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In 2007, Evo’s Dawn devastated our world; from that time, children began manifesting powers and abilities that turned civil society into chaos. Things only got worse from there: international tensions escalated and cities were destroyed, causing the blame to fall on the new generation.

The Children of Evo’s Dawn have one place to go: the Campus of Azura and Avalon. It’s there that they can try and piece together lives in the face of a harsh world. As the world turns ever deeper into the Era of Evo’s Dawn, we see events of the world wrapping ever closer to this school. At Shadowside, the new generation may be the only guiding light for the new world.

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Migueria Driehal; 2nd Charrie
Topic Started: Jan 19 2009, 02:35 PM (1,217 Views)

Student Template Version 2.0

Student Name: Migueria Driehal

Gender: male

Age: 109 (D.O.B: 12/18/1900) In human years it equates to about 17.

Race: Draconian

Physical Appearance:
Posted Image

Migueria stands at 6 feet even and is barely tan. in terms of build, his body is nicely defined and packed with muscles. By no means bulky, Migueria has a nice body that doesn't hinder him. He has short crimson-red hair that compliments his emerald green eyes. His crimson bangs often cover up his left eye, giving him and edgy mysterious look. His shoes are black and have a flat bottom. On the outside of the shoe is a white arrow head with a white star where the arrow's body would be. The standard All Star shoe model. Migueria wears a pair of brown dress pants made by Old Navy. The pants are designed with a little extra length covering some of Migueria's shoes. The pants are held up by a black leather belt. At the belt's center is a silver buckle with the kanji for dragon on it. Migueria's shirt is long sleeved and gray in color. It's made out of cotton and like the pants came from old Navy. The sleeves are covered by Migueria's crimson gauntlets. The gauntlets are made of a light metal alloy so as not to hinder Migueria's sword fighting. On his right gauntlet, protrudes three small red spikes. To complete his appearance, Migueria wears a ragged cloak/cape that has an ancient dragon tribe symbol on it. The cloak is a garment passed down from generation to generation in Migueria's family.

Personality: Migueria is a knowledgeable creature who despite his appearance is kind and friendly. He enjoys the company of others and find's people and their history interesting. When it comes to fighting, Migueria isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. While he isn't afraid to fight. Migueria will tend to seek out more peaceful alternatives first. Optimistic, Migueria believes the human race can redeem itself and prove his brethren wrong with a little help from himself. Migueria misses his family and hopes to someday see them again. He believes his stay with the humans is the only way such a dream can happen. While this used to leave the dragon feeling lonely, the friends he made on Earth have gotten rid of such feelings of isolation and loneliness. A bit of a jokester, Migueria despises tense situations and will do anything he can to alleviate them. While his appearance is intimidating, it's this funny and gentle personality that lightens the visage of Migueria.

-The great outdoors

-Tapioca pudding


Migueria was born in the volcanoes of what is now Hawaii. He had twelve siblings and was the middle child of the pack of 13. When he was born, the world was setting itself up for WWI. Being a youngling, Migueria vaguely remembers a lot of what happened then. Growing up, Migueria followed the typical expectation of a dragon. He learned the ways of the world, it's inhabitants, and the philosophy of natural energy.

When he was of age, Migueria traveled the world to learn more. As he traveled he saw the human race and it's idiosyncrasies play out before him. While Migueria could look past them, it was clear most of the dragon race couldn't. When Migueria traveled around the globe, WWII was beginning to unfold. It was because of WWII that the dragon race fled to the heavens. The acts of Germany left the dragons disgusted with how humans had evolved. Migueria's father however believed in the good of humans and got involved with their affairs. It was during the attack on Pearl Harbor that Migueria's father was killed trying to save naval men from the kamikaze fighters. Migueria was the only one in his family that didn't give up after the death of his father. His siblings and his mother joined the others in their ascension into the heavens whilst the young dragon stayed behind. He along with countless other dissenters felt the humans were experiencing "growing pains", even if these growing pains came at the price of their brethren.

If there ever was a time where Migueria thought about leaving it was during the cold war. America and Russia were on the brink of war with enough nuclear weapons to blow the world up seven times over. Years of tension passed and such a calamity was avoided. The fact that the humans were able to resist such a devastating war impressed Migueria and renewed his spirits.

It wasn't until Evo's Dawn, that Migueria decided to take a more active role with the humans. Up until now he had only observed them and never truly interacted with them. He was intrigued at how humans could despise their brethren due to a mutagen in their blood. It was as if racism was rearing it's ugly head all over again. When Migueria heard about the two academies, he thought of it as a perfect opportunity to understand the one's called Evotellurics. Using his human form, Migueria joined the Avalon academy. As a student, Migueria is making it his goal to make some friends and understand why the humans act the way they do.
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