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Bristlepine Woods

Regular Forum White Ripple Lake
The whispers of a burbling lake are heard deeper within the coniferous woods. The river starts as a thick trickle from a cave mouth, seemingly seeping from the dark. It grows and branches off into larger puddles while still maintaing its snake-like shape. In some areas it seems as if somebody made the river deeper and wider by hand and eventually ends in a large lake abundant in fish. The river moves slowly enough that the bottom is seen perfectly clearly.
Fire Feb 27 2011, 09:09 PM, By Solain ibn Din
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Cave of the Unknown
Nobody dares enter the cave at the beginning of the river. Those brave enough never make it inside more than a few feet and those that do venture further never make it out alive. Though the river flows from the cave nobody knows where the water exactly comes from. Flashlights shows scratches along the walls, small bones and tufts of fur, feathers...and even hair. A little deeper within the cave there are dead animals, rotting meat and some kind of makeshift nesting materail. Something has here and from the redness of a few bodies, something still lives within. But what?
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Silverslate Rock Quarry
In a large area of deforestation there exists a large, silvery basin filled with rocks, stones, and pebbles. Chunks of metal are left within the ditch, presumably from a miner's pick chipping off. Wagons and carriages are filled with the rocks while the echoing strikes of a pick axe echo in the empty air. At night the fruits of labor are carried elsewhere, presumably to a carpenter for house building and constructions or a jewelcrafter for money. The quarry makes for excellent rock climbing and exploring.
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Sep 5 2010, 09:08 AM

Bristlepine Woods
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