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In 2007, Evo’s Dawn devastated our world; from that time, children began manifesting powers and abilities that turned civil society into chaos. Things only got worse from there: international tensions escalated and cities were destroyed, causing the blame to fall on the new generation.

The Children of Evo’s Dawn have one place to go: the Campus of Azura and Avalon. It’s there that they can try and piece together lives in the face of a harsh world. As the world turns ever deeper into the Era of Evo’s Dawn, we see events of the world wrapping ever closer to this school. At Shadowside, the new generation may be the only guiding light for the new world.

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Lance Lothorum; Evotelluric Blacksmith
Topic Started: Jan 27 2010, 01:26 AM (1,199 Views)
Shadow Dragon 24
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Student Template Version 2.0

Student's Name: Lance Tubal Lothorum

Gender: Male

Age: 17 (February 4th is his birthday)

Race: Evotelluric

Physical Appearance:

(notes found on Damien Gaul's email records)

McCarthy:Target the easiest person to pick out of a crowd that anyone could wish for. It might start with his seven foot two inch height, but this Lance kid is also barrel chested with a muscle tone normally reserved for body lifters. A commoner of Scottish background, meaning his indoor voice is roughly as loud as a regular west coast American's shout. Face is relatively unremarkable; just simple short spiked black hair, steel blue eyes, and the ability to grow facial hair faster and thicker then most men of seventeen. Will sometimes grow his facial hair out as an experiment, just trying out a goatee or possibly even a full beard. Due to Evotelluric abilities, constantly shaving would be difficult, meaning that target will normally appear rather scruffy. Research on subjects history suggests if one were to closely inspect his chest and back, they would notice healed but still slightly scarred skin from what had been extreme burns. This could either be Evotelluric powers, or possibly scars from a previous attack. More noticeable is the clothes Lance wears are always loose fitting and sleeveless when possible, but they are also normally have burn marks and dirt stains. Target seems to believe clothing is wearable until threadbare. Normally seen in outdoor environments, or located within the confines of his grandfather's forge.

Gaul: How is anyone supposed to dig up information on this material? Absolutely abominable work. Marduk's work is in more detail (but its in that horrid American standard of measurement), here is a copy.

Figure stands at seven foot two inches, measures two and a half feet wide at shoulders. Blood type is O+ (see hospital records for confirmation). Rises between 5:15am to 5:21am in whatever time zone he is in, begins regular workout routine. Muscle to skeletal structure shows that this height is not due to disease or mutation. Weighs in at 342 lbs (also hospital records). Body fat percentage at 12%, diet habits suggest healthy eating other than targeted choices of spicy foods. Strength has not been properly gauged, but it is assumable to be enhanced by Evotelluric abilities. Only uses an actual hammer at his grandfather's forge. Works at least eight hours per day on weekends, then spends four to five hours working on blade techniques. Attempts to hide this by destroying the evidence. Subject did not start acting out in public forums (school, shopping) until he noticed McCarthy. Commotions appear to be attempts to attract attention in case we decide to act. I recommend continued observation of him and his family, and please remove McCarthy from this. Takes the best hiding spots, and manages to get seen.

Should I fire you as Marduk suggests? I've never used him before, but you used to be more reliable then this. Get your head together McCarthy, or at least give me some good information on his personality.


McCarthy: Marduk only gave you statistics, and on my 'recommendation' he is now focusing on family history. As promised sir, (or is it mam? Which knickers did you prefer today?) here is all the information I can get on his personality.

Target appears to be simple minded and rather ox-like, this is an incorrect assumption as discovered by an associate. (Foley attempted to test him, and Foley is going to be in the hospital for six to nine months). As the understudy of first his father and then his grandfather, Lothorum holds considerable knowledge of most metals and possibly other chemical components. This work under those men also seems to give the target a degree of patience I thought only capable of professionals. It seems teenage hormones drive him to act out in loud mannerisms and get angry. Is he pretending to let small things bother him to throw us off? (Your response confirmed this for me. I've been more careful since). Also seems to have a love for spicy foods, leaves me wondering whether poison could be a good idea. Never can tell with a freak, especially this one. His powers seem to disturb him, treats them like a curse... except at his work. Subject has produced some of his finest steel using that power. I do not recommend taking any action other then to continue to allow him to study under the grandfather for now. Has Drail made any progress on Gastraphetes?

