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Wherever the Wind..; Open to all
Topic Started: Dec 15 2010, 10:10 AM (324 Views)
Maxim Ivanov
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And the wind slowly died down as Maxim neared the Village. Despite the fact that he would be around Light beings, and they would probably pick up on his dark sadistic nature sooner or later, he figured he must find somewhere to stay for a few days. Maxim began to see the Village as clear as day and he began descending upon the ground from the sky. His feet touched the cool soil and he curled his toes in the soft earth. It has been a while since he was in such a warm place.

Maxim slowly began walking through the village, wearing a Black V-Neck shirt, Dark Jeans and Boots and his two Hatchets in an "X" hanging from his back strapped by his shoulders. Maxim got a few stares, some in fear, some in curiosity and some even in awe. Ignoring the looks of the villagers, he began to notice that he was the only stranger here. And if it couldn't get any better than that, he also realized that some of the villagers began picking up on his dark presence. Maxim slowly approached one of the men who seemed to be working on the soil and brought himself to ask him for help.

Hello! Mister? I was wondering if you could help? Not familiar with this place. Do you know where i can go to eat, maybe sleep?

This place is not one to abuse the resources. Do not take our kindness and pure way of life for granted stranger.

Obviously, the man of the soil had picked up on Maxim's dark nature. Maxim could see that the man was just trying to protect his village. If this was anywhere else, Maxim would have brutalized the man and proceeded to hide his disfigured body underneath the very soil that he was working on. However, he knew he was outnumbered and he had no idea if The Rage would activate before the Village guards or other villagers got to him.

I came a very long way... said Maxim with a Cold and sinister tone.

The man stood up and turned towards Maxim and observed his physique, He had been turned around the entire duration of talking to him. The man clenched his teeth and pointed slowly in the direction of the living quarters. Maxim's head slowly turned to the direction of the mans finger and began walking.

Thank you, friend. Maxim said warmly, he had to do his best to act like one of these lighter beings, it was for the best...
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