out the scars. It’s also embarrassing because he does have body hair, but it is in patches that do not grow in correctly do to burnt and scarred skin usually not growing body hair.

Kaylen II


Kaylen outwardly isn’t exactly sociable. He tends to ignore people or avoid coming in to contact with them if he can. This goes especially for other guys. He is not so bad around girls, but when it is a man he is interacting with, he can be downright hard to talk to. He talks softly and mutters under his breath a lot and doesn’t make eye contact and will many times just up and walk away if he feels too embarrassed. This is primarily because he can’t help but feel attracted to other guys and it’s not something he either wants to admit to himself or wants to deal with. He would much rather not talk to people.

He likes books. He likes them a lot. That doesn’t mean he is very good at studying, in fact he gets really bad grades because he doesn’t really like doing that. He tends to prefer children’s books or fantasy stories because he enjoys them so much and they give him an escape from this world in to another. He also feels strangely close to book for the reason of his powers, so he enjoys them. He doesn’t hold any special meaning to them however and won’t get on your case for destroying one unless it was the last one on Earth or something along those lines. The same goes for computers and video games, which he spends most of his time on when he isn’t reading.

He can't stand physical contact. Primarily because his skin loves to have phantom pain where many of the nerves were seriously damaged that make him feel like his skin is burning or being stabbed all over again, but also because he hates the physical intimacy behind it. It's nearly impossible to hug him and a hand shake is the best you'll get. In fact, one of the few things he'll outwardly express anger about is if you try and touch him.

He thinks a lot, and tends to over-think situations. Almost everything is his fault if something bad happens and he is always blaming himself. He doesn’t really trust other people and feels like they don’t really care about him or will end up forgetting about him or abandoning him, so he tends to try and stray away from them if he can. He will definitely be pleasant with someone, but he won’t become emotionally invested, though deep down he has actually a deep want to be emotionally invested in a friend. He tends not to get angry, just tends to seethe and kind of mope more than get angry, but he can still be riled up if you push him enough.

He's not exactly religious. His parents reactions to him tended to push him farther and farther away from religion and he tends to not believe in anything anymore. He wants to believe, but he is more of an agnostic by situation rather than choice. However, morality wise, he is heavily indoctrinated so has a hard time discerning what he actually believes versus the fundamentalist type things he was taught. It is a source of a high amount of conflict in him, because he doesn't want to reject everything, but doesn't want to accept everything. He is trying to find his own truth and it's not easy.

Friend wise, it’s hard to really get to be his friend, but if you finally manage to, he tends to be a very thoughtful (if not a bit too overly thoughtful) person who will try his best to make you happy. If he actually likes you, he doesn’t care how unhappy he is as long as you are happy. This stems from him not knowing how to interact with other people, and the fact that if he feels like he has a chance to be friends with someone and it won’t blow up in his face (which he rarely thinks), he tends to push a bit too much.

Dream wise, he is rather lacking. Deep down he really wants a good, true friend, but he never believes he can have it, so he rarely thinks about it. Fear wise, it is the opposite. An extreme fear of betrayal leads to him staying away from allowing people to actually hurt him, which means not getting close to them, which is sad at times.


Kaylen was born in Ireland, in Kenmare to be exact, a small village in County Kerry. His family was highly religious and his life was primarily spent going to church, going to school and being at home. Sometimes he went outside on his own, but he never really fit in with others kids. He tended to be more mature and think more than they did, and thus wasn’t really as happy about some of the more childish stuff that they were interested in. That was fine with him and his parents though, because he read a lot and they figured that would make him smarter. Of course, this led to some problems later on in life when he couldn’t really relate to people of his own age group. It didn’t help that over time, he realized that he was attracted to men, which was well against what his Church going parents would allow.

This was the norm until Evos Dawn happened. At first it was nothing at all. No one from their village was affected and everything seemed normal. People around Ireland had varying responses, however the more religious tended to view them as demons and even went so far as to go on witch hunts for them in secret. However, it was a year later that it happened. His eyes suddenly and inexplicably turned a bright shade of red. His parents were horrified, calling him things like a demon, and his mother even went so far as to splash a pan of boiling water all over him and stabbing at him with a kitchen in attempts to get him out of the house. He was completely shunned and ran out of the house, collapsing on the street. He was soon found by his neighbors who called an ambulance. He was taken to a hospital where he was treated for serious burns and laceration

He was recovering for almost a year in rehabilitation, where he primarily kept to himself. His parents never visited and he never really cared. He had been abandoned by them and he knew that was how it was going to be. He spent most of his time reading whatever books the nurses dropped off for him when he wasn’t attempting to go through rehabilitation. It was towards the end of this that he learned of his power. It was a simple idle wish for a page to move and it did. A few more tries and it happened again and again. When the doctors and nurses learned of this, they suggested he transfer to Azura and Avalon. Not only would he be able to get proper legal guardianship there, but he would be out of a situation that was not good for him.

