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First off thank you for visiting our community and as you move though our rules, guidelines, and message board we hope you find the same interesting and friendly community as we have strived to develop.

We are a Play by Post Roleplaying community. Set in modern times at a completion school. With a few twists, we start with the existence of super powers in the population, magic, and abilities that make ordinary children extraordinary, add cutting edge technology, and racial tension between Humans and Evotellurics and we have a turbulent world of adventure to explore.

So please take some time explore our world and check out all that Shadowside has to offer for your roleplay and community needs.

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Rules & Enrollment

Regular Forum Rules
This forum is where we keep a codex of all laws that the Shadowside RPG follows. Please check this regularly for updates.
Teaching / Tutoring System Jul 14 2014, 12:31 PM, By Mirror Paw
0 viewers Topics: 14 Replies: 712
Subforums: The Story so far...
Regular Forum Enrollment
This is where you may post a character to be reviewed by the staff. Please make sure you have read and understand our rules before posting a character. If you have any questions about the rules, you may contact us in the Player Support forum.
Kaim Adinath Today, 8:19 AM, By Lemon
0 viewers Topics: 7 Replies: 18
Subforums: Work in Progress, Profile Examples
Regular Forum Announcements & News
Find the latest information about the board here.
July News Announcements Jul 1 2014, 12:44 PM, By Mirror Paw
3 viewers Topics: 133 Replies: 30
Subforums: Student Achievements

The Community

Regular Forum Welcome to the Community
Please feel free to post here if you are brand new or if you've returned after a leave of absence. Older members are encouraged to help welcome our new members in any way possible.
Hawaii Today, 8:52 AM, By Juiz
6 viewers Topics: 460 Replies: 2,558
Regular Forum Open Discussion
This is a free discussion area, if you are new then be sure to post in the 'welcome' thread when you have a chance. As always, please follow the board rules when posting here
Writing counts as art too ya know! 24 minutes ago, By GreyGuard
9 viewers Topics: 771 Replies: 5,908
Subforums: Artist's Cafe, Shadow Cast: Shadowside's Official Podcast!
Regular Forum Fun & Games
Stop taking things so seriously for once! Why not let off a little steam, have a few giggles, and join in on the games? Plus, it's the only forum where you can SPAM your heart out if that's what you'd really like to do. Now, why are you still standing there reading this? Get in here and Have Some Fun!
Shadowside Weekly Writing Prompt Today, 9:35 AM, By Amemarteau
3 viewers Topics: 229 Replies: 10,438
Regular Forum Advertisement Link Up!
Guest friendly topic where anyone can show off their favorite or new RPG. Please note that placing an advertisement with us means that we may place one with you as well.
Affiliating Mar 12 2013, 01:58 AM, By Rulerofworlds
0 viewers Topics: 1 Replies: 1
Subforums: First Timers, Linking Back

Real World Control

Regular Forum Player's Guild
Have a story line that you would like to advertise? In vital need of role playing with different people? New to the site and don't know where to start? This is a great area to find minor to medium to big Player led story lines. All can be found here.
[color=goldenrod][CAP] Kaiju on Ice[/color] Today, 12:12 AM, By Juiz
6 viewers Topics: 766 Replies: 5,636
Subforums: I'm OPEN!!!, Training and Plotting Corner
Regular Forum Player Support
Here at Shadowside, there may be several reasons that you need to get in touch with one of us. Whether it is general questions, requests to overlook a topic, race permission, etc... this is where to look.
The Unteachable and "PMP" Jul 15 2014, 04:46 PM, By Silver Fang
4 viewers Topics: 98 Replies: 482
Regular Forum Requests
All requests go here; SLs, Powers, Quick exchanges
Virgil's Price Check [---] One minute ago, By Amemarteau
32 viewers Topics: 1,877 Replies: 11,161
Subforums: Quick Exchange, Powers, Storylines, Teaching and Tutoring Approvals, Property Approvals
Regular Forum Student Store
Pens, Pencils, Erasers.... Powers? The Student store for the Avalon/Azura academy carries more then just your average Student Store. Stocked here are items handed out during events, as well as all your Elemental Cloths, Uniforms, Of Holding items, and ATRFs. In order to apply for one of these, simply make sure you have the needed credits and then post in Quick Buys (Under the Power Request forum)
Student Store Sale Tracker Mar 13 2014, 01:49 PM, By Vahn Eloc
0 viewers Topics: 3 Replies: 14
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Suggestion Box
Private place to chat with staff, ask questions, offer suggestions, concerns, complaints or compliments!
This forum is guest friendly.
Regular Forum POSTORAMA!
This forum is for those interested in cashing in their hard-earned Postorama winnings! Please do so as soon as possible, but you have all the month of July to think over who to give your prizes.
Prizes Today, 10:24 AM, By Pup
0 viewers Topics: 10 Replies: 14

