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In 2007, Evo’s Dawn devastated our world; from that time, children began manifesting powers and abilities that turned civil society into chaos. Things only got worse from there: international tensions escalated and cities were destroyed, causing the blame to fall on the new generation.

The Children of Evo’s Dawn have one place to go: the Campus of Azura and Avalon. It’s there that they can try and piece together lives in the face of a harsh world. As the world turns ever deeper into the Era of Evo’s Dawn, we see events of the world wrapping ever closer to this school. At Shadowside, the new generation may be the only guiding light for the new world.

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Stacy Hayes Belle; Walking Blonde Joke / Walking Boobs / Walking 50 Foot Woman
Topic Started: Aug 11 2010, 04:50 AM (4,125 Views)
Mirror Paw
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Posted Image
Stacy Belle


General Information

Stacy Hayes Belle





November 1
Coming soon

Quick Physical Reference
HeightWeightHair ColorEye ColorSkin ToneBuildMeasurements
5’ 10”145 lbsBlondeBlueTanCurvy32 DD

Quick Personality Reference
Smelly things
Mean People
Not Smart
Kind Personality
Big Boobs
Getting stuck on the escalator

Class Information
SchoolGradeDesignationTrainingPower Tier
AzuraFirst YearGrowthNone Low

(((All information on Stacy Hayes Belle shown above can be seen by characters using the Bio-Scan application on their NICAM. If a character does not own a NICAM with Bio-Scan, then the shown information must be obtained through character interactions.)))

Student Name: Oh my God. Like, Hello! I’m Stacy Hayes Belle. =)

Gender: Yes, they aaaare real. I’m a woman.

Age: I like totally just had my sweet sixteen party. It was like so much fun. You had to be there.

Race: I’m white… Oh! You mean like, and such as, Evo or something such as... I’m an Evo.

Physical Appearance: Oh my God. I’m Sixteen years old, and I’m like totally drop dead gorgeous if you ask me. And like. Ask my friends because they’ll tell you I’m hot and stuff, but totally not like in a lesbian way or something. Though lesbians do love me. But I like guys. I have long blonde hair, which is all natural I guarantee you or something. But I’m not like all natural like I don’t wax or something. Eeeew. Gross. I’m such a clean freak and stuff. I can’t even tell you how clean I am. I always comb my hair and brush my teeth and I shower like every day. Sometimes twice a day. I spend almost two hours getting ready before school because I have to look good for all the other people who are going to be staring at me. It’s totally common sense. I’m sooo clean. And, I’m white. I think I have like, Irish blood or something, but I’m not a red head. I have more fun than that.

I have blue eyes, but I wear contacts, which are clear, so I think maybe my eyes are clear… And! I have white teeth… Or maybe they’re clear. I can’t see my teeth. I can feel my teeth with my tongue, and they feeeeel white. Any-hoo. I’m five feet ten inches tall, but I mostly blame my legs for my height. They’re like so long and stuff. I wear a size 32 double D bra. Yep. And I love make up and shopping so I’m always wearing the hottest trends! Clothe is like my life. I love wearing skirts, and I love shoes. I could shop for shoes forever and not get bored. Even though I know I’m a tall girl. I still like high heels. Oh! But I really love winter apparel. Cute jackets, gloves, and scarves. But I hate trying to get the right accessories for winter. One time, I bought this really beautiful scarf, and I had to return it because it was too tight. I was so upset.

Posted Image

Personality What I’m like? Didn’t I answer that question already? Well, first off I’m white and I have blue eyes... Oh. Personality. Oh ok. Duh. Well, I really like shopping and clothe, and shoes and purses. And I have long hair. It’s blonde. I’m like really good at finding sales and hassling prices for clothe. It’s like a fifth sense… I always shop with my sister, Amber, or my friends; especially if they’re blonde too. Cause you know what they say about blondes. They have more fun. So if I’m blonde, and I’m fun, and my sister Amber is blonde and she’s fun, and we’re shopping together, that’s like three times as much fun or something! Oh. And I love food. I totally work out but I love pizza, but the pizza guy at my favorite pizzeria is so dumb. After I buy a pizza, he always asks me if I wanted the pizza cut into six pieces or twelve. And I always tell him six. I can’t eat twelve!