He honestly didn’t care. He felt the situation would be the same regardless of where he went, so he went along with it, getting financial help and moving along over there. So, while he waited, he practiced with his power, mostly just playing around with it. It was the only good thing to come out of all of this, and until that point, he had been more annoyed than anything else about it.
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Sam Bryce
(Warning: Anything Sam says, does, etc, is simply because he's a stupid teenager. It has nothing to do with the author's actual thoughts, feelings, etc. However, if what he does bothers you, feel free to PM me and we can work stuff out!)
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Always having theories.
School: Azura

Year: First Year

Designation/Primary Magic Principle: Cursed Mask Wearer - Kaylen's PMP primarily revolves around cursed masks that he finds and has the sole ability to wear. His PMP covers only the abilities that center around the masks as a whole, such as the four categories of masks, putting them on, combining abilities, etc. It does not, however, include the price of the powers that the masks give, only powers centered around using the mask.

Masks of the Four Cursed Ones

Kaylen’s primary ability is to use one of four types of masks, each type of mask having a special category and type of power that is unique to that type. These four categories are the Masks of the Forest, the Mountain, the Ocean and the Desert. The powers involving using the masks (but not the powers actually granted by the masks) overlap, however for only the masks in that category of mask. So restrictions for the Forest masks overlap to all Forest masks but not to Ocean masks.

All masks, when worn, transform the user's body in to something completely different, however the transformation's benefits and such depend completely on the specific mask that is worn. The transformation looks different for each mask, so thus will be covered in the masks themselves.

Currently only one mask can be worn at a time and mask effects cannot be combined. While he can switch from one mask to another type (Forest > Ocean for example) without the time restrictions involved of switching masks inside a single type of mask (Forest > Forest), the timers do not reset for the other types of mask, so going from a Mask of the Mountain to a Mask of the Ocean and then back to a Mask of the Mountain within a half an hour would still retain the negative effect of having put on another Mask of the Mountain within a single half hour time period.

A single mask, however, can NOT be reworn without giving it 12 hours to recharge itself. Attempting to wear it would be like attempting to put on a normal mask. As well, all injuries will transfer between the mask and his real body, as the masks are literally just changing his real body. Damage to the masks while they are in mask form can destroy them and it will take three days for them to reform. Damage to the masks while he has them on and is transformed doesn't do anything.

Stamina wise, he can only put on up to a total of two masks within a two hour period. Due to a huge drain on his energy, if he were to put on another mask within an hour of putting on the first, he would enter the state of the second mask feeling like he had gone without a night's sleep. He would be capable, but at a much lower state. Once the mask was off, he would feel close to passing out. If he waited for more than an hour to put on the second mask, he would be able to don a second mask at full strength, but would exit the transformation feeling like he had run a marathon and need at least three or four hours to feel well again. A third mask within a two hour period would cause him to pass out due to exhaustion. Donning a second mask directly at the two hour mark is also not recommended as it's not exactly two hours. Two hours is just the minimum if he's at his best.

Masks of the Mountain

The Mountain Masks primarily focus around the physical aspect of the body. Masks that increase physical parameters such as strength, speed and endurance all fall under this category. The creatures that he transforms in to upon donning these tend to not have any powers outside of these physical aspects.

Currently, upon donning any Mask of the Mountain, Kaylen undergoes a physically excruciating one minute transformation the likes of which is akin to his bones and muscles all breaking and being reformed in to a different shape due to his body not being used to the magic of the masks. Even afterwards, the pain will remain for a minute more before subsiding majorly but will be a dull ache for at least up to five after that. It is not a pleasant process, especially since it is repeated upon removal of the mask. The process upon removal is the same amount of time for putting on.

The masks will only remain attached to him for fifteen minutes once the transformation is completed, however at the ten minute mark his body will begin to ache and the place where the mask is on his face will become uncomfortable. This will continue until his face feels like it is on fire as it nears the fifteen minute mark and his body feeling as though it is ripping apart again. If he actually hits the fifteen minute mark, the pain will force him to pass out and the mask will fall off.

He cannot don a Mask of the Mountain without giving his body a thirty minute resting period in between taking the old one off and putting the new one on or else the pain will be so bad that he will not stay conscious through the second transformation and will remain unconscious for about an hour.

Masks of the Forest

Masks of the Forest are focused completely on the concept of adaptation. You don't become stronger or better to overcome a situation by force but rather you adapt yourself to a form that fits better. This tends to include weaker forms that tend to combine well with the environment or adapt to it, changing the body form for this. This includes anything from changing to a plant like creature to a flying creature. These forms are rarely every physically impressive, more impressive in the traits that they have.

Currently, upon donning any Mask of the Forest, Kaylen's transformation in to the being of the mask takes one minute. While it is not physically or mentally painful, it is an experience that he does not like to repeat. His body and mind feel as though they are melting away and he is being consumed by darkness, leaving him very fragile emotionally during the time when it transforms, almost akin to being trapped in a nightmare. It takes around a minute for him to fully come back to his senses after the minute long transformation. The process upon removal is the same amount of time for putting on.

