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Fields of Ice

Regular Forum Lonely Mountain
The Lonely Mountain is covered in snow from the bottom all the way to the top six thousand feet into the air. The top of the mountain is usually cloaked in a layer of clouds. Some say it's an active volcano because their has been sightings of flaming debris falling from atop the highest peak. Others say there is a large dragon that lives up there. Who knows? Are you brave enough to venture to the top to find out?
Lonely Jan 31 2011, 06:27 PM, By Star
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Mirror Fields
Far to the North East of the Lonely Mountain is what appears to be a field of mirrors. These aren't your ordinary mirrors, though. These are the reflective surface of glaciers that have shifted, risen and partially broken off pieces. The reflection you see is different for every surface. One could make you look slightly distorted or another could render you immobile with laughter. Be careful, though. Not all reflections are as they seem.
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Misty Village
To the North West of the Lonely Mountain is a small village. It is comprised of wood shacks and igloo type homes. Not many people are present but the land is still livable. Mainly fish is eaten here. A thin layer of mist often covers the villiage making it hard to see far distances. Some that have went off to hunt often find themselves getting lost. However, they look up at the stars and use them as a guide, always lighting their way home.
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Fields of Ice
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