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In 2007, Evo’s Dawn devastated our world; from that time, children began manifesting powers and abilities that turned civil society into chaos. Things only got worse from there: international tensions escalated and cities were destroyed, causing the blame to fall on the new generation.

The Children of Evo’s Dawn have one place to go: the Campus of Azura and Avalon. It’s there that they can try and piece together lives in the face of a harsh world. As the world turns ever deeper into the Era of Evo’s Dawn, we see events of the world wrapping ever closer to this school. At Shadowside, the new generation may be the only guiding light for the new world.

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Délise LeFer
Topic Started: Oct 24 2010, 10:12 PM (2,511 Views)
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[style=letter-spacing: 3px; line-height:17px;]Délise LeFer
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[style=letter-spacing: -0.5px; font-size:15px; line-height:22px; font-family:Times;]     Gender           Female
     D.O.B.           11/3/1996 (16 [24] years)
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     Race               Magi
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[style=letter-spacing:8px; font-family:Times]-GO TO-[/style][style=line-height:20px;][go2=P1]Powers[/go2]

[sbar=580,200]At 5’8” and 147 pounds, Délise has the stature of a full-grown woman. Curvature was not spared on her either, a foil to Fleur’s more narrow body with shaped hips and a DD-cup chest. Délise sports a more roundish face than her sister, and there lies a bare hint of pudge in it as well.

Délise’s hair is almost black in hue, a small hint of dark brown to show its true colour. Délise’s hair is kept much shorter than her sister’s, rarely passing her shoulders in length. As such, Délise doesn’t go out of her way to style it, usually only adding a hair clip to keep it out of her face and the rest droops straight around her head behind her ears.

Délise has brown eyes like her other siblings, usually kept sharp and attentive, though not narrowed as to look eagle-eyed. Despite this, Délise can express softer eyes as well, almost cloning the same look as her sister’s. Délise sports a more plump mouth as opposed to her sister’s thin lips, though they share a relatively similar nose, one of the few things to actually allow a connection between the two. Délise does not smile by default, instead usually keeping a straight poker face, but when she does it is a lot more expressive than Fleur’s. She is not afraid to bare teeth, either, and the wider it is, the better.

Délise’s skin is fair, much like her sister’s. She also has a bare hint of freckles on her face, all of them around her nose, but she does not have many other marks on her face aside from that. Délise opts to wear close-fitting t-shirts and jeans, simply because they are what she feels best in. On colder days, Délise will not hesitate to throw on a hoodie or other baggy overwear to hide her figure. Délise prefers dark coloured t-shirts and sticks with blue jeans, though she is not very picky about what she wears, as long as it’s tight fitting. She has an...issue with loose clothing. [/sbar]

[sbar=580,200]For what Fleur lacks in down to earth interaction, Délise makes it up as a more realistic, slightly cynical character. When speaking, Délise will always look at her target in the eye, and she won’t stray unless she changes her attention to someone else. I bit of an odd habit, but it also shows her ability to keep focused attentive, even when her speaking partner is utterly dull. It’s not quite easy to bore Délise however, as even if you are boring, she may pass her thoughts instead on picking out every fault you have. Délise is a sort of blend between introvert and extrovert: she is willingly social and doesn't mind meeting new people and places, but at the same time is not much of a talker, and her emotions are usually kept to herself.

Délise has a bit of a mischievous streak to her, not afraid to gently poke fun at someone’s predicament, or embrace schadenfreude from time to time. Though not nearly as bad as her brother’s prankster streak, Délise doesn’t mind being a little snarky or sarcastic on occasion. Interestingly, Délise has notably insecurity with her own body. Growing into a womanly figure much faster than normal, and still continuing so, Délise is not at all comfortable with the glances she receives from male peers, especially those much older than her. At the same time, Délise suspects would-be suitors of her own age, thinking they would rather have her for her body than the rest of her. As a whole, Délise is not necessarily rude to males, but she is very cautious and sceptical when interacting with them.

As with all LeFers, Délise is a natural-born genius. Like Falque, Délise is academically gifted, and with her ability to keep focused and committed, Délise does not find much challenge in her studies, even advanced ones given enough dedication. Délise is also especially fond of puzzles, particularly graphic puzzles like mazes and mapping problems, and has a soft spot for architecture. As such, Délise chose to focus her studies in time-space, a difficult yet rewarding subject, allowing her to create entire spaces of her own design. Délise, like the rest of her siblings, has musical skill, specifically with the violin. Interestingly, Délise’s favourite genre is metal, particularly power metal and symphonic metal, and has occasionally egged Fleur about forming a band of their own sometime, once they find willing members.

Délise shares a mutually strong bond with her sister, Fleur. She does not see Fleur as a burden when they stick together and her sister acts spaced-out, and in fact will occasionally use it as well as their non-identical appearance to evade would-be suitors. Délise also holds some fond regard for her brother Eric, but is not particularly on good terms with Falque, who Délise (as a double-standard) sees him as a bumbling, detached fool. [/sbar]

[style=letter-spacing:3px;font-size:40px;line-height:16px;font-family:Times]History[/style][tabs][tab=Past][sbar=580,300]On November 3rd, 1996, a pair of girls was born. They looked nothing alike, yet they were twins in both age and blood. One such girl was named Délise LeFer, born into one of the wealthiest and oldest families to have survived for a millennium. Though for her siblings, this would be the end of their backstory, Délise’s history has a little more to it.