The masks will only remain attached to him for fifteen minutes once the transformation is completed, however at the ten minute mark his mind will start to become cloudy and it will be harder for him to concentrate. This becomes worse and worse as it progresses towards the fifteen minutes, and at fifteen he is left a babbling mess when the mask falls off.

He cannot don a Mask of the Forest without giving himself a thirty minute resting period in between taking the old one off and putting the new one on or else he end up a babbling, insane mess who is incapable of doing anything productive at all after the transformation and will remain in this mental state for about an hour, even after the transformation has faded.

Masks of the Ocean

Masks of the Ocean focus on the sharpening of the mind and the skills of the body. These tend to be masks that grant the wearer skills that they would never have had before and possibly some physical enhancement to be able to use them, but not nearly the level of Masks of the Mountain.

Currently, upon donning any Mask of the Ocean, Kaylen's transformation in to the being of the mask takes one minute and is akin to a migraine headache while overseeing a construction facility without noise cancelling headphones. It is an intense throbbing pain in his mind and leaves him incapable of doing anything while it is happening, and it takes a minute once the transformation is done in order for him to actually not feel the pain anymore. For up to four minutes afterwards, he will still be sensitive to loud noises, but only on the level of a normal headache. This headache will return when he is taking off the mask. The process upon removal is the same amount of time for putting on.

The masks will only remain attached to him for fifteen minutes once the transformation is completed, however at the ten minute mark the headache will return and progressively get worse until it is a roaring migraine at fifteen again, to the point of causing him to pass out from the mental strain and remain unconscious for about an hour.

He cannot don a Mask of the Ocean without giving himself a thirty minute resting period in between taking the old one off and putting the new one on or else the mental pain that comes along with the transformation will cause him to be out like a light for about an hour, even after he's done transforming.

Masks of the Desert

Masks of the Desert focus on the supernatural where the rest focus on the natural. These masks focus very little on the forms of the transformations but rather the forms ability to tap in to supernatural abilities, such as magic or Evo like abilities when they are being used. The forms behind these masks tend to be the weakest physically.

Currently, upon donning any Mask of the Desert, Kaylen's transformation in to the being of the mask takes one minute. This transformation is very unsettling because it is similar to his body being dissolved in to sand, which no matter how used to you are, is a very scary experience. While this is happening, he is really unable to control his body or move it at all and then once it is done, he still has trouble getting 'used' to his new body for another minute, being unable to really move. For up to four minutes afterwards, he will not be able to have full control, but still have basic control of the new body. The same feeling happens upon removal of the mask, taking the same amount of time.

The masks will only remain attached to him for fifteen minutes once the transformation is completed, however at the ten minute mark he will begin to feel like he has less control over himself, getting worse and worse until the fifteen minute mark at which he will be unable to move a muscle and the numbness will continue for about an hour, even after the mask falls off.

He cannot don a Mask of the Desert without giving himself a thirty minute resting period in between taking the old one off and putting the new one on or else his entire body will go numb and he will be unable to move at all for an hour, even after the transformation fades.

Magic Spells/Special Abilities:

Clockwork Mask (Mask of the Desert)


Hospitalization (Weakness)

Kaylen, being hospitalized for almost a year and having to go through rehab, is actually much physically weaker than most kids his age. He can’t run very fast or very far (what would be considered a light jog is probably his limit and even then he would get out of breath after a few minutes), his physical strength is limited (he couldn't lift his own weight if he tried, a heavy student backpack is about as far as it goes), and his constitution tends to be weaker, especially considering his diet. Also, from the serious burns he had, in regards to the areas that were burned, he lost a large amount of his ability to sweat, meaning that he overheats easy, even if the destruction of the ends of nerves means he can’t feel surface temperature or extremely small cuts (like minute cuts that are smaller than paper cuts) (thus he can’t tell if he’s getting a sunburn or if something is midly hot or cold, but can feel anything past the first layer, such as higher heats (anything beyond a sun warmed stone), pressure, etc). However, contact on that part of skin by most anything can cause serious phantom pains throughout his entire body, the sensation of burning, and touching one of his scars can cause him to remember the pain of being stabbed. So in general, he's not a huge fan of being touched.

This is also mixed with a psychological aversion to heat and fire in general due to the burns he was treated for as well as bladed objects in general. So, he tends to be very cautious about things, since a lot of times his body can't really tell him information that he needs about them without getting injured first.


P.L.E.A.S.E.D. v1.0: Poly Linguistic Enlightenment And Service Extension Device

This little device comes standard to all students enrolling at either AEA or AMTI. Using a combination of Bluetooth technology and a unique brand of communication magic, this little beauty will translate any known, human language into your native language as it's spoken with only a point-five second lag. Aesthetically, it's either blue or red pending on your school colors and clips onto the ear as if a wireless cell phone accessory. Please enjoy your stay on the Twin Campus.

Azura Year 2 Uniform

Limbus Bracelet


P.L.E.A.S.E.D. 2.0

The Masquerade

Coat of Holding

Elemental Cloth


Three Credit Voucher for the Student Store

Current Available Credits: 24

Credit History
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