Student/NPC Registry

Regular Forum Students
The vast majority of the population of Ryushi island are the students of the school, here you may find them, divided by their respective schools.
Tateh Prulyamatsan Jul 15 2014, 11:45 AM, By Mirror Paw
6 viewers Topics: 418 Replies: 706
Subforums: Avalon Magic and Technology Institute Registry, Azura Evotelluric Academy Student Registry
Regular Forum Staff
Here is the registry for both PC and NPC school staff, the teachers, the janitors, the administration and others.
Lucy Sweeney Jul 9 2014, 02:27 PM, By Silver Fang
0 viewers Topics: 35 Replies: 41
Subforums: PC Staff, NPC Staff
Regular Forum Community NPC Database
This is where the NPC characters pertaining to regular players on Shadowside are listed. Please remember that NPCs created by you may not be used in other topics without expressed permission of the topic leader.
Valerius Valentin Apr 17 2014, 01:05 AM, By Angeles
0 viewers Topics: 117 Replies: 178
Subforums: Primary NPC Database, Races & Organizations
Regular Forum Journals
A place where the thoughts and feelings of the students of the duel campus are kept.
Sam: Bonnie's [s]Diary[/s] May 15 2014, 12:26 PM, By Yellow
0 viewers Topics: 17 Replies: 47

Common Grounds

Regular Forum The Murial Grounds
Limbus destroyed the Azurian Archway, but the school rebuilt this area with Cherry blossom trees that bloom with brilliant small flames. Fields of grass with white marble paths will guide people deeper in to the campus. In the center of the garden is a black marble dedication to all whom died upon Limbus entering the world, a memorial to remind us all of the coming fight. The inscription upon it saying "The world was saved so that we might save each other." The underground tram was rebuilt so that it could drop students off here rather then under the tower.
(New Student Forum)
The sky's the limit Jul 23 2014, 07:38 PM, By KurisuMurei
10 viewers Topics: 517 Replies: 8,834
Regular Forum Sanctis Alexandria
The mages of Red Claw hold to date the largest collection of books, poetry, and works collected from across the world since the Library of Alexandria itself. This place holds a copy of all records obtained from the guild, all freely given to those students in pursuit of knowledge. Needless to say there is also stellar computers free for student use, and a restricted section, which access is granted to only on a strict basis.
(New Student Forum)
Researching Answers Jul 9 2014, 02:33 PM, By Angeles
9 viewers Topics: 171 Replies: 2,425
Regular Forum Enso Cafe
A rather trendy internet cafe that began its popularity recently in the city of Fukuoka. Enso represents artistic enlightenment, and the internet is technically a place where every artist in the world may gather. Thus, close to a hundred top notch computers and a cafe offering snacks, coffee, and some of the finest teas this side of India was allowed to open within the school.
(New Student Forum)
Safety of One Jul 20 2014, 12:47 AM, By Imaginary Number
9 viewers Topics: 252 Replies: 3,740
Regular Forum The Dormitory Complex
Once there was two, now there is but one building. This building is actually a hollow circular shape because in the battle against Limbus, Wessix slammed these two buildings together to create a flux of magical energy. On the bright side, your dormitory is nearly indestructible and still a semi-overlapped pocket dimension (New Student Forum)
Embodied Today, 11:33 AM, By Opportunity Cost
4 viewers Topics: 639 Replies: 10,732
Subforums: The Girl’s Treehouse, The Man-Cave