The LeFer family, though untraceable, was born over a thousand years ago in a place now known as France. The clan itself was not quite a family back then, but rather a community of magi who followed the studies of Morgan le Fay. Familiar name, no? Whether the LeFers are direct descendants of Morgan or if they were merely one of the students to the family is an ancient discussion long lost, and even to those who survived those years the answer was not clear. Nonetheless, this group of mages eventually built stronger ties in marriage, and eventually the single cohesive family now known was created, though with the name LeFay.

The LeFay’s possessed superb influence in western Europe, acting as courtiers and puppeteers controlling monarchs, and even occasionally were monarchs themselves. However, the LeFay’s were more absorbed in research than politics, though what short periods they had as world leaders was nothing scornful. Eventually, the LeFay family thinned out and centralized in France, becoming a powerful and influential Aristocracy in the French court. This itself did not last for long, as the beginnings of the French Revolution began to stir. Before the outbreak of major violence, the LeFay’s fled to New France, or French Canada as one would now consider it. There, they changed their family name to LeFer, and quietly shrunk into obscurity before the British Empire had taken control and unified Canada. Using their money and local political influence, the LeFers were spared major damage in exchange of aiding Britain’s conquest. 

With the rage of France coming down on their heads, the LeFer’s quickly vanished from the political faces, hiding in seclusion. Over these hundreds of years, the LeFer’s stunted their magical bloodline, usually by marrying into nonmagi families and distilling their bloodline. By 1923, there were no known LeFer magi, and in the same year, what last remaining connections they had to France were destroyed.

Because of all this, Délise did not immediately know of her own powers, nor were they active enough to accidentally occur. Instead, she lived a relatively normal life with her siblings, particularly with her sister Fleur. While Fleur picked up a signing talent, Délise focused her own efforts on the violin. However, Délise also developed a taste for the metal genre, and learned some limited electric guitar before reverting to her fiddle.

As with her other siblings, Délise was homeschooled for most of her life, sheltered for the most part in the LeFer mansion and surrounded by her studies and music. As such, her only friends were really her siblings, but even then, she did not get along well with Falque, and were frequently at odds with each other. Some suggest it was because they were rivals in both musical talent as well as intellect, and Délise disliked her age being a factor against her. Whatever the issue, Délise looked to towards Eric as her role-model, instead of her bigger brother.

When Eric left to head south, Délise was nearly devastated from her loss, and her relationship with Falque distanced even further. They rarely spoke to each other, and Délise spent most of her time with Fleur. Since Fleur was absorbed into botany, Délise resorted to the same, picking a similar interest in gardening. Eventually, however, she could not keep up the interest, and Délise found herself very much alone in her family. This only worsened with the Dawn, when her other siblings developed another bond to share between them.

When the Dawn occurred, Délise did not realize any new powers. Instead, she realized puberty at an oddly accelerated effect. Being thirteen in a older teen’s body was not helpful for Délise’s esteem. Many would-be suitors of hers were older men, and her experiences with them quickly led to a load of discomfort and insecurity. She realized that many of these men were after her body moreso than herself, and as such, puberty only became more difficult as she changed faster than her peers, especially Fleur, who merely resembled a larger version of her child self.

Learning she had magical ability, in comparison, was almost a massive relief for Délise. It would be lying to say she did grow to have some envy for her other siblings, all of whom developed fantastic powers instead of some over-aged body. Despite the LeFer’s destruction of their magical heritage, much of their old work survived, especially their artificer research. Délise did not interest herself in those, however, but in a much more obscure art: Time-space. After attempting her first spells, Délise quickly learned of another gift, something that did not quite die amidst the purge. Délise could cast spells she learned instantly, without components or rituals. 

With Eric and Falque already enrolled, and Fleur wanting any excuse to head there herself, Délise’s parents spared no worry in sending her to Avalon alongside her sister Fleur in Azura. Though their schools differed, they were inseparable in any other way. Besides, Délise could not revive the LeFer bloodline by studying from dated and even obsolete texts. Even if it was a Red Claw school, an old rival of the LeFay’s cabal, it was still the best place for Délise to learn magic, and to be with her sister among similar friends. [/sbar][/tab][tab=2010][sbar=580,300]10[/sbar][/tab][tab=2011][sbar=580,300]11[/sbar][/tab][tab=2012][sbar=580,300]12[/sbar][/tab][/tabs]
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Délise’s Spells
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Inferno Breath
Lagrange Zero Point Field
Temporal Recall
Taught Spells
Mana Inscription
Succubus Aspects
Succubus Form - Imp Hybrid Form
Succubus Aspect - Suggestive Glance
Succubus Aspect - Lilith’s Enslavement
Succubus Aspect - Energy Drain
Succubus Aspect - Induce Fantasy
Succubus Aspect - Pheromones
Passive Regeneration (Délise)
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