Lance writing about himself:

Being tall sucks. Chandeliers, low ceilings, and refrigerator dust are practically my mortal enemies. Also, people always ask you 'Why don't you play sports?' Maybe it's because I suck at running. Maybe its because I'm good with a hammer. I don't know. Anyways, the school assignment today was to write about something meaningful to you. I doubt being tall qualifies as meaningful, but I thought it was a good icebreaker. This is probably why I have a C- in English. Here we go:

The blade seems to be what my entire life is about. My Dad raised me to build good, solid blades because people liked collecting swords. As a child, I never imagined anyone actually using them, I just thought people wanted those things to remember the old days. You know, replicas of past ages? I was wrong though. My Dad and my Mom were killed over a weapon, something called the Gastraphetes. It's a crossbow, one built possibly two hundred years ago. My grandfather believes it was our family that built the thing, our family that made it dangerous enough to where its more destructive then most modern weapons. I don't know if I believe that, but I know my house did not just 'burn down.' It got blown up with a click of a trigger. Grandpa told me that we'd do better to destroy all these bastard weapons that we've let into the hands of savages. He told me about his father, and how he made a sword so brutal that upon seeing it's work, he swore to destroy all his weapons if and when he got home. He taught me more about being a blacksmith, so much more then Dad had. Yet, I couldn't stop thinking about making weapons. Like my brain was stuck on it in the form of an addiction. I'd sneak back into the forge after a long summer day, when Grandpa had fallen asleep but the coals were still hot. I'd build any sort of blade I wanted, and then melt it to erase the evidence. Eventually, I got caught and properly punished. It didn't stop me though, I was right back at it again, sneaking in and trying my craft again and again.

Then, Evos Dawn happened, and I got to be even more of a freak. Guess what? My ability helps me at the forge. It also burns the crap out of me, and has proven to be more self fatal then threatening to the rest of the world. I think I might be the only Evotelluric that people around these parts feel sorry for. Still, I can generate enough heat from my hands to help me with my smithing. Once again, I'm back to that age old addiction. I build a blade, and then melt it in fear of getting caught. I believe my grandfather, that to build a weapon means to be willing to take responsibility for it. Yet still, I can't stop building them. Is anyone fit for a blade? Is there a cause to create one, or a person to trust it too?

Marduk: I hacked transmissions sent from McCarthy, his analysis is correct so I will not be adding on. My over view of his family life and history is as follows:


The Lothorum name comes from old Scotland, and the Lothorum tradition of working a forge seems to run thicker then blood for this family. There are claims, mind you these cannot be identified, that the Lothorum family crafted the original steel of William Wallace. Either way, the family's work as blacksmiths included specifically swords right up until the World War II Era. At this point, Alastair Lothorum (great grandfather of the target) was involved with British military. He was captured by Nazi forces, stashed with other prisoners in a Nazi concentraition camp. He survived by being useful as a blacksmith, and eventually the Nazis started taking note of him. He was tasked with the creation of a blade, a steel cutlass sword that would look presentable and be... efficient. The blade he crafted is currently one of our society's Weapons of Pinnacle, Marrow. At this point in the war, American, British, and Russian forces were pushing daily deeper and deeper into German territory. The officer this sword was made for went insane, and executed as many Jews as he could with this blade. Alastair Lothorum witnessed the atrocity, and swore to never craft another sword in his life. He was rescued and sent back to his home. All of his teachings to his son, Lance's grandfather, involved the destruction of weapons. The grandfather carried his father's mantle to the tea, even as going as far to research what other weapons the family had created and destroy them as well. It was his research that lead to the discovery of Gastraphetes. By some means, the multiple parts of the Gastraphetes were found and either destroyed or disassembled. Now, Lance's father held some rebellion against the Grandfather, and broke apart the family to go back to weapons making. It made money according to the man, which let him set up a good family life. Lance was born shorty after his father began indirectly working for us, going through the tests to see if he would be worthy of position as our smithy. As a child, the only remarkable thing about him was his rate of growth. His father introduced him to some of the simple concepts of blade making, and gave his son quiet a bit of the knowledge he bares today. At the age of ten, Lance's father came to work for us directly, helping to rebuild Gastraphetes. An arguement ensued over its use, and Lance's father was murdered over this weapon. We believe at the point of his death to be a 60% restored Gastraphetes. Lance's residence came under attack by Graven to deliver a message to the Grandfather from us. The house burned to the ground, Lance's mother was killed.

The child was moved to live with his grandfather and grandmother. His grandfather gratefully took him back to the forge, but forbid the construction of any blade, or weapon in general. Lance started back at school, a year behind due to the trauma, but seemed pleasant and peaceful enough. After Evos Dawn, he was rushed to the hospital several times due to burns, but having expressed no major threatening ability, was considered by the government to not be a threat. His classmates already treated him different due to his size, and the ability was subtle enough to hide in most circumstances. His abilities did not become well known to his classmates until just recently, when Foley made his fool move. Here is a copy of that transcript.

"I've started the recording. Why don't you tell us a little about yourself?"

"My name is Lance Lothorum. My family, my whole family as far as I know, is Scottish. We like working with metal. Is this something that the government wants, because I'm an Evo?"

"Of course not. It's a school sponsored interview to asses any emotional or mental concerns we might have. Now, let's continue. You said your family works with metal?"

