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Snake River

Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Docks
At the docks there are several small boats. Mainly used to sight see up and down the slow flowing river. They are often used for fishing as well. There was a rumor floating around that one night a fisherman had taken one of these boats while he was drunk. The next day the boat was found empty and turned over on the beach. Once it was flipped right side up, though, they found the inside covered in blood and claw marks on one of its sides. No one knows what happened.
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Ferry
This ferry take people back and forth from the East side of the river to the West side. It's not a large ferry but it can carry quite a lot of people. The control room is at it's center with windows at the back and front and sides to see in every direction. Around the control room is the deck. Around the deck there are railings to prevent people from falling overboard. A newly implemented idea after many people have fallen off. Some even to their deaths.
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Regular Forum The Beach
Fine grain white sands, warm starry nights, cool breezes, and rolling waves. But this is a far from perfect beach. Often people come here to have camp fires and sit and tell stories. You will find stone circles with burnt ash in them. A sign of a camp fire. The stories that are told are of the strange things that have happened on this beach. From deaths to strange footprints in the sand that are unfamiliar to man. Spend the night under the stars telling stories at your own risk.
Silk Nov 15 2010, 05:47 PM, By Star
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Sep 5 2010, 09:08 AM

Snake River
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