Tower of Vox

Regular Forum Subbasement Level 1: The Bushido Chambers
The Bushido Chambers and Gym area were relocated beneath the Tower of Vox thanks to the Ascendant Protocol. While the gym is just a regular hard wood floored workout area, the Bushido Chambers use the latest holographic technology mixed with illusion magic to create any situation or world you can dream of to train with. Due to the gyms being located here most of the Physical Education classes are taught here. Safety protocols do prevent you from locking people in the chambers or from turning the no kill rule off. (New Student Forum)
Pup in Wonderland Jul 23 2014, 07:47 PM, By Pup
16 viewers Topics: 324 Replies: 6,340
Regular Forum Floor 1: Kijuuki Plaza
In order to combat the invasion of Limbus, the majority of school structures were magically pulled in to the R&D tower to reform as the Tower of Vox. The plaza holds the map and charts to get any member of the Azura or Avalon project headed in the right direction, and it also holds the school's auditorium. (New Student Forum)
Disarmed Jul 22 2014, 08:54 PM, By Threnody
0 viewers Topics: 159 Replies: 3,086
Subforums: Aedis Lacuna
Regular Forum Floor 2: Math and Science Classrooms
This floor holds the first set of classrooms; these classrooms hold classes exclusively for the math and science classes. These classrooms are set up to best teach the students everything they need to know on the subject including teaching labs for the science courses. (New Student Forum)
Too Young to Make a Difference [2014 CSL pt1] Jul 23 2014, 12:18 PM, By Tenshi
0 viewers Topics: 5 Replies: 59
Regular Forum Floor 3: Fine Arts and Humanities Classrooms
This floor holds the second set of classrooms; these classrooms hold classes for subjects like, foreign languages, writing courses, history, arts and maybe the occasional computer course. (New Student Forum)
Chest Pain Jul 22 2014, 10:47 PM, By Opportunity Cost
0 viewers Topics: 9 Replies: 113
Regular Forum Floor 4: Magical Study Classrooms
This floor holds the third set of classrooms, these classrooms are designed to instruct students on the ways of magic. In these classrooms students learn the unconventional things like Spellcraft, Thaumaturgy, Evocation, Channeling and Potion Making. (New Student Forum)
Free Fall Yesterday, 12:23 AM, By Opportunity Cost
0 viewers Topics: 6 Replies: 87
Regular Forum Floor 5-6: Health Labs
The Health labs were relocated to this section of the tower, accessible either by several elevators or by stairs. This area is designed to patch up wounds, heal illnesses, collect samples, and whatever else is needed by the students. This wing is staffed with nurses and doctors skilled in normal medical techniques and magical ones.
Stumbling Spy Today, 11:32 AM, By Silver Fang
5 viewers Topics: 147 Replies: 2,175
Regular Forum Floor 7: Student/Faculty Research Labs
This floor utilizes the pocket dimension to hold every faculty member’s research lab and approved student labs. This floor of the Tower of Vox is filled with the most high tech computers and technology and works on projects in every field of study and even takes some government projects.
Wrong girlfriend Jul 22 2014, 03:57 PM, By Mirror Paw
5 viewers Topics: 73 Replies: 1,106
Regular Forum Floor 8: Administrative Offices
The Offices of Emanuel Wessix and the Warden have been relocated here. Francis Oliver Grimm now also has an office on site here, which unlike the other two he may frequently be found at. Above the offices is the inaccessible rooftop where the school's Ascendant Spire is kept.
(New Student Forum)
Lord Zieyad's Visitor Jul 21 2014, 07:26 PM, By Mirror Paw
0 viewers Topics: 60 Replies: 630
Subforums: Detention Wing

Shikanoshima Island (Surrounding Grounds)