I love food. And when I’m not eating, I like chewing gum. My favorite is bubble gum. I really like pink flavor gum. Purple taste icky. I always share my gum though because I’m really nice. Especially if you’re nice to me. And I love kids. They’re so cute. But they always want to share their cookies with me, and I always say yes. I don’t want to get fat! I work hard to stay thin because I know I love food, and I don’t wanna gain weight. One time I gained like ten pounds over the winter because all we had to eat was sweet stuff, so that spring I went to the doctor and he put me on this diet. He said “Eat regular meals for two days, then skip a day. Do this routine for two weeks.” Two weeks later I lost almost twenty pounds. The doctor said I looked amazing! I was so happy and stuff. But I told him I almost went crazy that third day. All that skipping. It was exhausting!

I hope to one day, open my own day care, and adopt kids, and be a mommy. I want to marry a nice man. Preferably with lots of money, so I don’t have to work. And I can stay home with the kids. I love kids. Their toys are so cute too. Like jigsaw puzzles. I was so proud of myself, because I finished a jigsaw puzzle in six months! And the box said 2-4 Years. Ha! I showed them.

I think my biggest fear is… getting stuck on the escalator again… Last year, the power went out at the mall. I was so scared that I sat down on the stair and cried. I was stuck there for like an hour! Now, I always bring a flash light and a copy of SevenTeen Magazine with me so I have something to do, just in case I get stuck on the escalator again.

Posted Image

History: First of all, I have to say that I have a twin sister named Amber. She’s sooo pretty. But I’m prettier, but don’t tell her I said that. We look exactly the same. But I’m prettier. I have bigger boobs, so that makes me hotter. Any-hoo, we were born on November first. The day after Halloween! So we always have Halloween themed birthday parties. It’s so much fun because everyone comes over to my house and we give them candy, because they are celebrating my birthday… Amber’s birthday too, but mostly MY birthday. We were born in California, and Oh my God! That would always bring up bad memories. Last year, my teacher found out I was born in Mendocino County, California and she would always ask me, What is the Capital of California? Pff. The Capital of California is “C” isn’t it? She would always frown at me, even though I know I got it right.

I was always a social kid. I loved kids even when I was a kid. I would always try and take care of them, and give them bottles, and put them down for naps. Apparently when you’re eleven years old, you don’t like naps anymore. Who knew? Kids would always get mad at me. But whatever. Amber, my twin sister, would always be off somewhere reading, and being kind of nerdy. I always say, Amber! Stop studying and just have some fun! School kind of bores me. If it wasn’t for all the children, and friends, school would be awful.

Our lives were pretty boring, until Evo’s dawn when suddenly, I had super powers! Like in one of those movies where people wake up and have powers and stuff. It’s like that. I was so surprised! And then, I found out my sister got powers too! It was like it was planned by some crazy pair of kids or something. How did both sisters get powers? Oh My God? I know right? Crazy. I got the ability to grow up to thirty feet, and I already have a bad enough times finding clothe that fit me since I’m a tall girl. Life was not easy as an Evo, I’ll tell you.

All my friends, they were always jealous of me before, and now, they couldn’t stand that I had special powers and stuff and they didn’t. So they threw eggs at me. I threw a car at them. What? I was mad! And I was on my period. So I was crying and I ate a lot of chocolate. The police didn’t like that though. They sent me to a research hospital place or something like that, and they studied me a bit before letting me home. The hospital doctors were so nice. My main doctor was named Dr. Carlton and he really helped me get use to having powers. As we would talk, and do tests, I would tell him my problems, and my feelings, and he would completely understand… He smiled and nodded a lot. He was so nice.

I spent almost three months with Dr. Carlton, which I now call Grandpa Carlton. My parents would drive me back and forth from home and to the hospital to meet with him. After a while, the doctors said that it would be best if I go to a place where I could further understand my new powers. They talked to my mom and dad about it. I wasn’t in the room with them. So, my parents decided to move the entire family to that country called Asia. And then I heard it’s called Japan. Is Japan a country? Wait… I thought Asia WAS a country. I don’t know. But I was going to be in some place called Japan with all the Chinese people everywhere.

I never been on a plane either. It was kind of cool. But since we got business class, the whole family wasn’t able to sit together, so I sat alone. I was stuck next to this old woman who snored the whole way there. I was so annoyed! So, I got up and went looking for a new seat, but there wasn’t any. Until I went to The First Class section. There was one open seat and I was so sleepy, I just sat down. Then the stewardess came up to me and told me I can’t sit there in First Class, even though they had an open seat! So I turned to her and said “Lady. I’m tired, I’m cranky, and I’m going to Japan.” The Lady frowned, but then grinned. And whispered in my ear. Good thing the lady told me that First Class wasn’t going to Japan. So I said “Oh. Ok” and I got up and went back to my original seat.