*Short Pause*

"My family has been blacksmiths for over a hundred years, possibly even more if you like to believe the local drunks. My father used to say he had me at his forge before I could even walk. It's funny though, because as small as this town is, it had two blacksmiths. My Pa, and one other man who I now know is my Grandpa. Dad and him... disagreed about something a long time ago. Anyways, Dad taught me about making sharp edges, about melting temperatures, and how to make steel more durable then something from a factory. People in town liked him, because he helped revive a lot of local legends about Scottish folk. Boomed tourism they said, because we could show off. Grandpa hated it though..."

"When did you first see your Grandfather?"

*Lance laughs*

"I first met him when I was six, I was throwing stones at his windows. See, all Dad told me was that he was competition, and that he was a mean old man who kept trying to get us shut down. He chased me off with his cane, an old wooden walking stick that didn't look like it could help support a fly. Truthfully, I didn't know he was my Grandpa until... the fire. Child services discovered I had family in town, took me there and dropped me at his doorstep. I was terrified right up until he walked out, and I noticed he was smaller then me."

"Your Grandfather continued instructing you?"

"In a way. He taught me more about the chemical aspects, also about super alloys and the like. He doesn't like blades though. He named his Smithy 'Bladelocks' to symbolize that he would destroy any weapon that passed too close. Damn good at it to. He caught me trying my hand at a Katana one night, and made me hold the thing...with no proper handle, while he hit it with a hammer. It took one swing, and I couldn't feel my hands for a week."

"A katana is an eastern weapon. Why were you building one of those?"

*Short Pause*

"My Dad only taught me conventional weapons, but I found his books. A katana looked like fun to try, so I did. Why is the school concerned about me as a blacksmith? Shouldn't you all be freaking about... you know-"

"Yes... Well..."

"Stop stammering fool. I recognized your face the second you came to this school. One of the men my father worked with, before my house blew up with me Mom. You're no councilor, and no Government man either. Foley was what Dad called you-"


"See this blade? Notice how sharp it is? I'll cut out the throats of every student and teacher here, and then you'll be blamed for it ass. NOW SIT DOWN AND-"


"You decided to interview me in a chem lab, Foley. Then, you tried defending yourself with a fucking knife. Now, I want information about everything. Every time you lie to me, I'll touch you with this hand-"

*Foley screams*


It's mostly screaming after that. By the time the background checking was done, the target had already acted. He's moved his Grandparents into witness protection, and he himself has left the country. I did, on the other hand, find a letter that Lance Lothorum... left us.

Dear Guild, Society, or whomever the hell you are.

Maybe you just like collecting weapons, but I think you also like using them. Foley 'informed' me that Dad and Mom got killed by one of your little group, but you've already started to pressure both Grandpa and myself to come in and replace my father. Let me tell you something, I am not my father. I recognize that making a weapon means accepting the responsibility for any life taken by that weapon. I've sent Grandpa and Grandma under government protection, and my research has led to the discovery of the outpost where the user of Gastraphetes is hiding out. Apparently, killing Evotelluric is something like a new hunting sport that you sick bastards are engaging in. Gastraphetes is just the first weapon I'm going to pry from your cold, dead finger tips. I'll redeem my family name if it kills me, but your group will soon never use Lothorum steel EVER AGAIN.

Records indicate he applied for and received scholarship money to transfer out to Japan, at the freak school. McCarthy was supposed to grab him before he got on a plane, but the bastard out smarted him. Sir, I'm nervous about going to Kyoto, at least without Graven's expressed permission. Gastraphetes is supposed to be almost fully restored now, which would make him the strongest of us. Should we be worried?
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Caleb Prometheus: "No you don't need to speak, but could you please stop thinking about your breakfast?"
Lance Lothorum: "Indoor voice? I work all day in a forge. You're gonna need a proper analogy if ya want me to shut up."

Azura Technical Institute
Third Year
Designation: Evolutionary Blacksmith

Non Evolutionary Traits
Lance's Pre-Dawn Traits

Giant Stature

Evotelluric Evolutions
Lance's Evotelluric Powers
Basic Evolution: Friction Fire
Circulatory System Evolution: Blood of the Forge
Nervous System Evolution: Metal Sensory Input

Combat Training
Martial Forms and Skills
Titan's Rampart
Artisan Blacksmith
Details Crafting Ability, Specific Recipes and Supplies
Journeyman Training
Artisan Training
Specialized Recipes

Heretic's Armor
Special Equipment Developed By Lance
Blood Iron Plate Overview
Blood Iron Helm
Blood Iron Vambraces (2)
Blood Iron Breastplate
Blood Iron Greaves

School Supplies
Equipment from the Student Store and Event Items
Evo Lenses
Limit Bracer
Elemental Cloth
Coat of Holding
Gloves of Holding
All Terrain Regenerative Footwear
Event Items

Current Available Credits: 38
Credit History
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