Regular Forum Mount Ryujin
The head of Akitsjin Trail, the largest mountain still standing, heat radiating from its peak. This active volcano is responsible for the life of the island, and makes up the entire southern shore. It should be noted that almost the entire mountain is covered in a thick forest thanks to volcanic soil.
Yes my Mistress, Your Order is my Command Jun 22 2014, 01:18 PM, By Silver Fang
3 viewers Topics: 127 Replies: 2,241
Regular Forum Akitsjin Trail
To the west of the school grounds curling along the western coast of the island, a range of mountains, slowly diminishing into mere hills as it travels north, this range cut by constant coastal winds makes this range is formidable barrier to the ocean beyond its hills.
Departing Yesterday, 6:59 PM, By Opportunity Cost
3 viewers Topics: 75 Replies: 1,400
Regular Forum Namazu Channel
This large river splits the center of the island nearly in half, running from tail of the Akitsjin range in the Northwest to the Shoubu Swamps running year round in spite of even the bitterest of winters.
Witch, Spirit, and an Alien Jul 5 2014, 09:17 AM, By BBPhage
0 viewers Topics: 63 Replies: 982
Regular Forum Shoubu Swamps
These dense swamplands are to the east of the school, thick enough to be considered a jungle. Locals avoid this region of the island, for the vengeance of the Shoubu spirits.
The roots move Today, 12:24 AM, By Fenrir
2 viewers Topics: 45 Replies: 828


Regular Forum Western Wards: Nishi-ku, Sawara-ku
The Western Wards of Fukuoka offers a variety of adventures, from mountainous hiking trails to beautiful coastlines and piers, historical landmarks, and a huge shopping complex that has only grown thanks to the amount of visitors to Fukuoka due to the Twin Campus. These wards offer everything to make up a perfect date or daytrip destination. Notable locations include Nokonoshima, Fukuoka City Museum, and Fukuoka Tower.
The Cowardly Lion Today, 9:55 AM, By Opportunity Cost
3 viewers Topics: 284 Replies: 5,155
Subforums: The ZMS Complex
Regular Forum Central Wards: Jōnan-ku, Minami-ku, Chūō-ku
The Central Wards have seen massive amounts of improvement over the last decade, and is primarily Fukuoka's residential ward and downtown area. Tall skyscrapers trail the horizion, noticeable even from the Twin Campus on clear days, which hold a lot of Fukuoka's administrative offices. Notable locations include the Fukuoka Art Museum, the Fukuoka Dome, and Fukuoka University.
Twelve and a Half Dead Jul 23 2014, 03:22 PM, By Amemarteau
5 viewers Topics: 112 Replies: 2,380
Subforums: Maizuru Castle and Park
Regular Forum Eastern Wards: Hakata-ku, Higashi-ku
Thanks to both the Hakata Train Station and the Fukuoka Airport, the Eastern Wards holds a majority of branch offices of companies, as well as hotels, even though the northern coastline is considered Fukuoka's Greenbelt, home to more than 400 public parks. Notable locations include the Twin Campus, the Fukuoka Convention Center, and the Hakata Station, Fukuoka's main railway terminal.
Metal Evolution Today, 11:11 AM, By Silver Fang
12 viewers Topics: 278 Replies: 5,040
Subforums: Hakata Port, Café Pacifique, Escher Tower

The World

Regular Forum The World I do not need to be saved SL Jul 23 2014, 05:40 PM, By Vahn Eloc
15 viewers Topics: 246 Replies: 6,999
Subforums: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia
Regular Forum Otherworlds
Shikanoshima island itself is Earth’s anchor to other dimensions, the high concentration of Limbus energy and temporal flux serving as a strong catalyst for movement between other worlds and even alternate dimensions. The cause of this energy is still under investigation, but its effects are clear: we are not the only universe out there.
Setting up Life Today, 10:31 AM, By Silver Fang
5 viewers Topics: 79 Replies: 2,251
Subforums: Brightside, Limbus Area


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