My parents made me get driving lessons when we got to Japan, but as I was learning to drive, I accidently locked my keys in the car. This year has just not been a good year for me! First I get shipped off to some Chinese school in Japan, and I have to deal with my powers, and then this. But then. I got a good idea. I was so proud of myself. You know, like on TV, you see people unlocking their cars by using a bent coat hanger? Yeah! I know right! Soooo smart. So now, I leave a metal coat hanger in the backseat in case I lock my keys in the car again.

The key incident wasn’t the last of my bad luck. What was worse, I was sent to school on my own, but only after I learned to drive on the wrong side of the road of course. It was so hard, but after like the eighth try I got my license. But it was like sooo weird, because on my first day driving to school I was suppose to meet the Dean or the principle or the president or something of the school, I had to drive to the campus. I was driving and I found out Azura Avalon Campus was gone! I saw a sign: Azura Left. So I turned around and went home. Later that week, since I missed the meeting, my parents drove me. It was all exciting! New school, new friends, and new kids. I can’t wait. I wonder if the Capital of Japan is “J”…

Posted Image
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Gladiatorial Arcanum SL Page

The Ivory Council * The Eight Evil Thoughts of Man

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PJ's Characters

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You bizzles forgot, Dizzle does not give a f@#$.
School: Azura

Year: 1st

Designation/Primary Magic Principle: I can grow big

Magic Spells/Special Abilities:

I Can Grow Big – I can grow big! Up to thirty feet big, but I can’t grow smaller than my normal size. I can be anything in between thirty feet though. I don’t know how it works, but the doctors think it’s all triggered by my brain. Who knew the brain controlled so much? And here I thought the brain was only used to pump blood into the body. Science is so cool! The doctors say, like, electricity, or electric signal thingies go from my brain and do something to my molecules. They spread, and grow and increase my body mass. Or something. I’m so confused when they told me, but all I know is that I can grow big. When I grow to thirty feet I can pick up heavy things like cars, and benches, and even really heavy people. My clothe don’t grow though, but the doctors in California made me this really cool expanding bras and panties that I wear all the time. I have hundreds of pairs of them! So this way I’m not naked if I decide to grow. They said coming to this school, I’d have to get use to my powers and even learn to use them better or stuff like that. Oh, I have a note here from my doctor science guy person. It explains stuff better and in a nerdier way.

Dr. Brendon Carlton’s Report. Subject: Stacy Hayes Belle

Over my forty-something years of genetic research, I have yet to meet a girl quite like Stacy. Stacy is a unique individual who doesn’t completely understand her powers. As an Evoluteric specialist, I have studied many, but never have I encountered a woman so oblivious to what she is capable of. From my studies my team has discovered Stacy can mentally manipulate her very molecules. She has the ability to alter her physical size to cause her body to gain mass. On a cellular level, she is healthy in whatever size she chooses which is fascinating, however, it seems that due to her weight in larger forms, her heart does not take well to the pull of Earth’s gravity. Her stamina decreases as she grows due to her larger lungs needing significantly larger amounts of oxygen to keep her body functioning normally.

Too much strain and stress can cause her to go into cardiac arrest. Stacy often shows symptoms of fatigue, dizziness and fainting when strenuous activity is done in her full thirty feet of size. Because of this need to monitor her own physical activities while in her giant form, she cannot run, or make sudden fast moments. She must always make sure to turn, sit, stand, and move in slow motion in fear of causing her heart to give in. The same is true to her emotions. When upset, or distressed, her heart rate may increase, which may cause her to faint. Symptoms increase in severity upon excessive changing in and out of her giant size.

At her maximum size, her strength, weight and endurance increase geometrically with her height; reaching super human strength. So far, Stacy has been able to lift up cars with ease at her full size, which on average weight around four tons. We’ve timed how long she can maintain her giant size as well, and her average time before she is forced back to her normal size is about thirty minutes. From then, she normal needs about a one hour rest, so the small to large time ratio is double when compared to time in giant form to resting time if she breaks her to body fatigue. Thirty minutes in giant size, One hour minutes in regular size. The rate of growth takes approximately one second per foot. The same rate is true for her decrease in size. Stacy is a tall girl who stands five foot, ten inches, but for the sake of this example, we’ll say she is six feet tall. To get to her full thirty feet it takes her twenty-four seconds.

If ever Stacy is knocked unconscious, her large body mass does not revert back to its regular frame until her body reaches the point of fatigue, which, as stated before, is thirty minutes. From there, her body will decrease at the normal rate back to her normal size. The reason for this is still unknown, but we believe that her ability to grow comes from a subconscious hormone in the brain. Since it is subconsciously powered, and consciously controlled, her size would remain at the mass she was upon being unconscious. This is because she does not willfully decrease her size while unconscious. The same results occur when she falls asleep in her full thirty feet. She remains at that size until her normal thirty minutes have passed.

Any physical damage she obtains in her regular size crosses over to her giant form. If she obtained a paper cut, the paper cut would still show in her larger form. If she broke a bone in her regular size, it would still be broken, and vice versa. Any damage she took as a giant would transfer to her regular size based on her body mass. A cut running down her arm from colliding into a shard of metal would show in her regular size as if she hit a smaller version of said metal shard.

The damage to her body is based on the ratio of the attacker’s tool or power. A sword in proportion to her normal size is quite deadly, but when the same sword is faced against Stacy’s full size, the sword will produce significantly lower damage to her health. When faced against a person of the powered persuasion, the same results occur as well. A fire user can be quite deadly to Stacy in her normal height, but in her giant form, a flame that would normally engulf her, would have a much smaller coverage on her body. That is not to say that a fire user cannot still cause third degree burns; yet, he may find he is only able to harm a portion of her body approximately the size of her hand. Same example goes for a sword wielder. He may still draw blood due her skin maintaining its normal human durability in giant form, but he may find it to be less deadly to her in her giant size.

Due to her power of growth, she often goes through many articles of clothing. To reduce the attention of the media, I’ve decided to contact a certain Dr. Pym, an expert on theories revolving around expanding particles and mass. You see, when Stacy increases her size, her clothe do not increase in size with her. That may cause this young woman much embarrassment, so Dr. Pym and I had also contacted infamous lingerie designing company, Victoria Secrets. In collaboration between DR. Pym’s research faculty, and Victoria Secret’s designers, we had created undergarments that will grow with Stacy’s power. This new Particle Expansion Bras and Panties set were donated to Stacy during our research, which she was very much appreciative of. I find myself becoming fonder and fonder with this young woman. Especially when she refers to me as Grandpa Carlton.

Her power to this day still intrigues me. That is why I am sending her family to Azura Avalon Campus with my good friend Mr. Grim. I feel she would live a better life there, and hopefully, one day, I will meet this wonderfully oblivious girl again. You know what they say. Ignorance is Bliss.

Training: I have no gag reflex.


-Several pairs of Particle Expansion (P.E.) Panties and Bras.
P.E. Women’s Wear is a product of a collaboration between Dr. Pym (an expert of theories revolving around expanding mass) and Victoria Secrets. All of Stacy’s undergarments grow along with her increased size, and shrink when her mass decreases. P.E. Bras and Panties come in a large selection of styles and colors. All in which Stacy received as a donation for free due to her condition. Stacy is sometimes asked to model new Particle Expansion Wear for the Media.

-P.L.E.A.S.E.D. v1.0: Poly Linguistic Enlightenment And Service Extension Device

This little device comes standard to all students enrolling at either AEA or AMTI. Using a combination of Bluetooth technology and a unique brand of communication magic, this little beauty will translate any known, human language into your native language as it's spoken with only a point-five second lag. Aesthetically, it's either blue or red pending on your school colors and clips onto the ear as if a wireless cell phone accessory. Please enjoy your stay on the Twin Campus.

-Bags of Holding

Stacy owns two Bags of Holding because she can’t live with only having one purse of one color, so she owns two. One Bag of Holding is a soft bright pink which she often is seen carrying around during the day. Pink is her favorite color, and the style of her pink leather purse is perfect for afternoon strolls, picnics, and daytime shopping. The other Bag of Holding is black with gold chain designs accenting its fine black leather body. The gold chain can be extended to hang over the shoulder or to use as added security when resting on the arm. This black bag is often used for dates, going to the clubs, and night gatherings. Both Bags of Holding have a silver “S” insignia on them.

Posted Image * Posted Image
Bag of Holding Specs

The Masquerade (Glasses)

Coat of Holding

Elemental Cloth

Dark Heart pin

12 Credit Voucher for the Student Store

Current Available Credits: 22
Current Available Vouchers: 6

Credit History
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